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Kerr and family
The Kerr Memorial Museum was originally a family home built in 1898 for the Kerr family.
Following Hayley's rise to fame in Pollyanna ( 1960 ) and the 1961 family comedy The Parent Trap, John and Hayley again starred together, in the 1965 teen sailing adventure The Truth About Spring, the 1964 drama The Chalk Garden ( with Deborah Kerr in the lead role ), and the 1966 comedy-drama The Family Way, in which John plays an insecure, overbearing father and Hayley plays his son's newlywed wife.
The heir presumptive to the marquessate is the 13th Marquess younger brother Lord Ralph Kerr, who owns Ferniehirst Castle, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, which is an ancient family seat that had passed out of family but was repurchased and restored by the 12th Marquess, and Melbourne Hall in Derbyshire.
The youngest of three brothers, Robert Kerr Fulton was born into a non-theatrical family at 46 Appin Road, Dennistoun, Glasgow.
Built for the Kerr family in the 18th century, Crummock was sold in 1815 to William Wilson, who added to the house and improved the grounds.
The house was eventually sold, by the mortgage holders, to Gother Kerr Mann in the early 1850s, and remained in that family until 1949.
The third peerage to come to the family was the earldom of Ancram, which was bestowed upon Sir Robert Kerr who was descended from a younger son of Sir Andrew Kerr of Ferniehurst.
To add to the plethora of honours showered on the family, Sir William Kerr, son of the Earl of Ancram, was granted a new earldom of Lothian in 1631.
Kerr was born into a prosperous family in Breslau, Silesia, taking the surname Kerr in 1887, and making the change officially in 1909.
In 1933 Kerr and his family fled Germany for France via Czechoslovakia and Switzerland.
His books were amongst those burnt in May 1933 by the Nazis when they came to power ; Kerr had attacked the Nazi Party publicly, and he had already gone into exile with his family.
The Kerr family of Cessford took over the barony and many of the Abbey's properties around the town.
In 1994, employees, among them Hansen, Porubcan, Marketing Director, Mary Henschel and editors, Hissom, Scott Kerr, Anthe Rhodes and Julie Wichman, arranged for an Employee Stock Ownership Plan ( ESOP ), which resulted in Genz and Claussen leaving the newspaper and the Genz family selling its ownership stake ; within the next few years, several other long-time employees also had left.
Kerr died in Easton in 1844, and is interred in the Bozman family cemetery at " Bellville ", near Oxford Neck, Maryland.
Kerr used his new family connections to enter the oil business with his brother-in-law, James L. Anderson, as his partner.
Following the departure of the Proletarian Party from the scene in the 1960s, Charles H. Kerr & Co. was kept alive by a hardy band of midwestern radicals close to the IWW orbit under its new moniker, Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co. Today, the Company advertises " Subversive literature for the whole family since 1886.
After his freshman year at Bettendorf, Kerr and his family moved to Toledo, Ohio where he became a high school state champion wrestling for Toledo Waite.

Kerr and are
As Critic Walter Kerr points out: `` Adaptations, so long as they are good, still qualify as creative ''.
Charged black holes are described by the Reissner – Nordström metric, while the Kerr metric describes a rotating black hole.
Most models only draw in around $ 500 USD every showcase and only famous models that are high in demand such as Miranda Kerr or Gisele Bündchen earn multi-million dollar salaries.
The best-known exact solutions, and also those most interesting from a physics point of view, are the Schwarzschild solution, the Reissner – Nordström solution and the Kerr metric, each corresponding to a certain type of black hole in an otherwise empty universe, and the Friedmann – Lemaître – Robertson – Walker and de Sitter universes, each describing an expanding cosmos.
The results of reflection from a magneto-optic material are known as the magneto-optic Kerr effect ( not to be confused with the nonlinear Kerr effect ).
Kerr Rotation and Kerr Ellipticity are changes in the polarization of incident light which comes in contact with a gyromagnetic material.
Mann, together with Kerr and others, are doing a SSHRC-funded project to study the Ethics, Law & Technology of anonymity, authentication, surveillance, and sousveillance, in addition to issues related to cyborg-law.
In the fall of 1980, after all original SNL cast members departed from the show, Radner starred opposite Sam Waterston in the Jean Kerr play, Lunch Hour, as a pair whose spouses are having an affair, and in response invent one of their own, consisting of trysts on their lunch hour.
* 1848 First settlers in the county are Samuel Eli Holland, Logan Vandeveer, Peter Kerr, William Harrison Magill, Noah Smithwick, Captain Jesse B. Burnham, R. H. Hall, Adam Rankin " Stovepipe " Johnson and Captain Christian Dorbandt.
Other major waterways are the Illinois River and Robert S. Kerr Reservoir.
Kerr Lake and Kerr Lake State Recreation Area are partially located in Vance County.
These are O ' Hara Elementary, Kerr, Fairview, and Hartwood.
There are other biographies by Amabel Kerr ( 1898 ), and by Generoso Calenzio ( La vita e gli scritti del cardinale Cesare Baronio, Rome 1907 ).
The Africanized honey bees in the Western Hemisphere are of mixed descent from 26 Tanganyikan queen bees of A. m. scutellata, accidentally released by a replacement bee-keeper in 1957 near Rio Claro, São Paulo, in the southeast of Brazil, from hives operated by biologist Warwick E. Kerr, who had interbred honey bees from Europe and southern Africa.
Current members of Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band are Bob Kerr, John " The Professor " Percival, Malcolm Sked, Bert Lamb and Henri Harrison.
Its meaning / usage has been adjusted ( but two such adjustments were found zero times by Secor and Kerr ( 2009 )), and recently it has been stated as differing from anadromy simply because return to fresh water occurs at a juvenile or immature stage ; other differences have been claimed ( such as where most growth occurs ) but they are necessary consequences of the stage at return and therefore are not independent.
Others are less complimentary and in the BBC series How We Used To Cook in an episode dedicated to Cradock and Graham Kerr, Keith Floyd and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, amongst others, were very disparaging in regard to her method and cooking skill.
Some of these examples are, like the Tipler cylinder, rather artificial, but the exterior part of the Kerr solution is thought to be in some sense generic, so it is rather unnerving to learn that its interior contains CTCs.
Also this season, Paige befriends federal agent Kyle Brody ( Kerr Smith ), and the two eventually grow close over their mutual investigation of The Avatars, powerful beings who are neither good nor evil.
The group's longest serving original members are Martin Moscrop ( born 24 September 1960 ) ( guitar, trumpet ) and Jez Kerr ( bass, vocals ).
There are Kerr Halls on the campuses of U. C.

Kerr and longtime
Charles William Kerr ( 2 April 1875 – 18 July 1951 ) was a Moderator of the General Assembly for the Presbyterian Church in the United States, as well as the longtime pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the second largest Presbyterian church in the United States.

Kerr and friends
Even ALP parliamentarians who had been friends of Kerr broke off their relationships, feeling Kerr had betrayed the party and had ambushed Whitlam.
Several of her friends and associates, especially Lord Lothian ( Philip Kerr ), became heavily involved in the German appeasement policy ; this group became known as the " Cliveden set ".
He was replaced by Robert Mitchum, who agreed to work on the film for a chance to appear opposite Deborah Kerr, with whom he had become good friends while making Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison together.
As night turns to dawn, Pink, Wooderson, Don, and several friends including Ron Slater and Simone Kerr decide to smoke marijuana on the 50-yard line of the football field.
Kerr relied on these friends and on careful committee preparation to pursue regional economic development.
Even though Maxwell's friends acquitted Kerr of blame, the king's strict rules for prevention and punishment of duels forced him to flee to Holland, where he remained about a year.
Tait counted among his friends and teammates the likes of Mr. Longboat, Alfred Shrubb and Bobby Kerr, journalists Doug Laurie and Lou Marsh, and the great American middle distance stars Abel Kiviat, George Bonhag and Mel Shepherd.
Early on, Kerr made friends with the Black pastors in Greenwood, who were publicly disdained by Tulsa's other prominent white clergy.

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