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Many and interior
Many architects elect to move into real estate ( property ) development, corporate facilities planning, project management, construction management, interior design or other related fields.
Many of the hollow agates of southwestern Brazil and Uruguay contain a crop of amethyst crystals in the interior.
Many plant cells have walls that are strong enough to withstand the osmotic pressure from the difference in solute concentration between the cell interior and distilled water.
Many modern doors, including most interior doors, are flush doors:
Many stayed, as did most of the Indian traders and small businessmen who saw opportunity in the opening up of the interior of Kenya.
Many stations also feature unique interior designs to help passenger identification.
Many non-competition subwoofers are also capable of generating high levels in cars due to the small volume of a typical car interior.
Many of the Dowager Empress's advisers insisted that the war be carried on, arguing that China could have defeated the foreigners since it was disloyal and traitorous people within China who allowed Beijing and Tianjin to be captured by the Allies, and the interior of China was impenetrable.
Many of his paintings are collaborations in which figures by other painters were placed in landscapes painted by Jan Brueghel ; in other cases, Brueghel painted the figures into another artist's landscape or architectural interior.
* Many interior scenes of the Wayne Manor in the 1989 film Batman and the 1992 sequel Batman Returns were shot at Hatfield House.
Many interior shots of the 1999 film The Insider were shot at Manual.
Many of the " special edition " interior trim items were carry-overs from the 1970s " Club " models.
Many ( if not most ) of the interior, chassis, suspension, and drivetrain components were derived from those used on Ford's Falcon and Fairlane.
Many of these buildings featured interesting interior and exterior architectural embellishments of the times.
Many churches were destroyed or severely damaged, including St. Michael's Catholic Church ( see photo at right ), which was gutted by the storm surge, breaking the entry doors and stained-glass windows along the first floor ; however, the interior was later removed, and the structure was still solid enough to allow repairing the church.
Many keeps made compromises to purely military utility: Norwich Castle included elaborate blind arcading on the outside of the building, in a Roman style, and appears to had a ceremonial entrance route ; The interior of the keep at Hedingham could have hosted impressive ceremonies and events, but contained numerous flaws from a military perspective.
Many domes, particularly those from the Renaissance and Baroque periods of architecture, are crowned by a lantern or cupola, a Medieval innovation which not only serves to admit light and vent air, but gives an extra dimension to the decorated interior of the dome.
Many species breed in costal colonies, with a preference for islands, and one species, the Grey Gull, breeds in the interior of dry deserts far from water.
Many towns were founded in that time and the population began moving from the interior of the island to its coast: to Bol, Milna, Postira, Povlja, Pučišća, Splitska, Sumartin, Supetar i Sutivan.
The overall look was influenced by television images, particularly commercials: Many shots have characters leaning into the lens with their eyeballs wide open, and the interior scenes are heavily lit, because Weir wanted to remind viewers that " in this world, everything was for sale.
Many of those were polychoral and employing large instrumental forces, inspired by the possibilities of the spacious interior of the Salzburg Cathedral.
Many non-prefab restaurants ( including franchises like Denny's ) have copied the look of 1950s diners for nostalgic appeal, while Waffle House uses an interior layout derived from the diner.
Many interior and comfort / convenience options were gone, such as power windows / seats, leather seat covering being the most noticeable.
Many modders found that altering the interior of Xbox 360s was difficult due to absence of a power cable ( normally in a PC, this cord attaches the hard disk drive to its motherboard ).
Many of the interior and exterior features are in need of restoration.

Many and sets
Many of his sets, especially in street scenes, bear a strong similarity to Kennington, where he grew up.
Many different domino sets have been used for centuries in various parts of world to play a variety of domino games.
Many possible properties of sets are trivially true for the empty set.
Many of the Articles in Section I are structured in two paragraphs: the first sets out a basic right or freedom ( such as Article 2 ( 1 )the right to life ) but the second contains various exclusions, exceptions or limitations on the basic right ( such as Article 2 ( 2 ) – which excepts certain uses of force leading to death ).
Many specialized FBI functions are located at facilities in Quantico, Virginia, as well as a " data campus " in Clarksburg, West Virginia, where 96 million sets of fingerprints " from across the United States are stored, along with others collected by American authorities from prisoners in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Many arguments involving finite sets rely on the pigeonhole principle, which states that there cannot exist an injective function from a larger finite set to a smaller finite set.
Many completionists are also referred to as date sets, and can be stored in a number of coin holders.
Many of the technical developments used to compute the Hausdorff dimension for highly irregular sets were obtained by Abram Samoilovitch Besicovitch.
Many discussions of " classes " in the 19th century and earlier are really referring to sets, or perhaps to a more ambiguous concept.
Many of these definitions are not equivalent, resulting in different sets of objects being called polytopes.
Many order theoretical definitions for partially ordered sets can be generalized to preorders, but the extra effort of generalization is rarely needed.
Many penpallers like to trade sheets of stickers, notecards and stationery sets.
Many residents have three or four aerials — one has six — with wires leading down to receiving sets of all descriptions, in the homes of the foreign-born residents.
Many other categories ( such as the category of groups, with group homomorphisms as arrows ) add structure to the objects of the category of sets and / or restrict the arrows to functions of a particular kind.
Many early radio sets had a third battery called the " C battery " ( unrelated to the present-day C cell ) whose positive terminal was connected to the cathode of the tubes ( or " ground " in most circuits ) and whose negative terminal supplied this bias voltage to the grids of the tubes.
Many UPS manufacturers claim to have the highest level of efficiency, often using different sets of criteria in order to reach these figures.
Many important categories in mathematics ( such as the category of sets ), although not small, are at least locally small.
Many of these unusual and exquisite tangram sets made their way to Denmark.
Many British sport divers used home-made constant-flow breathing sets and ex-armed forces or ex-industrial rebreathers.
Many other versions have been produced and used sets can still be found on internet auction and specialty sites.
Many players use several Scrabble or Upwords sets together.
Many prisoners at Norman Cross made artefacts such as toys, model ships and dominoes sets from carved wood or animal bone, and straw marquetry.
Many owners let their properties for use as film and television sets as a means of gaining extra income, thus many of them are familiar sights to people who have never visited them in person.
Many undergraduate rooms comprise ' sets ' of bedrooms and living areas.
Many cells also possess a calcium ATPase, which can operate at lower intracellular concentrations of calcium and sets the normal or resting concentration of this important second messenger.

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