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addition and point
There is a relatively small addition of flow in the Indian Ocean, with the transport south of Tasmania reaching around 147 Sv, at which point the current is probably the largest on the planet.
Titration involves the addition of a reactant to a solution being analyzed until some equivalence point is reached.
The complement of aircraft carried by the Minas Gerais included at one point six Grumman S-2E antisubmarine planes, in addition to several SH-3D Sea King helicopters and Aérospatiale Super Puma and HB-350 Esquilo helicopters.
For one thing they had too good an opinion of their own ability ... Another point was their faulty field dispositions, and in addition there was rampant indiscipline and inexperience displayed ...
Zosimus consistently refers to the migrants as " Scythians " ( unlike Ammianus, who refers to them as " Goths "), specifically stating at one point that, in addition, " Goths, Taifali and other tribes " were involved.
In addition, the metal has a rather low boiling point,, the lowest of all metals other than mercury.
) In addition place bets are usually not working, except by agreement, when the shooter is " coming out " i. e. shooting for a point, and Big 6 and 8 bets always work.
In addition, if the defensive team gains possession, but then moves backwards into the endzone and is stopped, a one point safety will be awarded to the offense, although, unlike a real safety, the offense kicks off, opposed to the team charged with the safety.
Direct or substantive dyeing is normally carried out in a neutral or slightly alkaline dyebath, at or near boiling point, with the addition of either sodium chloride ( NaCl ) or sodium sulfate ( Na < sub > 2 </ sub > SO < sub > 4 </ sub >) or sodium carbonate ( Na < sub > 2 </ sub > CO < sub > 3 </ sub >).
Some researchers such as Brengelman ( 1970 ), have suggested that, in addition to this marking of word origin, these spellings indicate a more formal level of style or register in a given text, although Rollins ( 2004 ) finds this point to be exaggerated as there would be many exceptions where a word with one of these spellings, such as ⟨ ph ⟩ for ( like telephone ), could occur in an informal text.
In addition, they contain a branch point, a particular nucleotide sequence near the 3 ' end of the intron that becomes covalently linked to the 5 ' end of the intron during the splicing process, generating a branched ( lariat ) intron.
In addition to their abstract properties, group theorists also study the different ways in which a group can be expressed concretely ( its group representations ), both from a theoretical and a computational point of view.
Some historians, however, point out the " apologetic nature of much of Artapanus ' work ," with his addition extra-biblical details, as with references to Jethro: The non-Jewish Jethro expresses admiration for Moses ' gallantry in helping his daughters, and chooses to adopt Moses as his son.
Floating point operations are mostly addition, subtraction, and multiplication with enough digits of precision to model continuous phenomena such as weather prediction and nuclear simulations.
However, at some point the addition of an extra user exceeds the capacity of the existing system.
At one point, OS / 2 was a supported host for VirtualPC in addition to a guest.
It can be said that 1993, with the addition of ground effect wrap-around type spoilers marked the beginning non-stock sheetmetal and from that point forward, stock cars were quickly allowed to differ greatly from anything available to the public.
A recent addition to professional tennis has been the adoption of electronic review technology coupled with a point challenge system, which allows a player to challenge the line ( or chair ) umpire's call of a point.
In addition to highlighting such formal aspects of the predicate " is true ", some deflationists point out that the concept enables us to express things that might otherwise require infinitely long sentences.
In addition to the triple point between solid, liquid, and gas, there can be triple points involving more than one solid phase, for substances with multiple polymorphs.
In addition to coming up with a city plan, L ' Enfant had been tasked with designing the Capitol and President's House, however he was dismissed in February 1792 over disagreements with President George Washington and the commissioners, and there were no plans at that point for the Capitol.
Psychologist Nicholas Spanos and others have suggested that in addition to iatrogenesis, DID may be the result of role-playing rather than alternative identities, though others disagree, pointing to a lack of incentive to manufacture or maintain separate identities and point to the claimed histories of abuse.
Depending on the level of sweetness desired, fermentation of the wine is halted at some point by the addition of neutral grape spirits.

addition and sources
Experiments and computational models in Multimodal integration have shown that sensory input from different senses is integrated in a statistically optimal way, in addition, it appears that the kind of inferences used to infer single sources for multiple sensory inputs uses a Bayesian inference about the causal origin of the sensory stimuli.
In addition, various genetically engineered micro-organisms are routinely used as sources of enzymes for the manufacture of a variety of processed foods.
Critical scholarship generally holds to the two-source hypothesis as most probable, which argues that the author used the Gospel of Mark and the hypothetical Q document in addition to unique material, as sources for the gospel.
In addition, the nature of the proposed mixture would have been radically different from the siphon-projected substance described by Byzantine sources.
Judgments of international tribunals as well as scholarly works have traditionally been looked to as persuasive sources for custom in addition to direct evidence of state behavior ( and they are also explicitly mentioned as such in Art.
In addition, many localities rely on surface sources, making users vulnerable to agricultural runoff and livestock waste, which seep gradually downward from the surface.
In addition, seven military regions had been listed in various sources as part of the Gaddafi-era military.
In addition to these instrumental music compositions, there are also mentions of the estampie in various literary sources from the 13th and 14th centuries.
In addition to sounds derived from musical instruments or voices, it may use other sources of sound such as electronic synthesizers or sounds recorded from nature.
It is reported here with the addition of further works and character names according to the sources stated in footnotes.
In addition to Vaišvilkas and his sister, two sons, Ruklys and Rupeikis, are mentioned in written sources.
In addition to the expatriate community, Samoa also receives roughly $ 97. 57 million annually in official development assistance from sources led by Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.
Seismic waves produced by explosions or vibrating controlled sources are one of the primary methods of underground exploration in geophysics ( in addition to many different electromagnetic methods such as induced polarization and magnetotellurics ).
In addition, targumim are used today as sources in text-critical editions of the Bible ( BHS refers to them with the abbreviation ).
Inspiration for the series is taken from multiple sources ; in addition to numerous traditional Christian themes, characters and ideas are freely borrowed from Greek, Turkish and Roman mythology, as well as from traditional British and Irish fairy tales.
In addition, lighter skin is able to generate more vitamin D ( cholecalciferol ) than darker skin so it would have represented a health benefit in reduced sunlight if there were limited sources of vitamin D. Hence the leading hypothesis for the evolution of human skin colour proposes that:
In addition, shot noise is often less significant as compared with two other noise sources in electronic circuits, flicker noise and Johnson – Nyquist noise.
Real analog-to-digital converters also have other sources of noise that further decrease the SNR compared to the theoretical maximum from the idealized quantization noise, including the intentional addition of dither.
While the French hailed the invasion as the first step towards the Rhineland and later Berlin, General Le Bœuf and Napoleon III were receiving alarming reports from foreign news sources of Prussian and Bavarian armies massing to the southeast in addition to the forces to the north and northeast.
In addition, late genealogical sources give one Tegwared ap Llywelyn, a son by Crysten.
In addition, the dominance of English colonists over the Southeast led to a discounting of Spanish sources for some time.
In other sources, he is said to have introduced the first principal actor in addition to the chorus.
In addition, sources state that Titus discovered that his brother Domitian was plotting against him but refused to have him killed or banished.
Federal schools are funded by the federal budget, in addition to their own funding sources.

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