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Many and kings
Many years have passed since the Capetian monarchs ruled a large part of Europe ; however, they still remain as kings, as well as other titles.
Many of the king's vassals ( who included for a long time the kings of England ) ruled over territories far greater than his own.
Many of the city's finest buildings belong to this period and were built under the first three Bavarian kings.
Many kings came to the throne at a young age and died in the prime of life, weakening royal power further.
Many decades of Hungarian raiding had highlighted the inability of the later Carolingian kings of Germany to demonstrate that they were kings in more than name.
Many people know Reims for its cathedral, Notre-Dame de Reims, formerly the place of coronation of the kings of France.
Many governors of settlements and kings of nations were hoping to be the first to find the Northwest Passage, a shortcut through the New World to the Indies of southeast Asia.
Many kings and rulers used this radical shift in the understanding of the world to further consolidate their sovereignty over their territories.
Many of today's historians, however, view it as an innovative way to open up new state revenue sources, as other Western European kings did.
Many kings only ruled over parts of the present territory of Sweden ( See further Semi-legendary kings of Sweden ), and so their validity as kings of Sweden may be questioned.
Many of these laws concern only special classes of people — such as kings or Kohanim ( the priesthood ), Levites, or Nazarites -- or are conditioned by local or temporary circumstances of the Jewish nation, as, for instance, the agricultural, sacrificial, and Levitical laws.
Many men in both Sweden and Norway tried to reconcile the kings.
Many kings did both.
Many scholars assume that the flamines existed at least from the time of the early Roman kings, before the establishment of the Republic.
Many military chiefs of the Maratha Empire like Shinde, Holkar, Gaikwad, Pant Pratinidhi, Bhosale of Nagpur, Pandit of Bhor, Patwardhan, and Newalkar started to work towards their ambition of becoming kings in their respective regions.
Many common sizes are named for Biblical kings and other historical figures.
" Many of the kings and chieftains in the islands of the Southern Sea admire and believe in Buddhism, and their hearts are set on accumulating good actions.
Many of the bracteates feature ruler portraits of Germanic kings with characteristic hair that is plaited back and depictions of figures from Germanic mythology influenced to varying extents by Roman coinage while others feature entirely new motifs.
Many English kings gave the order generous charters, and yet it always had financial problems.
Many kings of local city-states are shown to have had Hittite and Luwian names in the Late Bronze to Early Iron Age transition period.

Many and ancient
Many of us may even be secretly relieved at having a plausible excuse to delegate ancient civic responsibilities to a new bureaucracy of experts.
Many ancient civilizations alloyed metals for purely aesthetic purposes.
Many ancient historians accuse Agrippina of poisoning Emperor Claudius, though accounts vary.
Many ancient cultures, including the ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks, used specially selected mold and plant materials and extracts to treat infections.
Many city-states in ancient Greece limited debt slavery to a period of five years and debt slaves had protection of life and limb, which regular slaves did not enjoy.
Many changes that were subsequent with ancient historians, despite following in his footsteps, criticised Herodotus, starting with Thucydides.
Many believe that al-kīmīā is derived from χημία, which is in turn derived from the word Chemi or Kimi, which is the ancient name of Egypt in Egyptian.
Many thinkers point to the concept of citizenship beginning in the early city-states of ancient Greece, although others see it as primarily a modern phenomenon dating back only a few hundred years.
Many of the ancient Persian columns are standing, some being more than 30 metres tall.
Many ancient cultures used adorned daggers in ritual and ceremonial purposes, a trend which continues to the present time in the form of art knives.
Many of the insect endosymbionts have been shown to have ancient associations with their hosts, involving strictly vertical inheritance.
Many heraldic shields derive from ancient house marks.
Many ancient critics also rejected Theogony ( e. g. Pausanias 9. 31. 3 ) but that seems rather perverse since Hesiod mentions himself by name in that poem ( line 22 ).
Many ancient civilizations were influenced by the Silk Road, which connected China, India, the Middle East and Europe.
Many other ancient societies have references to this phenomenon, but it was not until the 19th and 20th centuries before the concept developed into scientific theory.
Many ancient cultures around the world have independently discovered and formulated inks for the purposes of writing and drawing.
Many sectors were left in ruins and ancient monuments became fields of grass used as pastures for animals, thus the Roman Forum became the campo vaccinio: the field of cows.
Many of these writers used Pausanias as their guide to the geography and sights of the region, but were also concerned to correlate modern Greek place-names with ancient evidence.
Many ancient murals have survived in Egyptian tombs ( around 3150 BC ), the Minoan palaces ( Middle period III of the Neopalatial period, 1700-1600 BC ) and in Pompeii ( around 100 BC-AD 79 ).
Many Buddhist philosophical works lost in Tibet and elsewhere are preserved in older and purer form in Mongolian ancient texts ( e. g. the Mongolian Kanjur ).
Many contemporary and technologically advanced movies often rely on ancient myths to construct narratives.
Many applications, practices, and devices associated or involved in metallurgy were established in ancient China, such as the innovation of the blast furnace, cast iron, hydraulic-powered trip hammers, and double acting piston bellows.

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