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addition and title
In addition to these works on astronomical timekeeping, he also wrote De natura rerum, or On the Nature of Things, modelled in part after the work of the same title by Isidore of Seville.
Today, in addition to the Orthodox Church, a number of other Christian churches lay claim to this title ( including the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, the Assyrian Church and the Oriental Orthodox Church ); however, the Orthodox Church considers these other churches to be schismatic and, in some cases, heretical.
According to Coppola, the studio's objection stemmed from the belief that audiences would be reluctant to see a film with such a title, as the audience would supposedly believe that, having already seen The Godfather, there was little reason to see an addition to the original story.
The addition Nationis Germanicæ ( of German Nation ) to the emperor's title appeared first in the 15th century: in a 1486 law decreed by Friedrich III and in 1512 in reference to the Reichstag in Cologne by Maximilian I.
Various political Muslim leaders since have styled themselves Caliph and served as dynastic heads of state, sometimes in addition to another title, such as the Ottoman Sultan.
Her title was “ Lady Overseer of the Lady Physicians .” In addition to her supervisory role, Peseshet trained midwives at an ancient Egyptian medical school in Sais.
In return, the King rewarded Macau with the addition of the words " There is none more Loyal " to its existing title.
In addition, many albums have been named with allusions to proverbs, such as Spilt milk ( a title used by Jellyfish and also Kristina Train ), The more things change by Machine Head, Silk purse by Linda Rondstadt, Another day, another dollar by DJ Scream Roccett, The blind leading the naked by Vicious Femmes, What's good for the goose is good for the gander by Bobby Rush, Resistance is Futile by Steve Coleman.
In addition to the title of the collection, which translates as " song " or " hymns " from both Hebrew and Greek, superscriptions ( or headings ) in many of the Psalms provide musical references and some direction, in some cases even references to melodies that would have been well known by early congregations ; however, no musical notation has survived.
* Subtitle ( titling ), an explanatory or alternate title of a book, play, film, musical work, etc., in addition to its main title
In addition, the right to style himself Highness ( Majesty, which since its Roman origin expresses the sovereign authority of the state, was denied to all " vassals "), a title of great importance in international relations, was formally restricted to rulers of relatively high salute ranks ( originally only those with 11 guns or more, later also those with nine guns ).
In addition to titles in which Link does not star as the protagonist, games such as the shooter title, Link's Crossbow Training ( for the Wii ), have been considered spin-offs due to the lack of a traditional " Save Hyrule " plot-line.
In addition, he received the imperial title, but it conferred only nominal overlordship of his brothers ' lands.
In addition, Ten Little Niggers ( 1939 ) was the original British title of Agatha Christie's novel And Then There Were None, which has also been known by the alternate title Ten Little Indians.
In early 2001 the CD Ride was released, featuring a new addition to the Idle Chatter family: " Idle Chatter Junior " and the 19-minute title piece, which tries to simulate a ride through various towns and country.
The 2004 – 05 season saw a resurgent Barcelona, inspired by the brilliant Ronaldinho, win their first title of the new century, in addition to the Liga-Champions League double in 2005 – 06.
On home video, in addition to the conventional two-tape VHS release, the first THX-certified LaserDisc title of the Special Edition Box Set, was released a year later and was a best-seller for most of 1994.
Most reviews point out the game's addictiveness and praise the addition of wireless multiplayer, but some question the relevance of the game's re-release as a standalone title.
In most cases, there is an equivalent office in the Grand Lodge of the given jurisdiction, with the addition of the prefix ' Grand ' to the title in question.
In addition, Livingstone wrote another twelve Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, including The Forest of Doom, City of Thieves and Caverns of the Snow Witch before, in 2012, marking the 30th anniversary of the publication of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain with a new gamebook, Blood of the Zombies ; the title was selected by a vote on the Fighting Fantasy website.
In dynasties founded by foreign conquering tribes that eventually became immersed in Chinese culture, politics, and society, the rulers would adopt the title of Emperor of China in addition to whatever titles they may have had from their original homeland.
* Furthermore, the ruler of Luak Jelebu, one of the constitutive states of the Negeri Sembilan confederation, had the style Sultan in addition to his principal title Undang Luak Jelebu.
Prior to 1962, in addition to comics published through Dell, Western published some comics under its own name, particularly giveaways such as March of Comics and the annual kite safety title ( which featured an array of licensed characters ) published over a span of 32 years for power utility companies.

addition and song
Popularity of the song increased greatly following the September 11, 2001 attacks ; at some sporting events it was sung in addition to the traditional singing of the national anthem.
In addition to the many songs recorded by him, in 1956 he co-wrote, with Jody Williams, the pioneering pop song " Love Is Strange ", a hit for Mickey & Sylvia in 1957.
In addition to the " Super Bowl Shuffle " rap song, the Bears ' success in the 1980s – and especially the personality of head coach Mike Ditka – inspired a recurring sketch on the American sketch comedy program Saturday Night Live, called " Bill Swerski's Superfans ".
In addition, the band has played a reworked version of their song " MTV Get Off the Air ", re-titled " MP3 Get Off the Web ", with lyrics criticizing music piracy.
" For the next two years, she had a number of solo hits – including her signature song " Coat of Many Colors " ( number four in 1971 ) – in addition to her duets.
* In addition, in 1974, Greg Lake ( of Emerson, Lake & Palmer ) wrote and recorded the song, " I Believe In Father Christmas ", which was released as a single in 1975.
In addition to hosts Buck Owens and Roy Clark, who would perform at least one song each week, other cast members — such as Gunilla Hutton and Misty Rowe — would occasionally perform a song on the show ; and the show would almost always open with a song performed by the entire cast.
In addition, he released a song called "( I Could Only ) Whisper Your Name " for the soundtrack of The Mask, starring Jim Carrey, which is his most successful single in the United States to date.
Billy Joel famously plays the harmonica, in addition to his piano, on his signature song, " Piano Man ".
In addition, receivers usually display song titles, so announcing them is not needed.
In addition, Max Webster lyricist Pye Dubois offered the band lyrics to a song he had written.
The album provided two mainstream hits: the lead single " Price to Play ", and " So Far Away " ( which spent 14 weeks on top of the rock chart, and was featured on an episode of Smallville ); in addition, two other singles failed to crack the Hot 100 —" How About You " and " Zoe Jane "— but " How About You " was a fairly popular song on modern rock radio.
In addition, the song " So Says I " by indie rock outfit The Shins alludes to the socialist interpretation of More's Utopia.
In addition to replacing the first season opening and the ending logos with Zoot, the Vincent Price episode was edited to remove the song s " I'm Looking Through You " and " You've Got a Friend " ( the latter of which would be removed again when released on the first season DVD ) as well as a sketch with the talking houses, while the Alice Cooper episode removed Robin's performance of " Somewhere Over the Rainbow ".
In addition, during this time, the band's song " Tomorrow " ( originally an instrumental on the B-side of " Get The Funk Out Ma Face ") was recorded with vocals sung by Tevin Campbell for Quincy Jones ' Back on the Block release in 1989.
In addition, there are many different standard bass line types for different genres and types of song ( e. g. blues ballad, fast swing, etc .).
In addition, the song had the line " in order to survive, we steal, cheat, lie, forge, fuck, hide, and deal ," which was also kept on the album ( and which they sang on broadcast TV during their appearance on the Dick Cavett show ).
Balin sang on one song, " Caroline ," and in addition to Kantner and Slick the band consisted of David Freiberg ( keyboards, bass ), Craig Chaquico ( lead guitar ), Pete Sears ( bass, keyboards ), John Barbata ( drums ) and Papa John Creach ( electric violin ).
American educator Seymour Eaton wrote the children's book series The Roosevelt Bears, while composer John Bratton wrote " The Teddy Bear Two Step " which, with the addition of Jimmy Kennedy's lyrics, became the song " The Teddy Bears ' Picnic ".
In addition, it was mentioned in the chorus of the hit 1998 song " Pretty Fly ( For a White Guy )" by The Offspring: " So if you don't rate, just overcompensate, at least you'll know you can always go on Ricki Lake.
In addition to the title song and " Le plat pays ", the new album contained the future Brel classics " Madeleine ", " Les biches " ( The does ), and " La statue " ( The statue ).

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