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non-competitive and version
A game of the non-competitive version in one of its final stages

non-competitive and musical
A Cold Wind Blows is another non-competitive substitute for " musical chairs.
Hebden Bridge Junior Band has been providing musical tuition and an opportunity for young people aged 7 – 19 to play a brass instrument in a non-competitive band since 1972.
Campers ( coed, ages 7 – 18 ) take part in a non-competitive musical theater program, as well as sports and activities.
The performance is as musical as a non-competitive performance, but the competitive dikir barat is also, according to one observer, “ a duel of wits ”.

non-competitive and one
For example, if an industry is dominated by one firm or cartel does not see higher costs than a competitive industry yet has monopoly prices, then that non-competitive industry will see higher profits, whereas if costs increase, then profitability levels will be relatively similar.
These different lengths of races are divided into five categories: pleasure rides ( 10 – 20 miles ), non-competitive trail rides ( 21 – 27 miles ), competitive trail rides ( 20 – 45 miles ), progressive trail rides ( 25 – 60 miles ), and endurance rides ( 40 – 100 miles in one day, up to in multiple days ).
** the non-competitive free-for-alls, in which players accrue coins independently of one another and one player's loss is not automatically another's gain.
The term " non-competitive antagonism " ( sometimes called non-surmountable antagonists ) can be used to describe two distinct phenomena: one in which the antagonist binds to the active site of the receptor, and one in which the antagonist binds to an allosteric site of the receptor.
A variety of non-competitive activities are provided at World Finals ; the representative one is " Pin Trading " in which participants trade pins from their regions and states with participants from other states and countries.
A full analysis would also have to take into account the fact that products ( work ) use more than one type of input ( e. g., fuel, labour, machinery ), and that other factors besides input cost ( e. g., a non-competitive market structure ) may also affect the price of work.
CBC Television, Global and CTV each produce national evening newscasts ( The National, Global National and CTV National News, respectively ), which unlike the American network newscasts do not air against one another as they are scheduled in non-competitive time slots ; while Global National airs at the same early evening time slot as the American evening network newscasts, The Nationals 10 p. m.
The Montreal World Film Festival ( WFF ) (; alternative official name Montreal International Film Festival, not commonly used ), founded in 1977, is one of Canada's oldest international film festivals and the only competitive film festival in North America accredited by the FIAPF ( although the Toronto International Film Festival is North America's only accredited non-competitive festival ).
They sanction more than one thousand model competitions, and an increasing number of non-competitive Fly-in events for member aeromodelers throughout the country each year, charter more than 2500 model airplane clubs and offer contest sanctioning, liability insurance and the procurement of flying sites.

non-competitive and no
Popularised in France by David Belle and others in the 1990s and 2000s, parkour uses no equipment and is non-competitive.
Picigin is considered a non-competitive sport: there are no opposing sides, no points, neither winners nor losers.
This property earns them the name " non-competitive " because their effects cannot be negated, no matter how much agonist is present.
With no income allowed for the Arena while insurance expenses continued, the building sat vacant while pressure built on the city government to either make it revenue-producing ( essentially impossible under the Civic Progress-imposed non-competitive clause ) or raze it.
Such a change in strategy could also have corresponded to a perceived shift in government's stances as during the late 1990s and early 2000 various spokespersons for the Cardoso government tended to consider that Brazil had no need for land reform, that small property was non-competitive, unlikely to raise personal incomes in rural areas and therefore a foolhardy alternative to politics that emphasized creation of skilled wage-labor positions, as the expansion of general employment levels would eventually cause the land reform issue to " recede " into the background.
The Run is a volunteer led, all-inclusive, non-competitive event with no corporate sponsorship, incentives or fundraising minimums.
There is now no peak body to represent non-competitive cyclists in Australia.

non-competitive and player
* Munchkin ( role-playing games ), a player who plays a non-competitive game in a competitive manner
In gaming, a Munchkin is a player who plays what is intended to be a non-competitive game ( usually a role-playing game ) in an aggressively competitive manner.

non-competitive and is
It is interesting to note how many of the plants on Massachusetts' Route 128 draw most of their income either from the government in non-competitive cost-plus arrangements, or from the exploitation of patents which grant at least a partial monopoly.
In addition, unstructured and non-competitive diving is a recreational pastime.
Diving is also popular as a non-competitive activity.
It is a form of socialist economic corporatism that advocates interest aggregation of multiple non-competitive categorised units to negotiate and manage an economy.
It is a form of socialist economic corporatism that advocates interest aggregation of multiple non-competitive categorised units to negotiate and manage an economy.
A zero – sum game is also called a strictly competitive game while non-zero – sum games can be either competitive or non-competitive.
The Buskers Festival is a non-competitive parade of the best street musicians in the world.
Being non-competitive, snorkeling is considered more a leisure activity than a sport.
The Institutional Revolutionary Party is described by some scholars as a " state party ", a term which captures both the non-competitive history and character of the party itself, and the inextricable connection between the party and the Mexican nation-state for much of the 20th century.
EUREKA is loosely affiliated with COST, its non-competitive research counterpart, although the two focus on different aspects of R & D with COST's efforts geared towards more socially focused areas of public interest while EUREKA's mandate is to provide funding for projects envisaged, developed, and executed by private industry.
From 1969 to 1979, the festival is non-competitive.
Volksmarching ( from German meaning " peoples ' march ") is a form of non-competitive fitness walking that developed in Europe.
Japanese star anise contains anisatin, which causes severe inflammation of the kidneys, urinary tract and digestive organs. The toxicity of Illicium anisatum, also known as Shikimi, is caused by its content in potent neurotoxins ( anisatin, neoanisatin, and pseudoanisatin ), due to their activity as non-competitive antagonists of GABA receptors.
A men's standing triple jump event featured at the 1900 and 1904 Olympics but such competitions have since become very uncommon, although it is still used as a non-competitive exercise drill.
Windsurfing is predominately undertaken on a non-competitive basis.
Mycophenolic acid acts as a non-competitive, selective, and reversible inhibitor of Inosine-5 ′- monophosphate dehydrogenase ( IMPDH ), which is a key enzyme in the de novo guanosine nucleotide synthesis.
The Hash House Harriers ( abbreviated to HHH, H3, or referred to simply as Hashing ) is an international group of non-competitive running, social clubs.
A horse that has been well trained to neck rein becomes so responsive to legs and seat that it is possible to take the bridle off completely — a move sometime seen in non-competitive exhibitions.

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