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Made and by
One of the cookbooks that proliferated in the colonies was The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy written by Hannah Glasse, wrote of disdain for the French style of cookery, stating “ the blind folly of this age that would rather be imposed on by a French booby, than give encouragement to a good English cook !” Of the French recipes, she does add to the text she speaks out flagrantly against the dishes as she “… think it an odd jumble of trash .” Reinforcing the anti-French sentiment was the French and Indian War from 1754-1764.
* Calculus Made Easy ( 1914 ) by Silvanus P. Thompson Full text in PDF
Made by Frédéric Siber in Morges, early 19th century.
* DSM-IV Made Easy Summary of diagnostic criteria by James Morrison
The technique of single frame animation was further developed in 1907 by Edwin S. Porter in The Teddy Bears and by J. Stuart Blackton with Work Made Easy.
Made by AP Films with Director-Gerry Anderson, Director of Photography by Arthur Provis, Art director by Reg Hill, Special Effects by John Read.
Goren's books have sold millions of copies ( especially Winning Bridge Made Easy and Contract Bridge Complete ); by 1958 his daily bridge column was appearing in 194 American newspapers.
Image of the Saviour Acheiropoieta | Not Made by Hand: a traditional Orthodox iconography in the interpretation of Simon Ushakov ( 1658 ).
Thus accounts such as that of the miraculous " Image Not Made by Hands ", and the weeping and moving " Mother of God of the Sign " of Novgorod are accepted as fact: " Church Tradition tells us, for example, of the existence of an Icon of the Savior during His lifetime ( the " Icon-Made-Without-Hands ") and of Icons of the Most-Holy Theotokos immediately after Him.
Made possible by a grant from MOMA that had originally been intended to help restore the Hannover original, one wall of this last structure is now in the Hatton Gallery in Newcastle ; the shell of the barn remains in Elterwater, near Ambleside.
Made famous by the Swiss Army Knife.
Bolstered by an image overhaul — including bleached-blonde hair, frosted lips, heavy eye make-up and Carnaby Street fashions — Sinatra made her mark on the American ( and British ) music scene in early 1966 with " These Boots Are Made for Walkin '", its title inspired by a line in Robert Aldrich's 1963 western comedy 4 for Texas starring her father and Dean Martin.
Sword of Goujian | The Bronze sword of King Goujian of Yue ( reigned 496 BCE-465 BCE ), with bird script ; detail — part of inscription: " 越王自作 " Yuè Wáng zì zuò,Made by the King of Yuè ”.
* More Than Words: Contemporary Writers on the Works That Shaped Them ( 2002 ) ( previously published as Reality and the Vision ( 1990 ) and The Classics We've Read, The Difference They've Made ( 1993 ))-Compiled by Philip Yancey, edited by James C. Schaap
* About Town: The New Yorker and the World It Made by Ben Yagoda ( 2000 )
Made from 1942 to 1945, the seven films range from 40 to 76 minutes in length, and all are available on DVD or online at no cost, since they have always been public domain films produced by the U. S. government.
" Made of Stone " received more press attention and was picked up for airplay by DJ Richard Skinner on his late night Radio One show, but peaked at number ninety on the UK Singles Chart.
Similar instructions were published in 1747 in The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Simple by Hannah Glasse under the title of ' Yorkshire pudding '.

Made and Edison
* Edison: The Man Who Made The Future ( 1977 ) ISBN 0-399-11952-3.

Made and Studios
Ending credits of the movie state: " Made entirely on location in Malta and recorded at EMI Studios, Borehamwood by Columbia Pictures Corporation Limited 19 / 23 Wells Street, London, W1 England.
In 1985, DC Comics named Fleischer Studios as one of the honorees in the company's 50th anniversary publication Fifty Who Made DC Great for its work on the Superman cartoons.
In 1985, DC Comics named Fleischer Studios as one of the honorees in the company's 50th anniversary publication Fifty Who Made DC Great for its work on the Superman cartoons.
Made by Keystone Studios and directed by Henry Lehrman, in it Chaplin plays a spectator at a ' baby-cart race ' in California.
In 1953, the film was reissued in the USA by Realart Pictures Inc., on a double bill with Atomic Monster, the retitled-reissue of Man Made Monster, originally released by Universal Studios in 1941.

Made and action
In 2006, EMCE Toys brand ( pronounced " MC ") was founded by Paul " Dr. Mego " Clarke and Joe Sena to bring back Mego toys with the blessing of Marty Abrams, former CEO of Mego Corp. Made in China, the new Star Trek figures have the high quality of the Dr. Mego parts, matching the original action figures.
Beginning with the episode " The Man Who Made Volcanoes ", the opening title sequence was changed again to an instrumental and more traditional " action scenes " opening.
Briggs ' draft is often cited as an example of strong action writing in a number of screenwriting books, including Chris Gore's book " The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made ".
From Beijing With Love (; pinyin: Guóchǎn Líng Líng Qī ; " Made in China Produced 007 ", " 007 "; 凌凌漆are a homophone for the numbers 0-0-7 in Chinese ) is a 1994 Hong Kong action and comedy film directed by Lee Lik-Chi and Stephen Chow.

Made and serial
Despite being retired, Gordon often finds himself drawn to a series of life-and-death circumstances, such as the Joker sending him flowers during Last Laugh, or being contacted by the temporarily-reformed Harvey Dent to stop Batman from killing the Joker, to being kidnapped by Francis Sullivan, grandson of one of Gotham's notorious serial killers, during the Made of Wood storyline.
Made in India Squier IIs seem to follow the made in USA serial numbering scheme.

Made and consisted
The first was the soundtrack to Don Was's documentary I Just Wasn't Made for These Times, which consisted of new versions of several Beach Boys and solo songs.
I Made Mangku Pastika now says bomb consisted of 100 kilos TNT, PETN detonator and RDX booster.
It consisted of the tracks " Makin ' Coffee ," " Vending Machines ," " There Are Cups ," " That's How the Change Is Made ," " The Wonderful Tree in the Forest " and " Scott Cups.
Made of stone, the traps consisted of a large outer wall that connects two points of land on the lake.
Made by Nestlé and sold under their Willy Wonka Candy Company brand, Wonka Bars sold in the United States until January 2010 consisted of small, graham cracker pieces dipped in milk chocolate.

Made and twelve
Challis published twelve volumes of Astronomical Observations Made at the Observatory of Cambridge.
In 1948, he published The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It, incisive interpretive studies of twelve major American political leaders from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.
"), and the desperate conditions of the foreign workers who make the goods (" All the furniture, it says “ Made in Brazil ”'/ Where a woman, she slaved for sure '/ Bringin ’ home thirty cents a day to a family of twelve '/ You know, that ’ s a lot of money to her.
Made from cow's milk, it has a fat content of 25 – 30 % ( 50 – 60 % in dry matter ) and is aged for eight to twelve weeks.

Made and episodes
", set in or around episodes of Buffy in Seasons Two and Four ; " Who Made Who " is set during the Buffy episode " Lovers Walk " and depicts the disintegration of his relationship with Drusilla when they were together in Brazil.
26 episodes of a Lenore Animation were created for Sony's website ScreenBlast, these are no longer available on Screenblast, but can now be seen on Dirge's site Spooky Land Roman Dirge wrote for his friend, and fellow Slave Labor Graphics artist Jhonen Vasquez's Invader ZIM, and on the back of the second Invader ZIM DVD it says " Made with 100 % more Dirge " with a picture of him on it, Invader Zim style.
Made for Channel 4 to be shown on a Friday, 6 episodes were made and broadcast from November to December 2004.
Made just prior to the introduction of early videotape machines into general use at the BBC, all six episodes of Quatermass and the Pit were preserved for a possible repeat by being telerecorded onto 35 mm film.
Of the three episodes in which she did not appear, Rand's character was not written into two (" Mudd's Women " and " What Are Little Girls Made Of ?").
He has also directed for television, including episodes of Queer as Folk, Made in Canada and Paradise Falls.
*, by Home Made Kazoku ( episodes 14 – 26 )

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