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another and myths
In emergence myths humanity emerges from another world into the one they currently inhabit.
According to another theory, myths began as allegories for philosophical or spiritual concepts: Athena represents wise judgment, Aphrodite represents desire, etc.
The " history of wickedness " pervading the Old Testament convinced Paine that it was simply another set of human-authored myths.
Yet another set of late myths detail the adventures of Isis after the birth of Osiris's posthumous son, Horus.
The giant brothers Otus and Ephialtes figure in at least two Naxos myths: in one, Artemis bought the abandonment of a siege they laid against the gods, by offering to live on Naxos as Otus's lover ; in another, the brothers had actually settled Naxos.
The island appeared in their myths as the private workshop of the Olympian god Hephaestus, protector of the blacksmiths ; he owned another two at Etna and Olympus.
Academics have argued that Coke's work in Bonham's Case forms the basis of judicial review and the declaration of legislation as unconstitutional in the United States ; another calls this " one of the most enduring myths of American constitutional law and theory, to say nothing of history ", pointing out that at no point during the Constitutional Convention was Bonham's Case referenced.
Soon after the battle there were legends that James IV had survived ; a Scottish merchant at Tournai in October claimed to have spoken with him, Lindsay of Pitscottie records two myths ; " thair cam four great men upon hors, and every ane of thame had ane wisp upoun thair spear headis, quhairby they might know one another and brought the king furth of the feild, upoun ane dun hackney ," and also that the king escaped from the field but was killed between Duns and Kelso.
His role in myths changed later and another deity was assigned his duties with the river.
Van Beek postulated that Griaule engaged in such leading and forceful questioning of his Dogon sources that new myths were created in the process by confabulation, writing that " though they do speak about sigu tolo Griaule claimed was Sirius they disagree completely with each other as to which star is meant ; for some it is an invisible star that should rise to announce the sigu, for another it is Venus that, through a different position, appears as sigu tolo.
Initially formed by clipped edges and greens, it was later formalized by rebuilding in stone decorated with statues based on Roman myths such as the Fountain of the Ocean sculpted by Giambologna, then transferred to another location within the same garden.
All witches specialise in one field or another, and Miss Treason's speciality is Justice, ( in fact her name refers to the Eumenidies of Greek Myth, who came to represent Justice in the later myths.
Their myths can be confusing not only because of the lack of documentation, but also because there are many popular myths that seem to contradict one another due the fact that they were originally passed down by word of mouth and because the Aztecs adopted many of their gods from other tribes, both assigning their own new aspects to these gods and endowing them with aspects of similar gods from various other cultures.
Older myths can be very similar to newer myths while contradicting one another by claiming that a different god performed the same action, probably because myths changed in correlation to the popularity of each of the gods at a given time.
There were two trends within the movement: young directors such as Andrzej Wajda generally studied the idea of heroism, while another group ( the most notable being Andrzej Munk ) analysed the Polish character via irony, humor and a dissection of national myths.
In their myths it ate many of the inhabitants of the Ogre Kingdoms and is said to have passed through the centre of the world ( it appears that another Great Maw exists in the sea on the other side of the world, in the form of a giant whirlpool that sucks in passing ships ).
This is evidently yet another of the many myths which surround her.
For example, the myths of Adonis and Osiris share several elements, leading some scholars to conclude that they share a source, i. e., images passed down in cultures or from one to another, being ascribed new interpretations of the action depicted as well as new names in various readings of icons.
The Linen Books were also used, with less confidence, by another historian Aelius Tubero, who likewise wrote about myths.

another and Prometheus
Moreover, Aeschylus anachronistically and artificially injects Io, another victim of Zeus's violence and ancestor of Heracles, into Prometheus ' story.
This ties into another string of murders, bringing Starman Mikaal Tomas and Congorilla together as their investigation of the murders of several European super-heroes are also revealed to be the work of Prometheus.
In another group the notes pass from the life of Antar ben Toofail by ' Admar ' ( apparently of the age of Haroun Arrashid ) to the rules of Latin verse, Hakluyt and Hebrew accents, whereupon follow notes on Sir William Hamilton and Dugald Stewart and a translation of parts of Aeschylus ’ Prometheus ...
During their show in London, England, the band debuted another new song titled " Prometheus ".
In 2004, Prometheus Records acquired the rights to the score and made it available in a double package with another Poledouris score, No Man's Land.
Series writer David Fury cited graphic novel author Alan Moore's Promethea — a story combining science fiction, mysticism, and a female superhero — as inspiration for the storyline, and another nod to Frankenstein as its original title was Frankenstein ; or, the Modern Prometheus.
In 1997 the TV series " Highlander " starring Adrian Paul in an episode entitled " A Modern Prometheus ", a character portraying Lord Byron references the dynamic duo of Damon and Pythias before he jumps with another man to their " death.
Prometheus is then recruited to join another version ( numbering in the hundreds ) of the Secret Society of Super Villains and participates in a massive attack by the Society on the city of Metropolis.
At another point, when he is about to be shot by a former enemy, he is saved by Waller, who explains that Harry Dunne is really a part of Prometheus, an organization of business executives and powerful politicians around the world.
Prometheus, then, is also Shelley's answer to the mistakes of the French Revolution and its cycle of replacing one tyrant with another.
* USS Prometheus, another fictional starship in the episode " Second Sight " of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

another and establishes
When one company takes over another and clearly establishes itself as the new owner, the purchase is called an " acquisition ".
In proof by mathematical induction, a single " base case " is proved, and an " induction rule " is proved, which establishes that if a certain case is true, then another case is true.
Once again, her aptitude for theatre serves her well, and, as the rapidly aging Hurstwood declines into obscurity, Carrie begins to rise from chorus girl to small speaking roles, and establishes a friendship with another chorus girl, Lola Osborne, who begins to urge Carrie to move in with her.
A religion which evolves its own priesthood and establishes a set of laws and rules is likely to lose its charismatic character and move towards another type of authority.
Decolonization ( alternative spelling: decolonisation ) is the undoing of colonialism, the unequal relation of polities whereby one people or nation establishes and maintains dependent Territory ( courial governments ) over another.
* Investment: CAFTA-DR establishes rules to protect investors from one member country against unfair or discriminatory government actions when they make or attempt to make investments in another member country's territory.
Further, another story within the story arc establishes the Spacers ' mastery of myco-food ( food derived from fungi ), which they then retain all through history up to their inclusion in the Imperium on Trantor in the sector of Mycogen.
Ksatravrddha, another son of Ayu, establishes the dynasty of Kashi ( Varanasi ).
Thus, both terms refer to a situation where an intrusive language establishes itself in the territory of another, typically as the result of migration.
One scholar expressed the opinion that " Rydberg's views " concerning resemblances of Thor and Indra were carried to extremes, therefore receiving " less recognition than they deserved ," while another says " Rydberg correctly establishes, like many before and after him, the similarities with the myth of Thor and the Midgard serpent " with that of Indra and the dragon Vrtra.
Impulse confesses his fear over his own lack of regard for his own life ; Empress, now left to care for two newborn infants faces the possibility that her career as a super-hero may be over ; Slo-Bo, with his physically inferior body, is slowly beginning to degrade ; Cissie at last establishes peace with her mother ; and Superboy and Wonder Girl finally confess their feelings for one another.
Later Maximianus leads the armies of Britain to march on Rome, and he quickly conquers Armorica, where he establishes Conan as the king with instructions to found " another Britain ".
As the story commences, the narrator establishes mind contact with an inhabitant of another, forgotten Lesser Redoubt.
; Point: Rolling a pair, and another number, establishes the singleton as a " point ".
A more obviously action-oriented variety of such constitutive norms ( as opposed to deontic or regulatory norms ) establishes social institutions which give rise to new, previously inexistent types of actions or activities ( a standard example is the institution of marriage without which " getting married " would not be a feasible action ; another is the rules constituting a game: without the norms of soccer, there would not exist such an action as executing an indirect free kick ).
Other songs drop the usual dance accompaniment — one song depicts an argument between two protagonists through the song's lyrics, another establishes the character's state of mind through a moody photo collage, while yet another imagines the beautiful and idealised world of an artist in love through a song inside a painting.
* XML defines a simplified subset of SGML that focuses on providing an open vocabulary of element types for data modeling and establishes precise expectations for how the marked-up data is read and subsequently fed to another software application for further processing, but does not assign semantics to the element types or establish expectations for how the data is processed.
In his end-of-the-world story The Purple Cloud the protagonist Adam Jeffson, the last man on earth, establishes himself as monarch of the devastated globe, while Shiel ’ s novel The Lord of the Sea ( 1901 ) has Richard Hogarth, another Overman figure coming to dominate the world.
The platform defines and establishes a congregational polity — meaning that churches are independent both of any higher ecclesiastical authority, and of one another.

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