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Instead and proposed
Instead, he proposed that other pieces of Germanic literature contain " kernels of tradition " from which Beowulf borrows and expands upon.
Instead, they challenged it in court, appealed to Congress for its repeal, and proposed several constitutional amendments.
Instead he proposed that a revolutionary society should “ transform itself immediately into a communist society ,” that is, should go immediately into what Marx had regarded as the “ more advanced ,” completed, phase of communism.
Instead, South Africa proposed that it be allowed to annex South-West Africa, a proposal rejected by the United Nations General Assembly.
Instead of suggesting that the mechanical properties of objects changed with their constant-velocity motion through an undetectable aether, Einstein proposed to deduce the characteristics that any successful theory must possess in order to be consistent with the most basic and firmly established principles, independent of the existence of a hypothetical aether.
Instead, Szilard proposed using mixtures of lighter known isotopes which produced neutrons in copious amounts.
Instead they proposed over-provisioning of capacity as more cost-effective at the time.
" Instead he paid more attention to the industrial regions and the needs of Ontario and Quebec, particularly with respect to the proposed St. Lawrence Seaway project with the United States.
Instead, he proposed a government sponsored system in which the price of farm land was set at a high enough level to prevent urban workers from easily purchasing it and thus leaving the labour market.
Instead, he proposed that Goodall work for him as a secretary.
Instead they proposed a rule based on a partially computable process which having read any N elements of the sequence, decides if it wants to select another element which has not been read yet.
Instead, they proposed that in the aftermath of the giant impact, while the Earth and the proto-lunar disk were molten and vaporized, the two reservoirs were connected by a common silicate vapour atmosphere, and that the Earth – Moon system became homogenized by convective stirring while the system existed in the form of a continuous fluid.
Instead, the commonly accepted subgrouping scheme is that proposed by Ives Goddard ( 1994 ).
Instead they proposed a simple log cabin shrine.
Instead, Truman met with Stevenson in Washington and proposed that Stevenson seek the Democratic nomination for president ; Truman promised him his support if he did so.
Instead of Mirrorball, a new series of Absolutely Fabulous was proposed to the BBC, who later commissioned the fourth series in 2001.
Instead, the proposed constitution conformed to the British model of parliamentary government, which was seen by the liberals as the most viable alternative to the European absolutism of the Meiji Constitution.
Instead, Clarke proposed that the men should all be unmarried, widowed, or divorced and either unemployed or retired, leaving them free to roam around like adolescents in the prime of their lives, unfettered and uninhibited.
Instead he proposed regular, " anticipatory-type " sessions devoted, as Johnson explained at the first of the new series, to " discussion of complex problems requiring careful exploration before they were to come to him for decision.
Instead he proposed that the Prime Minister, Lord North, make peace with the rebellious American colonies.
Instead of the drastic social changes he proposed in the past, his government chose a reformist line, passing new retirement, tax, labour and judicial legislation, and discussing university reform.
Instead, in 1973, the Park Service proposed to build a smaller glass pavilion for the bell at the north end of Independence Mall, between Arch and Race Streets.
Instead, they proposed and were able to liberalize procedure for obtaining Belgian citizenship.
Instead, a Royal Commission was set up to review English local government entirely, and its report ( known as the Redcliffe-Maud Report ) proposed a much wider Merseyside metropolitan area covering southwest Lancashire and northwest Cheshire, extending as far south as Chester and as far north as the River Ribble.

Instead and election
Instead it is used in smaller contests such as the election of the presiding officer of an assembly ; one long-standing example of its use is in the United Kingdom, where local associations ( LCAs ) of the Conservative Party use EB to elect their prospective parliamentary candidates ( PPCs ).
Instead of the standard American system of primary elections to choose each party's candidate, followed by a general election contest between the winners of the primaries, the Louisiana primary allows voters to select any candidate, regardless of party affiliation.
Instead of a policy convention following the election, the party held a presidents ' council.
Instead they nullified their own election of Iturbide as emperor.
Instead, he waited until the 2004 federal election to contest the riding of Toronto — Danforth against Liberal Dennis Mills.
Instead, he turned his attention to the provincial Progressive Conservatives, who held no seats in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and who had captured only 13 % of the vote in the 1963 election ( when it had contested only 33 of the province's 63 constituencies ).
Instead, the Act extended to all Irish peers both the right to vote in parliamentary elections and the right to run for election to the House of Commons.
Instead he unsuccessfully contested Blackburn in the January election and Wisbech in the December election.
Instead, the Tories essentially went dormant for the next two election cycles ; with a select group running the minimum number of candidates necessary to keep the party alive, while its assets were held in trust.
Instead public attention was diverted from focusing on any election by the arrest of 12 senior reformist members of the Central Council ( legislative body of PFDJ ) and the National Council.
Instead, they nominated and successfully secured the election of Abdurrahman Wahid as President.
Instead, the new Act gave all Irish peers the right to stand for election to the House of Commons, and to vote at parliamentary elections.
Instead Owen Carron, who had served as Sands ' election agent in the earlier election, was nominated and elected as a " Anti-H-Block Proxy Political Prisoner ".
Instead he shows many Americans feared " Mexicanization " of politics, whereby force would be used to settle a presidential election, as force was used to settle state elections in the South.
Instead they advised him to assume the regency and call an election of representatives to a constituent assembly.
Instead, he threw his support behind Thomas Metcalfe, who went on to carry a very close election over Democrat William T. Barry.
Instead of informing the president's staff with reports directly concerning Chirac, Cousseran informed only Socialist prime minister Lionel Jospin just as he was making it clear that he would run against Chirac in the 2002 presidential election.
Fred Jerome in his Einstein on Israel and Zionism: His Provocative Ideas About the Middle East argues that Einstein was a Cultural Zionist who supported the idea of a Jewish homeland but opposed the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine “ with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power .” Instead, he preferred a bi-national state with “ continuously functioning, mixed, administrative, economic, and social organizations .” However Ami Isseroff in his article Was Einstein a Zionist argues that Einstein was not opposed to the state of Israel given that Einstein declared itthe fulfillment of our dreams .” Perceiving its vulnerability after independence, he again set aside his pacifism in the name of human preservation, when president Harry Truman recognized Israel in May 1948. In the November 1948 presidential election Einstein supported former vice-president Henry A. Wallace ’ s Progressive Party, which advocated a pro-Soviet foreign policy – but which also at the time ( like the USSR ) strongly supported the new state of Israel.
Instead, a county official who was also named Robert Casey won the Democratic primary and the general election, spending virtually no money and doing virtually no campaigning ; voters merely assumed they were voting for the outgoing Auditor General.
Instead he would return to the municipal scene by running for office in the 1927 Edmonton municipal election.
Instead he won a special election to the Senate for the unfinished term of Frank B. Willis, who had died on March 30.
Instead, he announced to his colleagues that he was leaving full-time politics to concentrate on his family and business interests and that he would not be contesting the next general election.

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