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Low and pressure
Low atmospheric pressure tends to occur over warm water and high pressure occurs over cold water, in part because of deep convection over the warm water.
Low acid foods, such as vegetables and meats require pressure canning.
Low partial pressure of atmospheric oxygen such as found at high altitude or by reduced replacement of oxygen in the breathing mix.
*** Low partial pressure of oxygen in the lungs when switching from inhaled anesthesia to atmospheric air, due to the Fink effect, or diffusion hypoxia.
* Low blood pressure
Low pressure turbocharging is the optimum when driving in the city, whereas high pressure turbocharging is more for racing and driving on highways / motorways / freeways.
Low explosives must, therefore, be used in large quantities or confined in a container with a high burst pressure to be used as an effective bomb.
* Hypotension – Low blood pressure or a sudden drop in blood pressure.
** Low pressure discharge
Low blood pressure ( hypotension ) is the rule and rapidly leads to septic shock.
Low self-esteem can result from various factors, including a physical appearance or weight, socioeconomic status, or peer pressure or bullying.
Low blood pressure or syncope may ensue.
## Low pressure compressors
** Low blood pressure
Pressure | Low pressure air hose for the dry suit, CEJN type
* Low pressure safety valve ( LPSV ): an automatic system that relieves static pressure on a gas.
* Low and vacuum pressure safety valve ( LVPSV ): an automatic system that relieves static pressure on a gas.
Low vapor pressure.
Low vapor pressure.

Low and systems
Barge and canal systems were nonetheless of great, perhaps even primary, economic importance until after World War I in Europe, particularly in the more developed nations of the Low Countries, France, Germany, Poland, and especially Great Britain which more or less made the system characteristically its own.
Low phosphate levels are an important limit to growth in some aquatic systems.
Low frequencies are not easily localized in small rooms, hence many stereo and multichannel audio systems feature only one subwoofer channel and a single subwoofer can be placed off-center without affecting the perceived sound stage, since the sound produced is difficult to localize.
* Archibald Low, pioneer of radio guidance systems.
* Chain Home and Chain Home Low, early British RDF ( radar ) systems of the WWII era
defense system, a satellite constellation of 4, 600 kinetic interceptors ( KE ASAT ), of 100 lb ( 45 kg ) each, in Low Earth orbit, and their associated tracking systems.
Pave, paired with other words, also names laser systems that designate targets for LGBs, for example Pave Penny, Pave Spike, Pave Tack and Pave Knife, and for specialized military aircraft, such as AC-130U Pave Spectre, MH-53 Pave Low, and HH-60 Pave Hawk.
In addition, terrestrial radio positioning systems utilizing an LF ( Low Frequency ) switched packet radio network were also used as an alternative to GPS based systems.
Low elongation ropes stretch much less, and are usually used in anchoring systems.
They also maintain the Project's clandestine Extremely Low Frequency systems that very slowly accumulate Prime Base's messages, such as briefings, for teams to read when they awaken — thus counterbalancing the minuscule data rate.
* Archibald Montgomery Low, Parachutes in peace and war, Archibald Low ( English consulting engineer, research physicist and inventor, called " the father of the radio guidance systems "), 1942
Some historians have surmised that the Africans had the knowledge and material techniques to build the elaborate earthworks of dams, banks, and irrigation systems throughout the Low Country that supported rice and indigo cultivation ; Georgia planters imported slaves chiefly from rice-growing regions of present-day Sierra Leone, the Gambia and Angola.
The amount of bandwidth available on these systems is substantially higher than that of the Low Earth Orbit ( LEO ) systems ; all three active systems provide portable satellite Internet using laptop-sized terminals with speeds ranging from 60 to 512 kbit per second ( kbps ).
Low earth orbit systems including some of the defunct ones have been allocated number ranges in the International Telecommunications Union's Global Mobile Satellite System virtual country code + 881.
Most of the new network would be made up of 28 re-built Chain Home systems, while the rest were taken from the existing selection of Chain Home Low, Chain Home Extra Low and the various Ground-controlled interception ( GCI ) radars that had formerly served special purposes.
Configuration of SBIRS systems: GEO, HEO and Low components.
Urban design systems which incorporate rainwater harvesting and reduce runoff are known as Water Sensitive Urban Design ( WSUD ) in Australia, Low Impact Development ( LID ) in United states and Sustainable urban drainage systems ( SUDS ) in United Kingdom.
The drawback to using low energy electrons is that it is hard to prevent spreading of the electron beam in the photoresist .< ref name =" mayer "> Low energy electron optical systems are also hard to design for high resolution .< ref name =" hordon "> Coulomb inter-electron repulsion always becomes more severe for lower electron energy.

Low and come
Most of the Low Countries had come under the rule of the House of Burgundy and subsequently the House of Habsburg.
One policy proposal to control global warming that Koch Industries has come out against is Low Carbon Fuel Standards, such as were passed in 2007 in California.
The same word is noted in Middle Low German, historically spoken in Lower Saxony, Middle Dutch sleuuwe or, contracted form, slē, from which come Modern Low German words:,, and Modern Dutch, Old High German slēha ", " slēwa, from which come Modern German and Danish.
" Filming Low budget ' indie ' type movies do have their advantages ... One has to come up with ideas to try and make the shots work without the use of expensive post production effects .... The opening credits sequence with the large orb of the sun behind the Hero going through his moves was simply shot in the studio with him shot in silhouette against a large silk scrim with a lit red sun ( lots of red filters over the lamp ) from behind the scrim and by lowering the lamp stand it looked like the sun dropping down behind him.
If the Commissioners bring peace it is the happiest thing that can be ; but if they come without it, look for great matters to ensue presently upon it ; for the charge is so great that the King is at, both in Spain and here, in the Low Countries, that is cannot continue long, if he had five times the treasure he hath ... I protest before God, and as my soul shall answer for it, that I think there were never in any place in the world worthier ships than these are, for so many.
The Russian guests had come to visit the Low Walker yard and have a quick tour of the river.
During the centuries following the Middle Ages, Low German had come to dominate in Southern Schleswig, which had originally been predominantly Danish-speaking.
That rival had arisen in the south, and had come to perfection concurrently with the miniature of the Low Countries in the 15th century.
More have come from German populations in Eastern Europe and Russia with significant number of Germans coming from Switzerland and the Low Countries ; some have also come from Austria.
* Boot Camp Clik-several members come from the Seth Low & Brownsville Houses such as rapper Sean Price
Once the District Low Pressure Switch falls, and the booster fans come on, the gas in these holders can be at homes, being used, in a very short space of time.
Norman Lindsay and David Low produced some of the most powerful images of the war with their posters in support of the yes vote come November.
However, the mistranslation of Olland as Altes Land has now come full circle, since most Low Saxon speakers today refer to the region as dat Ole Land ( literally the old land ).
However, the character claims to come from Guelders, which was not in Austria but rather in the Low Countries ( now in the Dutch province Gelderland ).
" Sprayed On "," Sprayed In "," Spray On ", " Spray In " ( these terms are used interchangeably in the industry ) come in two classes of material and two main types of application processes: aromatic and aliphatic compounds applied through a Low pressure ( not heated ) or high pressure ( heated ) process.
* Stationary stance versions of the posture " Snake Creeps Low ", in which the practitioner may come to a full standing position in between left and right sides of the posture.

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