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just and few
The valley was only a few hundred yards wide with just about room enough for a properly performed hundred-and-eighty-degree turn.
Our pin-curl clips and self-locking nuts achieved dominance in just a few years time, despite substantial, well established competition.
`` A portable companion always ready to go where you go -- a small friend weighing less than a freshborn infant -- to be shared with few or many -- just two of you in sweet meditation ''.
Sometimes they get their initial experience in church haflis, conducted by Lebanese and Syrians in the U.S., where they dance with just as few veils across their bodies as in nightclubs.
I stayed on the car for a few minutes until, turning right, it entered a huge square, Bayezit, with the Bayezit Mosque on the right and the gate to the university just beyond it.
There are few areas left where a builder cannot find a dealer equipped to save him money by delivering everything at lower cost just where his workmen will need it.
While the method of interviewing a small number of companies was appealing because of the opportunity it might have furnished to probe fully the reasons and circumstances of a company's practices and opinions, it also involved the risk of paying undue attention to the unique and peculiar problems of just a few individual companies.
The judge became ill just as the Colfax District Court convened, no substitute was brought in, no criminal cases heard, only 5 out of 122 cases docketed were tried, and court adjourned sine die after sitting a few days instead of the usual three weeks.
wetting a wart with this saliva on wakening the first thing in the morning was supposed to cause it to disappear after only a few treatments, and strangely enough many warts did just that.
for every grown man ( except a few who were always suspected of being shy on virility ) knew at least the fundamentals of baseball, just as every male American in this era liked to imagine ( or pretend ) that he could fight with his fists.
And that is just what happened on the last few holes.
A few drops of rain just before midnight, when Sarah Vaughan was in the midst of her first number, scattered the more timid members of the audience briefly, but at this hour and with Sarah on the stand, most of the listeners didn't care whether they got wet.
) While Rotokas has a small alphabet because it has few phonemes to represent ( just eleven ), Book Pahlavi was small because many letters had been conflated — that is, the graphic distinctions had been lost over time, and diacritics were not developed to compensate for this as they were in Arabic, another script that lost many of its distinct letter shapes.
The murder of Naboth ( see Jezebel ), an act of royal encroachment, stirred up popular resentment just as the new cult aroused the opposition of certain of the prophets ( Elijah, Micaiah, and a few unnamed prophets ).
Although Acorn were able to shrink substantially the same functionality as the BBC into just one chip, manufacturing problems meant that very few machines were available for the Christmas period — to the extent that some shops reported eight presales for every delivered machine.
Victorians in Britain often saw African sculpture as ugly, but just a few decades later, Edwardian audiences saw the same sculptures as being beautiful.
Some are large scale military events with large flying displays and ground exhibitions while others held at small local airstrips can often feature just one or two hours of flying with just a few stalls on the ground.
The other long established club in the city ' Os Galitos ' was founded in 1904 and water related sports such as swimming, sailing and rowing are some of its longest traditional strongest specialities, other sections in the club include chess, basketball, snooker, pool and billiards among others, but rowing is the modality in which the club has a maintained a long and proud tradition going back more than one hundred years, reaching the highest possible excellence as a club with several of its individual and team of rowers having represented Portugal Internationally and at the Olympic games with good classifications on more than a just few occasions.
On 16 June 1913, just a few months after the end of the first war, the Bulgarian government ordered an attack on Serbian and Greek positions in Macedonia, without declaring war.
Quinte also houses a large number of industries in the plastics & packaging sector, transportation sector, logistics sector and advanced manufacturing sector, including the following ( just a few of over 350 industries located in the Bay of Quinte Region ):
As Usenet has few technologically or legally enforced hierarchies, just about the only ones that formed were social hierarchies.
In 1939 – 40, 45 percent of the army was 40 years old, and 50 percent of all the soldiers had just a few weeks training.
Montenegro's forces were just a few kilometeres away and also rushed to the battle.
When the Soviet Union broke up in late 1991, a major boost to Cuba's economy was lost, leaving it essentially paralyzed because of the economy's narrow basis, focused on just a few products with just a few buyers.

just and short
Nowadays, we talk as though the blitz were just a short skirmish.
It is the gait of the human who must run to live: arms dangling, legs barely swinging over the ground, head hung down and only occasionally swinging up to see the target, a loose motion that is just short of stumbling and yet is wonderfully graceful.
They had traveled only a short distance when they spotted five Mexicans riding along a horse-trail across the stream just ahead of them.
So Mel Chandler set out to sell him on the spirit of Garryowen, just as he himself had been sold a short time before.
He was just short of arm's reach when he stopped.
Spofforth went on to devastate the English batting, taking his final four wickets for only two runs to leave England just eight runs short of victory in one of the closest and most nail-biting finishes in the history of cricket.
In November 1885, Alfonso died, just short of his 28th birthday, at the Royal Palace of El Pardo.
However, those projects were shut down during development-some just short of their intended commercial release.
The first player's bowl has come to rest just in front of the jack ; the second has delivered his bowl and is following after it with one of those eccentric contortions still not unusual on modern greens, the first player meanwhile making a repressive gesture with his hand, as if to urge the bowl to stop short of his own ; the third player is depicted as in the act of delivering his bowl.
In September 1923 a major fire swept through the neighborhoods north of the University campus, stopping just short of downtown.
Beginning in 1975, " Bert " was used for Jet Assisted Take Off ( JATO ) and short aerial demonstrations just prior to the main event at selected venues, but the JATO demonstration ended in 2009 due to dwindling supplies of rockets.
In addition, Ethiopia had just begun to emerge from a long and brutal famine ; Harold Marcus reminds us that the army was restive over its long service in the field, short of rations, and the short rains which would bring all travel to a crawl would soon start to fall.
Until then, the Brewers had a rivalry with the White Sox, which had become known as The I-94 Series, as both teams are just a short drive from Interstate 94.
Turing adds another definition, Rosser equates all three: Within just a short time, Turing's 1936 – 37 paper " On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem " appeared.
The king was just days short of his 18th birthday.
A fan of Philip K. Dick, author of " We Can Remember it For You Wholesale ," the short story upon which the film was based, Cronenberg related ( in the biography / overview of his work, Cronenberg on Cronenberg ) that his dissatisfaction with what he envisioned the film to be and what it ended up being pained him so greatly that for a time, he suffered a migraine just thinking about it, akin to a needle piercing his eye.
In mathematics, any vector space, V, has a corresponding dual vector space ( or just dual space for short ) consisting of all linear functionals on V. Dual vector spaces defined on finite-dimensional vector spaces can be used for defining tensors.
Around noon Domitian, just one month short of his 45th birthday, was dead.
Following an operation to cure deafness, an abscess formed in his ear and burst ; he endured intense pain for a week and died at 2am on 18 January 1873 just short of his 70th birthday.
* Breeches or knickers which are a pair of short trousers that end just below the knee.
He then transferred to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, where he quit school just one class short of graduation.
The Liberal Party won 62 of the 128 congressional seats, just short of an absolute majority.
* 2008 – British Airways Flight 38 crash lands just short of London Heathrow Airport in England with no fatalities.
On April 12, 1966, Berry received severe head injuries in an automobile accident just a short distance from Dead Man's Curve in Los Angeles, California, two years after the song had become a hit.

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