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offices and was
He was aware of her as a frightfully good-looking American WAC, a second lieutenant assigned to do the paper work, ( regardless of how important she might have thought she was ) in the Command offices, but that was all.
In 1931 Mrs. F. H. Briggs, agent and chief operator, who was to retire in 1946 with thirty years' service, led agency offices in sales for the year with $2,490.
If it failed on occasion to elect its candidates for general state offices by majorities, the failure was due to a lingering remnant of the Know-Nothing party, which called itself the American Republican party.
Typical of such an experience was the occasion of a somewhat formal official welcome in the offices of the Union of Soviet Artists.
Boas had planned for Ruth Benedict to succeed him as chair of Columbia's anthropology department, but she was sidelined by Ralph Linton, and Mead was limited to her offices at the AMNH.
Also during his reign taxes were lightened ; literature, art and science were encouraged ; the lot of the soldiers was improved ; and, for the convenience of the people, loan offices were instituted for lending money at a moderate rate of interest.
He was elected as Governor of Tennessee for two terms ; all these offices were gained as a member of the Democratic Party.
If the Christian faith fell into ruin in his kingdom, if the clergy were too ignorant to understand the Latin words they butchered in their offices and liturgies, if the ancient monasteries and collegiate churches lay deserted out of indifference, he was answerable before God, as Josiah had been.
In 1967 Emmerson Hall was converted to classrooms and offices for the School of Education.
The evacuation of Aon's offices, ordered by Eric Eisenberg, was carried out quickly as 925 of the 1, 100 Aon employees present at the time managed to evacuate the building before United Airlines Flight 175 struck it twenty stories below them.
Society at Nauplia was divided into 3 classes: nobles, citizens and plebeians ; and it had been the ancient usage that the nobles alone should hold the much-coveted local offices, such as the judge of the inferior court and inspector of weights and measures.
It was begun in the late 19th century and redesigned while the construction was in progress to accommodate the extra offices needed due to the naval arms race with the German Empire.
The consolidation of duplicate support and development offices was costly and disruptive.
The Life of Ceolfrith, written in about 710, records that only two surviving monks were capable of singing the full offices ; one was Ceolfrith and the other a young boy, who according to the anonymous writer had been taught by Ceolfrith and was " now a priest of the same monastery ".
Anthrax was used in a series of attacks on the offices of several United States Senators in late 2001.
Hill Top Farm was opened to the public by the National Trust in 1946 ; her artwork was displayed there until 1985 when it was moved to William Heelis ’ s former law offices in Hawkshead, also owned by the National Trust as the Beatrix Potter Gallery.
Until June 2007, The New York Times, from which the Square gets its name, was published at offices at 239 West 43rd Street ; the paper stopped printing papers there on June 15, 1997.
The house was quickly found to be too small, and John and William Smith were commissioned in 1848 to design new offices, cottages and other ancillary buildings.

offices and developed
Further developed, and fully translated into English, this Communion service was included, one year later, in 1549, in a full prayer book, set out with daily offices, readings for Sundays and Holy Days, the Communion Service, Public Baptism, of Confirmation, of Matrimony, The Visitation of the Sick, At a Burial and the Ordinal ( added in 1550 ).
However, there is no evidence that LDDC foresaw this scale of development and nearby Heron Quays had already been developed as low density offices when Canary Wharf was proposed, with similar development already underway on Canary Wharf itself, Limehouse Studios being the most famous occupant.
During this period, Andorra also developed as a tax haven, resulting in the construction of modern banking offices in Andorra La Vella.
As her fame grew, she developed friendships with many people in high offices, most notably Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady from 1933 – 1945.
Several offices have been developed above shops on Powis Street, which is part of the regeneration of the area.
The school has been extended and developed over the years with an activities hall, offices, staff room and library built in the mid 1990s.
Closed in 1987, the complex was bought by Cummings Properties in 1996, and developed into a campus of hi-tech companies and medical offices.
The downtown area of the city is being developed with a new main street area on Pontiac Trail by the city offices called the Wixom Village Center.
In the 1970s the Rockside corridor was developed into offices and numerous hotels to help downtown Cleveland.
The land where Dawson was developed had belonged to the Honorable John Smilie, who held multiple public offices in the government of Pennsylvania and a member of Congress when he died in December 1812.
Because the Rite of Constantinople evolved as a synthesis of two distinct rites — cathedral rite of Constantinople called the " asthmatiki akolouthia " (" sung services ") and the monastic typicon of the Holy Lavra of Saint Sabbas the Sanctified near Jerusalem — its offices are highly developed and quite complex.
MAPICS, the Manufacturing and Planning Integrated Control System, was a popular S / 34 application, as were CMAS and DMAS II, all developed at IBM's offices in Menlo Park.
A network of U. S. representative offices was developed and partnerships with global merchant banks and venture capital operations were undertaken.
The Hall and associated meeting rooms and offices are built round a cloistered courtyard, entered through the façade of Market View, now developed into residential apartments and retail units.
The site is also home to one of the offices of Nokia Research Center, where among other activities the EFR and WB-AMR codecs were developed.
The main Campus, which is developed around the main building in Piazzale Europa, housing the Rector's office, the Administration offices, the Main Library and the faculties of Law and Political Sciences, includes the buildings of the faculties of Economics, Pharmacy, Mathematical Physical and Natural Sciences, Engineering, the Medical Institutes of Microbiology and Physiology, the towing tank, the Data Processing Centre and the building where the Department of Chemical Sciences and the Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Macromolecular Chemistry are accommodated.
Namikata is remarkable because despite its small size and tranquil location it is home to the offices of numerous shipowing companies, the business of which has usually developed over many years in parallel with the fortunes of shipbuilders in the area.
Klang North used to be the main commercial centre of Klang, but since 2008, more residential and commercial areas as well as government offices are being developed in Klang South.
From 1984 to 1994 Villeneuve d ' Ascq housed a Groupe Bull factory that developed, manufactured and marketed desktops personal computers ; the place is currently used by offices of Decathlon Group.
Air conditioning and mechanical ventilation have been for decades the standard method of environmental control in many building types, especially offices, in developed countries.
Essentially these offices developed from the typical officials that existed in northern France in the 11th century, the homeland of the first kings of Jerusalem.
Minor church offices developed about the same time as the diaconate in response to the needs of growing churches.
The site just off junction 4 on the M5 Motorway has been developed into a community with offices, houses, industrial units, Empire Cinemas, Hollywood Bowl, Premier Inn, Brewers Fayre, Morrisons, Gala Bingo, Greens Fitness and an area of public open space.
Laird House was developed recently and it includes offices and a crèche facility.

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