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Julio and Medem
* Earth ( 1996 film ), a film by Julio Medem
Julio Medem ( born 21 October 1958 ) is a Spanish writer and film director.
* Stone, Rob: Julio Medem.
* Evans, Jo: Julio Medem.
* Angulo, Jesús / Rebordinos, José Luis: Contra la certeza: El cine de Julio Medem.
* Ituarte Pérez, Leire: El imaginario posmoderno de la feminidad en la filmografía de Juanma Bajo Ulloa y Julio Medem.
* Bochnig, Julia: ' Von der großen Sehnsucht zu fliehen ": Die Filme von Julio Medem.
* Strigl, Sandra: Traumreisende: Eine narratologische Studie der Filme von Ingmar Bergman, André Téchiné und Julio Medem.
): Le cinéma de Julio Medem.
* Falcioni, Davide: L ' immagine eccessiva: Julio Medem e il suo universo magico.
ca: Julio Medem
es: Julio Medem
eu: Julio Medem
fr: Julio Medem
gl: Julio Medem
no: Julio Medem
pt: Julio Medem
Some of his most well-known songs are featured in La pelota vasca (" The Basque ball "), a documentary by Julio Medem.
Spanish cinema has also seen international success over the years with films by directors like Segundo de Chomón, Florián Rey, Luis García Berlanga, Carlos Saura, Julio Medem and Alejandro Amenábar.
* Tierra ( film ), a 1996 movie by the Spanish filmmaker Julio Medem
Julio Medem based part of the film on his own experience of unrequited teenage love for his next door neighbor.

Julio and also
Models by Julio Ángel Fernández suggest that the scattered disc, which is the main source for periodic comets in the Solar System, might also be the primary source for Oort cloud objects.
Colombian authorities announced the death of Víctor Julio Suárez Rojas, also known as Mono Jojoy, on 23 September 2010.
Coupled with powerful batters like Juan González, Rubén Sierra, Julio Franco, and Rafael Palmeiro and a pitching staff that also included Charlie Hough, Bobby Witt, Kevin Brown, and Kenny Rogers, fans held really high expectations for the Rangers upcoming season.
The music itself would be re-used in other films ( most notably the track " L ' Enfant " in The Year of Living Dangerously ( 1982 ) by Peter Weir ; the melody of same ( in marching band format ) can also be heard at the beginning of the 1924 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies scene in the film Chariots of Fire ) and television commercials ( the track " Hymne ", used in Barilla pasta commercials in Italy and Ernest & Julio Gallo wine ads in the US ).
At home he would listen to his father's records of the tango orchestras of Carlos Gardel and Julio de Caro, and was also exposed to jazz and classical music, including Bach, from an early age.
In Linares the Segovia Museum " Fundación Andrés Segovia " was established in May 1995 and this birth-town of Segovia, also has a bronze statue in his honour, created by Julio López Hernández and unveiled on 25 May 1984.
Gento has two younger brothers called Julio ( born in 1939 ) and Antonio ( born in 1940 ) that also are former footballers and both played for Real Madrid but they were not as successful as their older brother Francisco.
For his son who is also a boxer, see Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.
Crooner Julio Iglesias's home also made news as being one of the Most Expensive Homes in the South according to Forbes Magazine back in 2006 at $ 28 million
Mexico is also known for its boxing tradition, having produced world champions such as Julio César Chávez, Salvador Sánchez, José Nápoles, Ricardo Lopez, Rubén Olivares, Carlos Zarate, Érik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Sugar Ramos, and Juan Manuel Márquez.
In the visual and plastic arts, one of the best known Bahian figures was the multigenre artist and Argentinian native Hector Julio Páride Bernabó, also known as Carybé ( 1911 – 1997 ).
See also: Julio Caesar Chavez # Chávez vs. Taylor
The show also drew many well-known or then up-and-coming actors and actresses for single guest starring roles, such as Don Ameche, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Ken Berry, Sonny Bono, Eddie Bracken, Joseph Campanella, Virginia Capers, Rosalind Cash, George Clooney, Polly Holliday, Robert Culp, Ruby Dee, the Del Rubio triplets, Jeane Dixon, Anne Francis, Johnny Gilbert, Jack Gilford, Alice Ghostley, Peter Graves, Merv Griffin, George Grizzard, Gary Grubbs, Bob Hope, Julio Iglesias, Freddie Jackson, Tony Jay, Billy Jayne, Gordon Jump, Paula Kelly, Alan King, David Leisure, Jenny Lewis, Hal Linden, Mark Linn-Baker, Mario Lopez, Edie McClurg, Marian Mercer, Martin Mull, Leslie Nielsen, Jerry Orbach, Leland Orser, Tony Plana, Peggy Pope, Joe Regalbuto, Burt Reynolds, Debbie Reynolds, Donnelly Rhodes, Richard Riehle, Alex Rocco, Cesar Romero, Mickey Rooney, Harry Shearer, McLean Stevenson, Inga Swenson, Jeffrey Tambor, Meshach Taylor, Jay Thomas, Alex Trebek, Dick Van Dyke, Tom Villard, Lyle Waggoner, David Wayne and Fred Willard.
After 1970, Cuban composers such as Leo Brouwer, Jesús Ortega, Carlos Fariñas and Sergio Vitier began also creating electroacoustic pieces ; and in the 1980 ’ s a group of composers that included: Edesio Alejandro, Fernando ( Archi ) Rodríguez Alpízar, Marietta Véulens, Mirtha de la Torre, Miguel Bonachea and Julio Roloff, started receiving instruction and working at the ICAP Electroacoustic Studio.
Among the many world champions who have also trained at Kronk at least once during their careers are Wilfred Benítez ( in the Tucson gym ), Héctor Camacho, Julio César Chávez, Naseem Hamed, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and Jermain Taylor.
The research of Orioli shows that De Julio Presbitero was actually the name of a wealthy family of Vercelli belonging to the Ghibellines often married with members of the Tornielli family of nearby Novara ( Romagnano Sesia ), also Ghibellines, so he proposes that Dolcino could be the son of a couple that united members of both families.
In boxing, Oscar de la Hoya had a few of his early bouts at the arena, and Michael Carbajal also fought there, including winning the WBO world Junior Flyweight title from Josue Camacho in 1994, and Julio Cesar Chavez ended his career with a fight at the arena.
Thalia has been also an influential artist for almost every Latin pop singer, while Julio Iglesias, Tony Bennett, Juan Luis Guerra, Gloria Estefan, Carlos Vives, Tiziano Ferro, Michael Bublé, Shakira, Lindsay Lohan, Anahi, Espinoza Paz, Gloria Trevi, Inna and many other artists have expressed their admiration towards her talent and charisma.
Championship Pay Per View bouts were also recast on the show such as Julio César Chávez's eighth round knockout win over Joey Gamache.
Today, guitarist Julio Fernandez is also in his third decade with the band.
Julio Fernandez was also listed as a guest musician for one song.
The plot was inspired by Julio Cortázar's short story, " Las babas del diablo " or " The Devil's Drool " ( 1959 ), translated also as Blow-Up, and by the life of Swinging London photographer David Bailey.
Campas also beat former world champion Jorge Vaca by a knockout in round two at Tijuana, before receiving his first world title fight, September 17 of 1994 against Félix Trinidad for the IBF welterweight title, as part of a Pay Per View undercard that featured Julio César Chávez's rematch against Meldrick Taylor for the WBC light welterweight title.
He also turned Salvador Allende ’ s political plan, embodied in the texts of Julio Rojas, into an album of songs called Canto al Programa, performed by Inti-Illimani.
In his texts about what he calls " moral economics ", professor Julio Boltvinik Kalinka asserts that the ideas exposed by David Wiggins about needs are correct but insufficient: needs are of a normative nature but they are also factual.

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