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olden and times
It recalls to mind the quest of olden times for the fountain of youth, a quest heavily invested in, during the days of wooden ships.
According to this doctrine, the gods of Olympus were not supernatural powers still actively intervening in the affairs of men, but great generals, statesmen and inventors of olden times commemorated after death in extraordinary ways.
** Besso, made of roasted and ground barley is a popular snack for travellers and, in olden times, foot soldiers.
A meteorite also landed in northwestern China, and the authorities told people not to believe as in olden times that these events were omens and signs from the heavens.
The passage was much easier in olden times as the sea level was higher and the waterways more numerous, but as recently as 2004 a boatdrag was done to commemorate the old traditions.
Non-European cultures have used other by-products of making alcoholic beverages as leaveners, as in Ecuador: " In olden times when the sediment of chicha called concho was used as a ferment, we had good bread ; and now with better mills good quality bread has disappeared entirely.
:"... to condense in my own style in this small book the twelve volumes of Senator on the origin and deeds of the Getae Goths from olden times to the present day.
In olden times bonfire-signals on the mountains announced to all as far as Babylon that the month had been sanctified.
European bread was once made in Ecuador using concho, the dregs of chicha, producing, by some accounts, a bread superior to that later made with other methods ( and better milling ): " In olden times when the sediment of chicha called concho was used as a ferment, we had good bread ; and now with better mills good quality bread has disappeared entirely.
Nandhini in the mean time calls Adithya Karikalan to Kadambur Palace to discuss about the future of kingdom, Though Karikalan knows that is life is in utter danger, He goes to Kadambur palace despite warning from his grand father, Adithya karikalan was then assassinated there ( it was debated till about the assassin ). But actually as per historians Ravidasan, The loyal guard of Pandiya king killed aditya as the revenge for Pandiya king, Later this case was tabled before Raja raja chola and punished him with ceasing his property as Ravidasan was Brahmin community by birth who were not punished to death in olden times generally.
The modern literary language of Avars ( Awar mac '), in olden times and today, is known among Avars as language of " boʔ " ( bolmac ').
That there existed a religious house at this place, in the early part of the seventh century, is a generally accepted truth ; the holy father of the church being St Winin ; after whom, in olden times, the town was called the name of Sagtoun / Segdoune ( or Saint's town ).
The refreshment rooms had " an open timber roof, and oriels or bays, reminiscent of the dining-hall of olden times ".
This area was the actual downtown in the olden times, but is now mostly a residential area.
The name means " wash road ", as it used to lead to the hot springs in Laugardalur where in olden times the women of Reykjavík took their laundry for washing.
In olden times this was to allow rain to run off the surface, when sumo tournaments were held outdoors in the open.
In olden times when the Chieftain of our people summoned the clan on an errand of life and death, the Fiery Cross, extinguished in sacrificial blood, was sent by swift courier from village to village.
Thane Creek was an important harbour in olden times, with the ports of Kopri and Kalyan served by it, though they have long been silted up.
In the olden times, it was sometimes used as a means of exchange ; and sometimes the parent of a bride demanded Darkhuang for the price of their daughter.
Nehra in Jaipur was the first capital in olden times.
In olden times sons-in-law received real cows as gifts, since that was the most precious asset with which a newly wedded couple could start life.
From olden times envoys who visited the Chinese Court called themselves " grandees ".
In olden times, Finuge was not just a townland, it was a parish that stretched form Dysert to Ballinruddery.
In fact, from olden times up to the Middle Ages, the centre of Malta was not Valletta but first Rabat and then Mdina.
This meat is then placed whole, like a rump or pot roast into a crock pot, which in olden times was a ceramic pot over a fire, filled with cabbage and carrots, and, when available, red potatoes.

olden and was
In the olden days, when the idli mold cooking plates were not popular or widely available, the thick idli batter was poured on a cloth tightly tied on the mouth of a concave deep cooking pan or tava half filled with water.
The musical waves, the ethereal atmosphere, all make me feel as in the olden golden days when I was a boy and dreamed of Heaven ".
Decades later, she recalled, " He belonged to the olden days, and I have never met another German who has given me so strong an impression of what Imperial Germany was and stood for.
According to legend, in olden days the game was used by women to choose their husbands.
In the olden days there was a custom of " village king " elections.
Sailing ships were slow by modern standards and could not store fresh food for long periods, so the provisioning of vessels was one of the major commercial functions at Cape Town in those olden days.
Himroo is a replication of Kum-khwab, which was woven with pure golden and silver threads in olden days, and was meant for the royal families.
In the olden days, the musical lore was preserved and disseminated by the roving minstrels ( Jegwak ' we ).

olden and considered
The Dusuns in Penampang and papar did not like the name Dusun because they didn't like to be called " backwards " as in the olden days Dusuns were considered backwards who live in remote areas.

olden and be
In the olden days, among the nobility, each course of a full-course Japanese meal would be brought on serving trays called, which were originally platformed trays or small dining tables.
However, in proper Chinese, it should be written as 烏鱀白鱀, with the gei originally in olden Chinese, meaning dolphins.
In olden days Aspatria used to be a railway terminus, and some of us are old enough to remember that when the train pulled up from Maryport, the porter used to come to the door and shout Speytrie, un ’ git oot .”
In the olden days, back when the main route from the northern part of Iceland to the south, lay across Arnarvatnsheiði, Húsafell would find itself to be an oasis of food and lodgings for weary travellers making their way across this country highway.
In olden days, this would make them virtually unusable ; modern unpaved roads can be used but are dangerously slippery.
A barbarian lord informed him, in olden days, the barbarians would sacrifice 50 men and throw their heads into the river to appease the river spirit and allow them to cross ; Zhuge Liang, however, did not want to cause any more bloodshed, and instead killed the cows and horses the army brought along, and filled their meat into buns shaped roughly like human heads-round with a flat base-to be made and then thrown into the river.
In the olden days, all five idols would be depicted in a single frame, traditionally called pata.
In olden days, kolams used to be drawn in coarse rice flour, so that the ants don't have to walk that much for too long for a meal.
A paragraph at bottom will be devoted to the discussion of this comingling, but the present article centers on the survey of the sword of light as they actually occur in stories passed down in the olden days.

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