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Page "lore" ¶ 498
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Let and be
Let the open enemy to it be regarded as a Pandora with her box opened ; ;
Let every policeman and park guard keep his eye on John and Jane Doe, lest one piece of bread be placed undetected and one bird survive.
`` Let him be now ''!!
Let us assume that it would be possible for an enemy to create an aerosol of the causative agent of epidemic typhus ( Rickettsia prowazwki ) over City A and that a large number of cases of typhus fever resulted therefrom.
Let T be a linear operator on the finite-dimensional vector space V over the field F.
Let p be the minimal polynomial for T, Af, where the Af, are distinct irreducible monic polynomials over F and the Af are positive integers.
Let Af be the null space of Af.
Let N be a linear operator on the vector space V.
Let T be a linear operator on the finite-dimensional vector space V over the field F.
Let V be a finite-dimensional vector space over an algebraically closed field F, e.g., the field of complex numbers.
Let N be a positive integer and let V be the space of all N times continuously differentiable functions F on the real line which satisfy the differential equation Af where Af are some fixed constants.
Let Q be a nonsingular quadric surface bearing reguli Af and Af, and let **zg be a Af curve of order K on Q.
Let us take a set of circumstances in which I happen to be interested on the legislative side and in which I think every one of us might naturally make such a statement.
Let the state of the stream leaving stage R be denoted by a vector Af and the operating variables of stage R by Af.
Let this be denoted by Af.
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid ''.
The same God who called this world into being when He said: `` Let there be light ''!!
For those who put their trust in Him He still says every day again: `` Let there be light ''!!
Let us therefore put first things first, and make sure of preserving the human race at whatever the temporary price may be ''.
Let her out, let her out -- that would be the solution, wouldn't it??

Let and granted
Let all of you know that we have granted to our beloved and faithful burgesses of Thalacharn, for us and for our heirs and for our successors, whoever they may be, all the good laws and customs that the burgesses of Carmarthen have up to now used and enjoyed in the time of King John, the grandfather of the Lord Edward I, the son of Henry III, and their predeccessors, Kings of England ; preserving the weights and measures that were in the time of Gwydo de Brione, the elder.
Let him, therefore, be granted rank and title.

Let and then
Let me then ( and in public ) glance into the mirror.
Let this boil gently for twenty minutes, then strain.
* Let Q be a set enclosed between two step regions S and T. A step region is formed from a finite union of adjacent rectangles resting on a common base, i. e. S ⊆ Q ⊆ T. If there is a unique number c such that a ( S ) ≤ c ≤ a ( T ) for all such step regions S and T, then a ( Q )
Let ( m, n ) be a pair of amicable numbers with m < n, and write m = gM and n = gN where g is the greatest common divisor of m and n. If M and N are both coprime to g and square free then the pair ( m, n ) is said to be regular, otherwise it is called irregular or exotic.
Let A be a unital commutative Banach algebra over C. Since A is then a commutative ring with unit, every non-invertible element of A belongs to some maximal ideal of A.
Let P < sub > F </ sub > be the domain of a prefix-free universal computable function F. The constant Ω < sub > F </ sub > is then defined as
Let w denote the weight per unit length of the chain, then the weight of the chain has magnitude
Let be the product of every modulus then define
Let us for simplicity take, then < math > 0 < c =- 2a </ math > and.
Let Marcion then exhibit, as gifts of his god, some prophets, such as have not spoken by human sense, but with the Spirit of God, such as have both predicted things to come, and have made manifest the secrets of the heart ; let him produce a psalm, a vision, a prayer -- only let it be by the Spirit, in an ecstasy, that is, in a rapture, whenever an interpretation of tongues has occurred to him ; let him show to me also, that any woman of boastful tongue in his community has ever prophesied from amongst those specially holy sisters of his.
Let φ be a formula of degree k + 1 ; then we can write it as
Let then the record be written with sincerity and care ; thus with practice it will be found more and more to approximate to the ideal.
Let φ be a net on X based on the directed set D and let A be a subset of X, then φ is said to be frequently in ( or cofinally in ) A if for every α in D there exists some β ≥ α, β in D, so that φ ( β ) is in A.
Let this then be your war-cry in combats, because this word is given to you by God.
Let for simplicity ; then
Let H be a Hilbert space, and let H * denote its dual space, consisting of all continuous linear functionals from H into the field R or C. If x is an element of H, then the function φ < sub > x </ sub >, defined by
Let it out until it starts to flap, and then pull it in until it stops.
: Let, then is said to be surjective if
If V is a real vector space, then we replace V by its complexification V ⊗< sub > R </ sub > C and let g denote the induced bilinear form on V ⊗< sub > R </ sub > C. Let W be a maximal isotropic subspace, i. e. a maximal subspace of V such that g |< sub > W </ sub > = 0.
Let the distance from the Sun to Saturn be taken as 100, then Mercury is separated by 4 such parts from the Sun.
Paul's subsequent recommendation, " Let a person examine himself, then, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup.
Let S be the group of all permutations of N, the natural numbers, that fixes all but finitely many numbers then:
John, one day, was going to bathe at Ephesus, and perceiving Cerinthus within, he then rushed out of the bath-house without bathing, exclaiming, " Let us fly, lest even the bath-house fall down, because Cerinthus, the enemy of the Truth, is within .” He wrote three epistles while living in Ephesus, and he also completed the Gospel of John during this period.
Let V and W be vector spaces ( or more generally modules ) and let T be a linear map from V to W. If 0 < sub > W </ sub > is the zero vector of W, then the kernel of T is the preimage of the zero subspace

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