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was and said
`` I'm a mess '', she said, and suddenly she was alarmed.
You see, he lied to us when he said he was leavin alone ''.
`` That was a terrible thing to do '', I said to Oso.
The War Department wrote Mr. Manuel a letter and said he was a hero.
`` But that was war '', I said.
What else he said was lost in the rattle of gunfire on all sides.
She said, and her tone had softened until it was almost friendly.
`` Oh, no '', he said, and he was without humor now.
Normally Hague wasted no words, but now he found himself unable to stop their flow although he knew Kodyke was aware of all he said.
When they reached their neighbor's house, Pamela said a few polite words to Grace and kissed Melissa lightly on the forehead, the impulse prompted by a stray thought -- of the type to which she was frequently subject these days -- that they might never see one another again.
An Ah coudn ansuh him an so Ah said ' Aw right, Ah gay-ess, an his fathuh didn uttuh one wohd an aftuh Huhmun was gone, the majuh laughed an tole me thet he an the bawh had been hevin an occasional drink t'gethuh f'ovuh a yeah, onleh an occasional one, but just the same it was behahn mah back, an Ah doan think thet's nahce at all, d'you ''??
She was still hugging the stained coat around her, so I said, `` Relax, let me take your things.
That was all she said.
This was the worst thing I could have said.
The girl took a couple of steps toward the man in shorts when Benson, in that barefoot courtliness Ramey could never decide was real, said, `` You don't want to go around there, Ma'am ''.
There was no doubt that Herr Schaffner meant every word of what he said.
But they never said anything, so he figured it was all right.
He said, lapsing into the profanity he often used when away from his parents and especially when he was with Charles.
While she was struggling to get her skirt down and get on her feet again, Jack ran over, offered her his hand and said, `` Gosh, I'm sorry, Miss Langford.
That should do it, he thought, because Miss Langford had said she was going to be strict about school work.
`` I only said I was hungry.
`` No, I don't think so '', said the big man, and it was the final clincher for Ernie.
`` I'd wind up full of bullet holes '', he said, and there was no question that he was talking about bullets fired by his coworkers.

was and Liu
These records state that Bu began his rule before 477, was recognized as the ruler of Japan by the Liu Song, Southern Qi, and Liang dynasties, and continued his rule through to 502.
It was commented on by Liu Hui in the 3rd century.
During the Cultural Revolution, following the downfall of Liu Shaoqi, who was Chairman of the People's Republic of China, no successor was named, so the duties of the head of state were transferred collectively to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.
The merchant was sent to be reborn as Liu Qi ( 刘杞 ).
Chen was a beautiful and talented girl, but did not wish to marry Liu Qi.
Liu Huaqing was an Army Officer who spent most of his career in administrative positions involving science and technology.
Liu was also very close to Deng Xiaoping as his modernization efforts were very much in keeping with Deng's national policies.
The latter fuses Daoist ideas with Confucianism and was a precursor to later Chinese metaphysical nature poetry, according to Liu Wu-chi.
* July 19 – A Chinese delegate in the Netherlands, Liu en-Tsiu, is declared persona non grata because of the death of a Chinese engineer in unclear circumstances ; there are claims that he was kidnapped and taken to the delegate's office.
* Liu Zhang, ruled Yi after Liu Yan's death until he was forced to hand it to Liu Bei ( d. 219 )
It began when the ruler of Wei, Cao Cao, was defeated by Liu Bei and Sun Quan at the Battle of Red Cliffs.
Court eunuch Jian Shuo planned to kill General-in-Chief He Jin, a relative of the imperial family, and to replace the crown prince Liu Bian with his younger brother Liu Xie, the Prince of Chenliu ( in present-day Kaifeng ), though his plan was unsuccessful.
In 192, there was some talk among the coalition of appointing Liu Yu, an imperial relative, as emperor, and gradually its members began to fall out.
Cao Cao, directly to Yuan Shao's south, was engaged in a struggle against Yuan Shu and Liu Biao, who occupied respectively the Huai River basin and middle Yangtze regions.
Lü Bu fled to Xu Province and was received by Liu Bei, and an uneasy alliance began between the two.
In 197, Yuan Shu, who was at odds with Cao Cao, Yuan Shao, and Liu Bei, felt assured of victory with his subordinate's conquests, and thus declared himself emperor of the Cheng Dynasty.
In 200, after winning a decisive battle against Liu Biao at Sha County and putting down the rebellions of Xu Gong and others, Sun Ce was struck by an arrow and fatally wounded.
It was founded by the rebel leader Liu Bang, known posthumously as Emperor Gaozu of Han.
Following Liu Bang's victory in the Chu – Han Contention, the resulting Han Dynasty was named after the Hanzhong fief.
By 157 BCE, the Han court had replaced all of these kings with royal Liu family members, since the loyalty of non-relatives to the throne was questioned.
However, he was overwhelmed by the " Red Eyebrow " rebels who deposed, assassinated, and replaced him with the puppet monarch Liu Penzi.

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