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Into and late
Into the late 1960s, nationally televised, multi-cultural concerts held in Ottawa were added, and the fête became known as Festival Canada ; after 1980 the Canadian government began to promote the celebrating of Dominion Day beyond the national capital, giving grants and aid to cities across the country to help fund local activities.
However, the historian Kaiming Chiu argues in his The Introduction of Spectacles Into China that spectacles were introduced into China as far back as the late 13th century.
Into the late 1960s, the SEALs were successful in a new style of warfare, effective in anti-guerrilla and guerrilla actions.
He was also a regular and popular guest on the late night BBC Radio 1 programme Into the Night, hosted by Nicky Campbell.
Into the late 1980s, Whitney Elementary School had just two classes.
Their first hit was a cover of Earl Jean's " I'm Into Something Good " ( written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King ), which reached No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart and No. 13 in the US in late 1964.
In the late 1930s the UK was working on a variety of developments to increase air defence efficiency "... Into this stepped W. A. S. Butement, designer of radar sets CD / CHL and GL, with a proposal on 30 October 1939 for two kinds of radio fuze: ( 1 ) a radar set would track the projectile, and the operator would transmit a signal to a radio receiver in the fuze when the range, the difficult quantity for the gunners to determine, was the same as that of the target and ( 2 ) a fuze would emit high-frequency radio waves that would interact with the target and produce, as a consequence of the high relative speed of target and projectile, a Doppler-frequency signal sensed in the oscillator ".
Into the late 1960s, nationally televised, multi-cultural concerts held in Ottawa were added, and the fête became known as Festival Canada.
Beginning his professional musical career at the age of 18 drumming in the band Rhoads featuring singer Kelly Rhoads, brother of the late Randy Rhoads, Nick released his first record with Rhoads called Into The Future in Europe.
Into the 20th century, non-battle-trained elephants were used for other military purposes as late as World War II, particularly because the animals could perform tasks in regions that were problematic for modern vehicles.
In 1993, Freud first appeared on Radio 1, deputising for Nicky Campbell on his late night show Into The Night.
In his seminal book Peasants Into Frenchmen: The Modernization of Rural France, 1880 – 1914 ( 1976 ), historian Eugen Weber traced the modernization of French villages and argued that rural France went from backward and isolated to modern and possessing a sense of French nationhood during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
He made his Broadway debut late in Moon Over Mulberry Street in 1939, and went on to be featured in other plays, including Night Music and Walk Into My Parlor.
He served as band leader on Rick Dees ' short-lived late night talk show " Into the Night " on ABC in the early 1990s.
Into the 1880s, baseball had always been played with the use of a single umpire, but by late in the decade it was becoming apparent that this was an unsatisfactory arrangement for the most important games.
It was released in late 2007, after King had finished work on August Rush, and with Eddie Vedder and Sean Penn on Into The Wild.
Notable novels that appeared in the late 1940s include Fredric Brown's What Mad Universe and Charles L. Harness's Flight Into Yesterday, later published in book form as The Paradox Men.
*" Into You "-released as the lead single from the album in Japan in late 2003, its accompanied music video is a combination of concert and " behind-the-scenes " footage from the band while on tour.
The Now released two singles " Development Corporations " / " Why " on Ultimate Records in November 1977 and a deal with Lee Wood's Raw Records signed in mid 1978 produced two songs, " Into The 80's " and " 9 ' O ' Clock " ( actually recorded for Raw in late 1977 ) which were re-mixed and scheduled for March 23 release.
He began performing in the late 1990s, appearing in several television films and series, and became known as a film actor after roles in Lords of Dogtown, The Emperor's Club, The Girl Next Door, Alpha Dog, and Into the Wild.
Kahn's latest book, Into My Own ( published June 2006 ) is a memoir describing friendships with Robert Frost, Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, Eugene McCarthy, and his late son, Roger Laurence Kahn, who suffered from bipolar disorder and heroin addiction, and who died by his own hand from carbon monoxide poisoning in 1987.
In the late 1980s, starting in 1987, before " the animal " was featured in the advertiments, a series of advertisements with the slogan " Get Your Teeth Into A Peperami " aired instead.
FSR picked up the Content Factory's Into the Night with Tony Bruno for the 10 p. m .— 1 a. m. weeknight timeslot, which lasted until late 2011, when it was replaced by Fox Sports Tonight with Rob Dibble.

Into and Classical
* Anne Midgette: Classical Recordings: Anne Sofie von Otter Sinks Her Teeth Into the Baroque in New York Times of January 16, 2005
* 1968 The Carnal Myth: A Search Into Classical Sensuality

Into and times
Into modern times the Gospel of Peter had been known only from early quotations, especially from a reference by Eusebius to a letter publicly circulated by Serapion in 190 – 203, who had found upon examining it that " most of it belonged to the right teaching of the Saviour ," but that some parts might encourage its hearers to fall into the Docetist heresy.
Into and out of action times are less than 1 minute.
In 1998, she sang on the Ayreon album Into the Electric Castle, a concept album telling the tale of an alien entity ' kidnapping ' 8 human souls from different times.
In a review of The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals, by Jane Mayer, The New York Times reported on 11 July 2008, that " Red Cross investigators concluded last year in a secret report that the Central Intelligence Agency's interrogation methods for high-level Qaeda prisoners constituted torture and could make the Bush administration officials who approved them guilty of war crimes ", that the techniques applied to Abu Zubaydah were " categorically " torture, and that Abu Zubaydah had told investigators that, contrary to what had been revealed previously, " he had been waterboarded at least 10 times in a single week and as many as three times in a day ".
A compilation of Dragon Warrior IIIs music was put on Dragon Quest III ~ And Into the Legend …~ Remix Symphonic Suite which charted 16 times on Oricon's list topping at number 2.
Other times this is visible include his confrontation with Angel in " The Yoko Factor ," his reaction to Buffy's attraction to Dracula in " Buffy vs. Dracula " and his subsequent visits to a vampire brothel in " Shadow " and " Into the Woods.

Into and by
It is `` Defeat Into Victory '', by Field Marshal Viscount Slim.
Blue Remembered Hills, a television play by Dennis Potter, takes its title from " Into My Heart an Air That Kills " from A Shropshire Lad, the cycle also providing the name for the James Bond film Die Another Day: " But since the man that runs away / Lives to die another day ".
* Into the Bermuda Triangle: Pursuing the Truth Behind the World's Greatest Mystery by Gian J. Quasar, International Marine / Ragged Mountain Press ( 2003 ) ISBN 0-07-142640-X ; contains list of missing craft as researched in official records.
Into the vacuum of that loss of belief falls explanation by conspiracy theory.
* Played by Bill Paterson in Into the Storm ( 2009 ).
Bowie had a cameo in Yellowbeard, a 1983 pirate comedy created by Monty Python members, and a small part as Colin, the hitman in the 1985 film Into the Night.
* " Into Great Silence "- Documentary of life within the Carthusian monastery of La Grande Chartreuse by Philip Groning.
In the UK telefilm Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into the Future upon which the American series was based, the character was called Grosman and was played by Nickolas Grace.
* Pathways Into Darkness, a 1993 video game by Bungie Studios
Into these areas, still partly populated by remnants of the Ndebele and Sotho-Tswana, there was also a considerable immigration of members of the various Sotho-Tswana chiefdoms who had fled during the Difaqane.
Described by Frank Rich of the New York Times as " now the greatest and perhaps best-known artist in the American musical theater ", his most famous works include ( as composer / lyricist ) A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Company, Follies, A Little Night Music, Sweeney Todd, Sunday in the Park with George and Into the Woods.
* Into the Woods ( 1987 ) ( book by James Lapine ; directed by James Lapine )
* " Demon Sweeney Todd ", a song written by the NWOBHM band, Saxon in their album Into The Labyrinth released in 2009
This claim was put forth in The Ill-Framed Knight: A Skeptical Inquiry Into the Identity of Sir Thomas Malory, written by the aforementioned William Matthews, a British professor who taught at UCLA ( and is most famous for his transcription of the Diary of Samuel Pepys ).
** Into the American Woods: Negotiators on the Pennsylvania Frontier by James H. Merrell
** They Marched Into Sunlight: War and Peace, Vietnam and America, October 1967 by David Maraniss
Spring ( device ) | Spring Into Action, designed by Jeff Beynon, made from a single rectangular piece of paper.
The English word " squash " derives from askutasquash ( a green thing eaten raw ), a word from the Narragansett language, which was documented by Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, in his 1643 publication A Key Into the Language of America.
* 1998: Sang the part of the " Highlander " character on the album Into the Electric Castle by Ayreon.
* Talking Into the Typewriter: Selected letters, 1973 – 1983, edited by R. G.
*" Evergreen " ( Into a Circle song ), by the British group Into A Circle
Bad Religion made a progressive rock album with Into the Unknown, the Beastie Boys gained fame by playing hip hop, and Bad Brains incorporated more reggae into their music, such as in their 1989 album Quickness.

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