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judge and became
In the early 20th century, Louis Brandeis, later appointed to the United States Supreme Court, became noted for his use of policy-driving facts and economics in his briefs, and extensive appendices presenting facts that lead a judge to the advocate's conclusion.
He was the father of Joseph Hopkinson, who was a member of the United States House of Representatives and also became a federal judge.
But any critical feeling on the part of the public was drowned by appreciation of such melodies as " Di tanti palpiti ... Mi rivedrai, ti rivedrò ", which became so popular that the Italians would sing it in crowds at the law courts until called upon by the judge to desist.
His father was a gardener, and he himself became first connected with the church in the humble position of a bellringer and verger in the Duomo of Piacenza ; he was twenty-one when the judge Ignazio Gardini, of Ravenna, was banished, and he followed Gardini to Ravenna where he met the vice-legate Giorgio Barni, who was made bishop of Piacenza in 1688 and appointed Alberoni chamberlain of his household.
Half-kidnapped into staying, he became chief judge and married into the royal family of Omar I.
If Daniel's Vita is trustworthy ( and there is nothing against which to judge its accuracy ), then John came to the Vatos Monastery at Mount Sinai, now Saint Catherine's Monastery, and became a novice when he was about 16 years old.
After his death, Minos became a judge of the dead in the underworld.
In accordance with this, after his death he became judge of the shades in the underworld.
Also that year, Abdul co-wrote the song " Spinning Around " with songwriter and producer Kara DioGuardi, who became a fellow judge on American Idol in 2009.
In 1539 a Paduan judge became interested in Vesalius ' work, and made bodies of executed criminals available for dissection.
Subsequently ruled in turn by the Vandals and the Byzantine Empire, Cagliari became the eponymous capital of an independent kingdom or giudicato, ruled by a giudice or judike ( literally " judge ").
Sherman's older brother Charles Taylor Sherman became a federal judge.
He has a brother, Peter, who later became a lawyer and is now a judge, presiding in Calgary, and a sister Catherine who is retired in Victoria, British Columbia.
Her first marriage, on 28 September 1933, was to Edward Alec Abbot Snelson ( 1904 – 1992 ), later Sir Edward, a British civil servant who became a noted judge and expert in Indian affairs.
Hans Filbinger ( centre ) had to resign in 1978 as Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg after it became public via Hochhuth's novel A Love in Germany that he was responsible for death sentences as a Navy judge at the end of World War II
Under Basil II Romanos served as judge, and under Constantine VIII he became urban prefect of Constantinople.
In Byzantine times it became a bishop's seat, and to judge by its later name Hellas it served as a refuge for the Greeks from the Slavonic immigrants of the 8th century.
One of the Law Lords ( Lord Scott of Foscote ) had retired on 30 September 2009 and the 12th, Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, became the Master of the Rolls ( the senior judge who heads civil justice in England and Wales ).
Her husband Steven J. McAuliffe remarried and in 1992 became a federal judge, serving with the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire in Concord.
There he became a judge and subsequently Adjutant General of the United States Army under General William Henry Harrison in the War of 1812.
Marshall Formby became the Dickens County county judge in 1936 at the age of twenty-five, at the time the youngest in the state.
Since, to judge from the inscriptions, the buildings of Persepolis commenced with Darius I, it was probably under this king, with whom the sceptre passed to a new branch of the royal house, that Persepolis became the capital of Persia proper.
) Zimri Carter became one of the most influential and respected men in southeast Missouri and was instrumental in bringing about the creation of Carter County and served for a time as county judge of Carter County.
He became friends with Allen Broussard, the African American judge who visited Shanghai in 1987 and Brazilian actress Lucelia Santos.

judge and ill
TV Personality Ian Dickson filled in as judge while Tina Arena was ill for one episode.
Blackstone sat regularly as a judge, despite bouts of ill health, and also served on various circuit courts.
Some appellate courts, such as the Supreme Court of the United States and the highest courts of most U. S. states, do not sit in panels, but hear all of their cases en banc ( with the exception of cases where a judge is ill or recused ).
Although psychiatrists for both the Texas State prosecutors and Yates ' defense lawyers agreed that she was severely mentally ill with one of several psychotic diseases at the time she killed her children, the state of Texas asserted that she was by legal definition aware enough to judge her actions as right or wrong despite her mental defect.
In 1878 he was appointed as a judge of the Native Land Court but retired two years later due to ill health.
At his trial, the judge ruled that McWilliams was not allowed to mention in court that he was terminally ill, that using medical marijuana was ( in his opinion ) keeping him alive, or that his usage of medical marijuana was legal under California state law.
" Frankel then explained that he could not end the scheme without it coming apart, and asked the judge to consider that deterrence should not be a factor in his sentencing because " If somebody is mentally ill, you shouldn't punish them because it won't stop other mentally ill people from doing it.
Soon the original judge, Mariya Komarova, fell ill, and on February 13, 2006, according to the Russian law, she was replaced by a different judge, Vladimir Usov.
Alex helps Truman end his life ; she is arrested, but avoids prison when a terminally ill judge recuses himself from her case.
He was sentenced to eight years imprisonment but was ordered released in 1991 by the sentencing judge on the grounds of ill health ( heart problems, arthritis, broken bones from four falls in prison ).
Due to paranoid schizophrenia, he was detained indefinitely in a mental hospital on 7 March 1997 when a judge at Teesside Crown Court, Cleveland, ruled that Campbell was mentally ill.
But ill health and the pain of reminiscence curtailed her editorial labours: besides which, to judge from the result, you would say that Mrs. Shelley was not one of the persons to whome the gift of consistent accuracy has been imparted ".
The jury verdict of " guilty but mentally ill " meant the sentencing would be referred to the judge, Patricia Jenkins.
Reports of ill health prompted Governor Young to ask for the appointment of a second judge, as a result Justice Crawford was appointed.
The investigating judge had ruled that Glavaš was too ill to attend legal hearings, and investigations were suspended.
Conservatives viewed the judge as dangerous for his tendency to rule in favor of the lower class, the mentally ill, and defendants.

judge and just
Other times the witness is just being truthful but undermined for the purpose of casting doubt to the jury and or judge.
Most modern Christian churches continue to uphold the belief that there will be a final Resurrection of the Dead and World to Come, perhaps as prophesied by the Apostle Paul when he said: "... he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world ..." ( Acts 17: 31 KJV ) and "... there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust.
Cracked. com writer Robert Brockway responded by opining that this made Ebert unqualified to judge video games, and that debating Ebert on such a topic was comparable to " a structured philosophical debate on the importance of pacifism and restraint with a rabid badger: Your opponent is not only unqualified from the start, but it's obviously just out to attack you.
" And in The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink ( 1952 ), a judge who has just witnessed one of the lawyer's unusual tactics says: " Mr. Mason ... from time to time you seem to find yourself in predicaments from which you extricate yourself by unusual methods which invariably turn out to be legally sound.
The sons were Minos, the just king in Crete who judged the Underworld ; Rhadamanthus, presiding over the Garden of the Hesperides or in the Underworld ; and Sarpedon, likewise a judge in the Afterlife.
As many problems as the judge sees fit may be placed in each grade, and the problems within each grade may or may not be ranked ( so an award may include a 1st Honourable Mention, a 2nd Honourable Mention, and a 3rd Honourable Mention, or just three unranked Honourable Mentions ).
This analysis of the story sheds light on the connection between the Binding and the story of Sodom (), in which Abraham protests against God's unethical plan to destroy the city, without distinguishing between the righteous and the wicked: " Far be it from you to do such a thing .. Shall not the judge of all the earth do what is just?
The Talmud tells that Boaz was a just, pious, and learned judge.
Warbucks persuades the politician to use his influence with the judge and make sure that the trial goes their way and that Mack and his men get their just deserts.
He will judge in righteousness in the presence of all and men and angels, and his final judgement will be just damnation to everlasting punishment for the wicked and a gracious gift of life everlasting to the righteous.
To avert this injustice, the jury decided to assert what it believed to be their " ancient right " to judge the whole case and not just the facts, rendering the verdict of " not guilty " which remains in Scotland to this day.
of intellectual property in order to " promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts " is inherently problematic, since " By what standard do you judge that research expenditures are ' too much ,' ' too little ,' or just about enough?
The judge also compared background checks on American men to background checks on handgun buyers by stating, " However, just as the requirement to provide background information as a prerequisite to purchasing a firearm has not put gun manufacturers out of business, there is no reason to believe that IMBs will be driven by the marketplace by IMBRA ".
If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also .” Luke 6: 27-29 ( NIV ) “ Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful .” Luke 6: 36 ( NIV ) “ Do not judge, and you will not be judged.
Most political reporters judge candidates on the basis of the likeability factor — Matthews is just more explicit about it.
In the second trial, the prosecutors have asked the judge for a 14-year sentence, which is just one year less than the maximum.
A revengeful, relentless disposition is unethical ; reverence for old age is inculcated ; justice shall be done ; right weight and just measure are demanded ; poverty and riches shall not be regarded by the judge ( Lev.
Although a judge declared Webb's band the official winner in 1938 over Count Basie's, and Basie himself said he was just relieved to come away from the contest without embarrassing himself, surviving musicians continued to dispute the ruling for decades to follow.
Following the band's break-up, he later becomes the judge of a rock-and-roll star song contest, and reveals to Connie, who nearly won before losing to Skeeter, Al, and Moo's accidental song Monster Call, that quitting school, just like she intended to do like he did, got the band into trouble since they began.
The judge and prosecutor wanted to speed the nine trials to avoid violence, so the first trial took a day and a half, and the rest took place one right after the other in just one day.
Almighty God alone is a just judge.
Specifically, if we sympathize with the feelings of another we judge that their feelings are just, and if we do not sympathize we judge that their feelings are unjust.
Thus, sympathy plays a role in determining judgments of the actions of others in that if we sympathize with the affections that brought about the action we are more likely to judge the action as just, and vice versa:

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