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designing and home
From 1991 – 94, the Sixers followed other teams in designing more graphic-laden uniforms by featuring a streaking blue splash with tricolored stars heading up to the word ' SIXERS ' in Helvetica and in either red ( home ) or white ( away ).
Rhonda began designing from her home office in 2003 with just 3 employees soon launching the Rhonda Shear Intimates line at HSN.
When designing and building the dam, care was taken so as not to affect the abundant wildlife that calls the lake and surrounding area home ; the dam raising the water level by only a few feet.
He was strongly influenced by the publication of Le Corbusier's Vers une architecture, and became a fervent admirer of Le Corbusier's former mentor, Auguste Perret, an expert in designing reinforced concrete structures and an inspiration for Goldfinger when designing his own home.
In 2011 Folding @ home began simulations of the dynamics of the enzyme RNase H, a key component of HIV, in the hopes of designing drugs to deactivate it.
Blacket built his family home, Bidura, on Glebe Point Road in 1858, designing it along conventional Victorian Regency lines.
Mike Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture, a company that specializes in designing and building Earthships, wanted to create a home that would do three things ; first, it would be sustainable architecture, using material indigenous to the entire planet as well as recycled materials wherever possible.
Genome @ home directly studied genomes and proteins by virtually designing new sequences for existing 3-D protein structures, which other scientists obtained through X-ray crystallography or NMR techniques.
Meanwhile, another student from Sam's school named Malcolm Frink is designing monsters on his home computer when Kilokahn ( an escaped military Artificial Intelligence presumed dead in the power surge ) visits Malcolm via computer screen.
Giorgio Armani is also designing the interiors of the Armani Residences, also within the skyscraper, and its specially designed line of products from the Armani / Casa home furnishings collection.
Great care was used when designing and building the dam so as not to affect the abundant wildlife that calls the lake and surrounding area home.
She soon returned home, where she worked at a local airfield, hoping to learn to pilot airplanes instead of designing them.
A local home builder ( sometimes two builders ) and community volunteers begin basic work ( electrical, plumbing, roofing, and, if the house is demolished, framing a new one ) while the design team begins designing the creative aspects of the house.
in L. A. in 1988, designing and installing home theaters and residential sound systems.
After founding the small line mixer manufacturer TAPCO, and later the home audio processor manufacturer AudioControl, Mackie founded Mackie Designs, Inc., designing and manufacturing affordable and versatile compact pro audio mixers.
His designing and writing were done mostly at his home.
One common approach to designing shared appreciation loan programs is to base the share of appreciation payable upon sale of the home on the share of the original purchase price that was subsidized.
Birtwell worked at home designing textiles for Clark, who would use his skill in cutting and understanding of form, together with her knowledge of fabrics and textures to produce haute couture for the 1960s culture.
After the break-up of her marriage, Birtwell continued in fashion, designing for the Radley label for a time, until in 1984 she set up a shop on Westbourne Park Road in Bayswater, selling fabrics for the home.
Born in Glasgow, Leitch's early work was on designing factories in his home city, with the sole survivor being the category A listed Sentinel Works at Jessie Street, Polmadie, just south of Glasgow city centre.
Hiawatha Thompson Estes ( b. 26 Jan 1918-d. 8 May 2003 ) was a California-based architect and author known for designing a large number of variations of the ubiquitous post-war ranch home, mass marketing plans of them, and publishing a number of books dealing with residential architecture.

designing and there
The most common HDLs are VHDL and Verilog, although in an attempt to reduce the complexity of designing in HDLs, which have been compared to the equivalent of assembly languages, there are moves to raise the abstraction level through the introduction of alternative languages.
In addition to coming up with a city plan, L ' Enfant had been tasked with designing the Capitol and President's House, however he was dismissed in February 1792 over disagreements with President George Washington and the commissioners, and there were no plans at that point for the Capitol.
Ford Aeronutronic underestimated the complexity of the task of designing a missile as advanced as this, and there were major problems with the propellant, igniter, tracker and infrared command link of the missile.
Although there are many aspects to take into consideration when designing a computer system, security can prove to be very important.
In an attempt to reduce the complexity of designing in HDLs, which have been compared to the equivalent of assembly languages, there are moves to raise the abstraction level of the design, a sub-field called high-level synthesis.
Herman lives in the Los Angeles area and is completing designing his apartment there.
In country house building, major commissions for Kent were designing the interiors of Houghton Hall ( c. 1725 – 35 ), recently built by Colen Campbell for Sir Robert Walpole, but at Holkham Hall the most complete embodiment of Palladian ideals is still to be found ; there Kent collaborated with Thomas Coke, the other " architect earl ", and had for an assistant Matthew Brettingham, whose own architecture would carry Palladian ideals into the next generation.
In fact, there should be no difference for designing religious architecture and houses.
The UTS is a common engineering parameter when designing brittle members, because there is no yield point.
After his return to Australia, he set about designing a new method to bring in jointly optimized sociotechnical systems, one designed for diffusion of the concept rather than proof that there was an alternative to autocracy in the workplace.
When designing or selecting a new phone, publishing or using phonewords, one should be aware that there have been multiple standards for the mapping of letters ( characters ) to numbers ( keypad layouts, as with keyboard layout ) on telephone keypads over the years.
The ancient atomists ( among others ) believed that a designing intelligence was unnecessary, arguing that given enough time and space and matter, organization was ultimately inevitable, although there would be no preferred tendency for this to happen.
While the effects of self-selection bias are closely related to those of selection bias, the problem arises for rather different reasons ; thus there may be a purposeful intent on the part of respondents leading to self-selection bias whereas other types of selection bias may arise more inadvertently, possibly as the result of mistakes by those designing any given study.
Simple software CAD packages are available for designing stitch and glue boats, and there are many Internet bulletin boards, newsgroups, and mailing lists dedicated to the subject of stitch and glue boats and various popular stitch and glue designs.
The character models and skins look excellent, and there are quite a few choices to make when designing your character.
Joining COUM, Tutti initially helped in building props and designing costumes, and was there when the group began changing its focus from music to performance art and more theatrical happenings ; one of these involved the group turning up to play a gig but intentionally not bringing any instruments, something Megson considered " much more theatrical, farcical and light-hearted " than their earlier performances.
* By the same token, there are important layout features that are simply not in XSL-FO, either because they were not of high enough priority or because designing them was too difficult to allow inclusion in version 1. 1, or because there were insufficient implementations to allow their inclusion in the final specification per W3C rules.
The original church had been swept away to make room for the new mansion he was designing there.
He spent his time there designing dresses.
The new director, Naoki Yoshida, specifically asked Minagawa to join the team and help with the improvement of the game as he believes that there is nobody better than Minagawa when it comes to designing a graphical user interface.
By the 1950s however, the trend of designing structures in the shape of the product sold there had changed to focus on signs rather than architecture itself.
His dream was to go to Italy and see the famous buildings there, so in his spare time he studied mechanics, calling himself both an artist and a mechanic, and designing not only castles and palaces but also sketches of organs.
From there he concentrated mainly on places of worship, often designing extensions and memorials to already established buildings.

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