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mid-80s and was
With hardcore punk diverging in so many directions, the mid-80s scene was a very fragmented one.
Rubén Blades ’ album Siembra was heard everywhere on the island throughout the mid-80s and has been quoted extensively in the guías and coros of everyone from Van Van ’ s Mayito Rivera ( who quotes ' Plástico ' in his guías on the 1997 classic Llévala a tu vacilón ), to El Médico de la Salsa ( quoting another major hook from ' Plástico '—' se ven en la cara, se ven en la cara, nunca en el corazón '— in his final masterpiece before leaving Cuba, Diós sabe ).
The single's sleeve was designed by Peter Saville, whose distinctive graphics provided OMD's public image well into the mid-80s.
The album was a return to the rock / pop sound of their mid-80s albums and was certified Double Platinum in the UK, but was less successful in the U. S. ( although the single " Don't Ask Me Why " grazed the Billboard Top 40 ).
This period of hip hop was marked by the end of the disco rap stylings of old school, which had flourished prior to the mid-80s, and the rise of a new style featuring " ghetto blasters ".
However, the mid-80s saw the club relegated to the second division, and 1987 was the club's worst season in recent memory as the club fell to 8th position in the Second Division, while local rivals Bryne won the cup and neighbouring minnows Vidar almost won promotion to the Premier League.
** Years ago, the cemetery paid tribute to the Imagineers, much like the one at Florida and Tokyo, but was changed when the queue was expanded some time after the mid-80s, to make room for the handicapped entrance.
In the mid-80s, the song was released in Portuguese ( Suba na minha Moto ) and it was a big hit there, but the biggest hit of the group in the country was Não Se Reprima.
From the mid-70s to mid-80s most of the MARTA rapid transit system was built.
In the mid-80s he was part of a powerful outfield trio for the Jays, playing center field between George Bell and Jesse Barfield.
Creation Records was one of the key labels in the mid-80s indie movement, with early releases featuring artists such as Primal Scream, The Jasmine Minks, and The Loft.
When Peter Weinberger was promoted to head of Computer Science Research at Bell Labs, his picture was merged with the AT & T " death star " logo of the mid-80s, creating the PJW Face image that has appeared in innumerable locations, including t-shirts, coffee mugs, CDs, and at least one water tower.
It was licensed in the mid-80s by Merck & Co. and is marketed by a joint venture between Merck and Johnson & Johnson.
As restrictions on operating commercial television stations in Europe were relaxed in the mid-80s, RTL-TVI moved entirely to Brussels, while the popularity of RTL Télévision was somewhat diminished by the success of M6.
As a founding member of Anthrax, Ian's inspiration AC / DC and idol Angus Young " When we started Anthrax, Angus was my absolute inspiration " helped to create thrash metal in the mid-80s alongside Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica.
By the mid-80s he was no longer attached to a single band but concentrated on working as a studio session drummer ; hence the long list of bands and albums he has been involved with.
At 224 Ferguson was as cut as he'd been since the mid-80s, but although he came to fight, Bowe was in impressive form yet again and dispatched Ferguson in two rounds.

mid-80s and 2
Originally s 1000 watt daytime-only station, in the mid-80s WAEC increased power to 5, 000 watts, then was licensed for a 24 hour signal with 500 watts during nighttime hours and 2, 500 watts during critical hours.
As a result, since the mid-80s the number of wedges available to players has grown from 2 ( pitching and sand ) to 5 ( adding gap, lob and ultra lob ), most of which are now available in a wide array of lofts and bounces to allow a player to " fine-tune " their short game with the wedges that best meet their needs.

mid-80s and /
From 1980 to the mid-80s actor / videomaker Craig Calman lived in the building adjoining Taylor Mead's.
Mortaza is considered one of the fastest bowlers produced by Bangladesh, usually bowling in the mid-80s mph ( 130s km / h ), and regularly opens the bowling.
* mid-80s, released the QUAD 66 / 606 system, along with the first QUAD CD player.

mid-80s and s
Later in the mid-80s, the Laibach sound became more richly layered with samples from classical music including from Gustav Holst ’ s The Planets.
Another " bits and pieces " collection, Boots followed in 2003, the title being both McNabb ’ s nickname ( after his penchant for wearing Beatles-style boots in the mid-80s while with The Icicle Works ), and a reference to the ‘ official bootleg ’ nature of the release.

mid-80s and with
Now physically in his mid-80s, a weak and feeble Red Skull planned for a final showdown with his arch-rival.
Summers highs average in the mid-80s ° F, with winter highs in the mid-30s ° F.
Pettibon started working in collage in the mid-80s with simple newsprint elements collaged onto black and white images.
During the mid-80s, Healy played Barney Bodger, the blundering handyman in the Children's ITV series Tickle on the Tum and became a great favourite with young viewers.
This conflict erupted in the mid-80s and ended with the disintegration of the WRP.
Bell and Maule, with their collaborators, the Wild Goose Worship Group and more recently, the Wild Goose Collective, have produced around 50 published books and CDs since the mid-80s.
During his feud with manager Jimmy Hart ( Lawler is a factor for " The Mouth of the South " Jimmy Hart entering professional wrestling ; Lawler wanted to record a wrestling album with him singing and, since they had gone to school together, he called Hart and asked him to be a part of it ) in the mid-80s, Hart became known as " The Wimp ", a nickname given to him by Lawler and chanted by fans.
Models with solid state CCD imagers came on the scene in the mid-80s.
Aaron Lynch claims to have co-invented this word with Douglas Hofstadter in the mid-80s.
Having been a football pundit for BBC since the mid-80s, he left for ITV in 1994, following a legal dispute with the corporation over allegations made against him in a Panorama programme.
During the mid-80s he played in the HTV production of Robin of Sherwood ( released as Robin Hood in the US ) with Jason Connery as Robin.
Joaquín Andújar ( ; born December 21, 1952 ) is a former Major League Baseball right-handed starting pitcher who became one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball while playing with the St. Louis Cardinals in the mid-80s.
The Greek sponge trade was centered close to the Dodecanese with Kalymnos being the most prominent for centuries and until mid-80s, when a disease hit the eastern Mediterranean destroying a great number of sponges and damaging the sponge-fishing industry as a result.
Personnel shuffles abounded in the mid-80s: In September 1984 Bob Weaver took over the drum throne and played with the group until late spring of 1986.
However, national trends disfavoring downtown retail finally caught up with Canal Street-with a key assist from the regional economic depression of the mid-80s ( the Oil Bust )-and apart from Canal Place, Rubensteins and Adler's, no high-end retail now remains.
After several years of fundraising and with the help and support of the city, the old zoo was closed in the mid-80s for a complete reconstruction in which nearly all traces of the original zoo ( including Fairyland ) were removed.
The offense was actually born in the latter school of practitioners, with its origins attributed to Paul Johnson while at Georgia Southern in the mid-80s.
He returned to acting in the mid-80s with Sathyan Anthikkad's T. P.

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