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case and one
Don't like to bother no one unless we have to, which I figger we do, in your case.
But in our case -- and neither my wife nor I have extreme views on integration, nor are we given to emotional outbursts -- the situation has ruined one or two valued friendships and come close to wrecking several more.
( There are two receivers in case one should be dropped and damaged.
There may be a case of this sort, but it is not one we wish to argue, here.
In any case, she told Thompson that she saw no reason why he might not see Katie again, `` now that this frank explanation has been made & no one can misunderstand ''.
Besides the lack of an adequate ethical dimension to the Governor's case, one can ask seriously whether our lead over the Russians in quality and quantity of nuclear weapons is so slight as to make the tests absolutely necessary.
Sets of reaction tubes containing 0.2 of an atmosphere of added oxygen in one case and added moisture in another, both gave reaction rates in the range of 0.1 to 0.4 of the chlorine exchanged per hour.
The one sure way to tell victim and villain apart is to examine the hind legs which in the case of the idler, Psithyrus, lack the pollen baskets -- naturally!!
If this is the case, one would expect that not only the various procedures just mentioned which alter the hypothalamic balance would influence emotional state and behavior but that emotion itself would act likewise.
Continuing with the case in which **zg is a Af curve on a quadric Q, we first observe that the second regulus of Q consists precisely of the lines which join the two free intersections of **zg and the planes through any one of the multiple secants.
In the rare case where a corporation's only substantial asset, or its most important one, is a claim for refund, perhaps its transfer should not be permitted, whether the reorganization takes the form of a statutory merger or of the acquisition of assets for stock.
But before discussing it, I should like to record one vote of thanks to them for the clarity with which they have stated their case.
As `` a matter of fact no such complete solution of the dream has ever been accomplished in any case,, and what is more, every one attempting such solution has found that in most cases there have remained a great many components of the dream the source of which he has been unable to explain nor is the discussion closed on the subject of the mantic or prophetic power of dreams ''.
In one extreme case, cited by a Pittsburgh psychologist, an office worker's wife refused to have sexual relations with her husband unless he bought her the luxuries she demanded.
But though this characterization in no way diminished Eichmann's guilt, the Prosecutor, more deeply involved in the tactics of a criminal case than a political one, would have none of it.
Six treatments cured one case which lasted a month and had defied other remedies.
Statistically this has represented a loss to the nation, although one must admit that in an individual case the decision in retrospect may have been a wise one.
One of the A.L.A.M. lawyers observed that if the Selden case had been tried under this simplified procedure, the testimony which filled more than a score of volumes, `` at a minimum cost of $1 a page for publication alone, could have been contained in one volume ''.
Then, when the case went to the jury, the judge excused one of the jurors, saying the juror had told him he had been accosted by masked men at his motel the night before the trial opened.
But in any case, one does not have to read very closely between the lines to realize that the situation is not regarded as a particularly happy one.
To make one nation out of these disparities would be a problem large enough in any case ; ;
two of those poetic adagios in Greek veils ( and superb esthetic acrobacy ) by Alla Osipenko and Igor Chernishev in one case and Inna Zubkovskaya and Yuri Kornevey in the other ; ;
But one wishes, when the appetite is whetted, as it was in the case of the all-too-brief excerpt from the Blomdahl opera, that further opportunity would be provided both for hearing the works in their entirety and for a closer analytical look at the sense and nature of the compositions.

case and speaks
Cassian speaks of an abbot in Egypt doing this ; and in later times we have another example in the case of St Bruno.
The case of " beauty " is different from mere " agreeableness " because, " If he proclaims something to be beautiful, then he requires the same liking from others ; he then judges not just for himself but for everyone, and speaks of beauty as if it were a property of things.
Prima facie is often confused with res ipsa loquitur ( literally, " the thing speaks for itself "), the common law doctrine that when the facts make it self-evident that negligence or other responsibility lies with a party, it is not necessary to provide extraneous details, since any reasonable person would immediately find the facts of the case.
* The thing speaks for itself: no further explanation is needed to establish the prima facie case.
In this case one speaks of full radiative decay and this means that the quantum efficiency is 100 %.
In the case of a set, one also speaks of a front or back set, meaning whether the ball is passed in the direction the setter is facing or behind the setter.
An inscription, indeed, cut in the rock near San Felice, speaks about this part of the (" promontory of Venus "; the only case of the use of this name ) as belonging to the city of Circei.
In their first exchange in Act I, scene 1, Cleopatra says to Antony, “ I ’ ll set a bourn how far to be beloved .” In this case Cleopatra speaks in an authoritative and affirming sense to her lover, which to Shakespeare ’ s audience would be uncharacteristic for a female lover.
Al-Qurtubi mentions in his famous exegesis, in explanation of the above-mentioned verse, that according to Wahb ibn Munnabih, Sakinah is a spirit from God that speaks, and, in the case of the Israelites, where people disagreed on some issue, this spirit came to clarify the situation, and used to be a cause of victory for them in wars.
The date of his downfall is uncertain ; Josephus reckons he was killed around 90 BC fighting the Parthians-and his possession of Antioch was certainly lost to Philip I Philadelphus around then-whereas for instance Appian speaks of him being defeated when the Armenian king Tigranes invaded Syria by 83 BC, but in that case his actions in the meantime remain unrevealed.
In Prescription Murder, Columbo speaks of a colleague, Lieutenant Silver, who was supposed to be assigned to the case but was thought to be " too young and inexperienced " compared to Columbo.
No record survives of the outcome of the case, but no contemporary account speaks of the trial by battle actually taking place.
Even in the age of modern communications and mass media, according to one study, "… although the Received Pronunciation of Standard English has been heard constantly on radio and then television for over 60 years, only 3 to 5 % of the population of Britain actually speaks RP … new brands of English have been springing up even in recent times ...." What the vernacular would be in this case is a moot point: "… the standardisation of English has been in progress for many centuries.
Commentators have made comparisons with the Sex Pistols case, pointing to some of the statements made by John Mortimer QC: " What sort of country are we living in if a politician comes to Nottingham and speaks here to a group of people in the city centre and, during his speech, a heckler replies " bollocks ".
Where Ayer spoke of values, or fundamental psychological inclinations, Stevenson speaks of attitudes, and where Ayer spoke of disagreement of fact, or rational disputes over the application of certain values to a particular case, Stevenson speaks of differences in belief ; the concepts are the same.
In that case, one speaks of a BV n-algebra.
The Assistant Commissioner later speaks to his superior, Sir Ethelred, about his intentions to solve the case alone, rather than relying on the effort of Chief Inspector Heat.
The default script, " Hello, Avatar ", a hello world program that speaks ( streams message to local chat (" heard " ( printed ) by all viewers ( clients ) within 20 meters < sup >( 3D virtual environment )</ sup > of the task )) when the script is first saved, initialized or reset ( in this case, since the command is in the default " state ", the first to be run on initialization ) or ' touched ' ( a simple user interaction usually initiated using a mouse click ), looks like:
As they are driving, Jim speaks via radio to the officer in charge of Jim's case, Captain Esteridge ( Jeffrey DeMunn ).
Jones speaks in more detail about the case in his autobiography, " No Smoke, No Fire " published in June 2009.
In the two-part Simpsons episode, " Who Shot Mr. Burns ?," Chief Clancy Wiggum has trouble solving the case and falls into a dream sequence in which he awakes in the Red Room and Lisa speaks backwards.
At this link, Anderson speaks in an internet radio interview about his legal case and his plans to continue his philanthropic assistance of space development:
He is ever conscious of propriety, and speaks carefully, both because of his elevated rank, and in case women or children should hear what he has written.

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