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from Brown Corpus
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Many and years
Many years later I went to see S.K. in England, where he was living at Whiteleaf, near Aylesbury, and he showed me beside his cottage there the remains of the road on which Boadicea is supposed to have travelled.
Many of the latter were destroyed in their turn, during the burning of the vast Ch'in palace some ten years later ; ;
Many years have passed since a Metropolitan audience heard anything comparable.
Many years later, the photon-counting apparatus in the nose of the ship would determine that the star was close enough to actuate deceleration.
Many private high schools include years 11 and 12 and are referred to as colleges.
Many years later, the UCL academic staff common room was dedicated to his memory as the Housman Room.
Many years later, Bob Heironimus, an acquaintance of Patterson's, said that he had worn an ape costume for the making of the film.
Many city-states in ancient Greece limited debt slavery to a period of five years and debt slaves had protection of life and limb, which regular slaves did not enjoy.
Many characterizations of the Bernoulli numbers have been found in the last 300 years, and each could be used to introduce these numbers.
Many Boers had German ancestry and many members of the government were themselves former Boer military leaders who had fought with the Maritz rebels against the British in the Second Boer War, which had ended only twelve years earlier.
Many of the Celtic languages have experienced resurgences in modern years, spurred on partly by the action of artists and musicians who have embraced them as hallmarks of identity and distinctness.
Many cultures use different baselines for their calendars ' starting years.
Many interpreters calculate the length of the tribulation at seven years.
Many years have passed since the Capetian monarchs ruled a large part of Europe ; however, they still remain as kings, as well as other titles.
Many thinkers point to the concept of citizenship beginning in the early city-states of ancient Greece, although others see it as primarily a modern phenomenon dating back only a few hundred years.
Many years later in a letter to Davis ( ca 1965 ), Gödel would confess that " he was, at the time of these lectures, not at all convinced that his concept of recursion comprised all possible recursions ".
Many of these spent years in open or subversive rebellion.
Many of his underlords had been in constant or desultory revolt for years.
Many Earth plants and animals undergo major biochemical changes during their life cycles as a response to changing environmental conditions, for example, by having a spore or hibernation state that can be sustained for years or even millennia between more active life stages.
Many cruisers are " long term " and travel for many years, the most adventurous among them circle the globe over a period of three to ten years.
Many years later, teenaged Angel falls in love with Rose Rose, the daughter of the head migrant worker at the apple orchard.

Many and later
There is one other point we should never lose sight of: Many veterans who enter VA hospitals as non-service cases later qualify as service-connected.
Many of them paid for their curiosity with their lives, for some minutes later the first giant wave roared over the shore.
Many fragments were supplied in quotes by Athenaeus, principally on the subject of wine-drinking, but fr. 333, " wine, window into a man ", was quoted much later by the Byzantine grammarian, John Tzetzes.
Many writers report that a peace treaty, known as the Peace of Callias, was formalized in 450 BC, but some writers believe that the treaty was a myth created later to inflate the stature of Athens.
Many of the relevant documents in the National Archives were later declassified and published.
Many later CPU designs use similar mixed bit width, especially when the processor is meant for general-purpose usage where a reasonable balance of integer and floating point capability is required.
Many later languages have borrowed directly or indirectly from C, including: C #, D, Go, Java, JavaScript, Limbo, LPC, Perl, PHP, Python, and Unix's C Shell.
Many Conservative Jews reject the traditional Jewish idea that God literally dictated the words of the Torah to Moses at Mount Sinai in a verbal revelation, but they hold the traditional Jewish belief that God inspired the later prophets to write the rest of the Tanakh.
Many Conservative Jews believe that Moses was inspired by God in the same manner as the later prophets.
Many groups sprang up independently of CND, some affiliating later.
Many other places are listed as a location where Arthur holds court in the later romances, Carlisle and London perhaps being the most prominent.
Many original television theme songs of the era also showed a strong disco influence, such as " Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow " ( theme from Baretta, performed by Sammy Davis, Jr. and later a hit single for Rhythm Heritage ), Theme from " S. W. A. T.
Many kinds of such spirits ( Vetalas, Pishachas, Bhūta ) are recognized in the later Hindu texts.
Many of the proponents of Darwinism at that time, including Huxley, had reservations about the significance of natural selection, and Darwin himself gave credence to what was later called Lamarckism.
Many years later these alpha versions were sanctioned by id Software because of historical interest ; they reveal how the game progressed from its early design stages.
Many years later, Captain Collyer, a Royal Navy officer assigned to smash the local smuggling ring, uncovered the deception and Dr. Syn's true identity, thanks in part to the tongueless mulatto ( who had been rescued by Collyer years before and who had been serving Collyer as a " ferret " seeking out hidden contraband ) who recognized Syn as Clegg.
Many of the successful programs were transitioned to the Services, such as the foundation technologies in automatic target recognition, space based sensing, propulsion, and materials that were transferred to the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization ( SDIO ), later known as the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization ( BMDO ), now titled the Missile Defense Agency ( MDA ).

Many and on
Many industry trade associations are developing campaigns to protect or enhance the share of the consumer's dollar being spent on their particular products.
Many food and beverage companies are already on a highly planned basis.
Many companies have systems, particularly in R & D, which work more or less well, depending upon size and actual belief in the policy on the part of administration, as will be abundantly apparent in subsequent quotations.
Many of the men on our campus have a pretty set curriculum, especially in the various engineering fields, with few electives till the senior year.
Many studies have observed the effects of volunteerism ( as a form of altruism ) on happiness and health and have consistently found a strong connection between volunteerism and current and future health and well-being.
Many of the non-alphanumeric characters were positioned to correspond to their shifted position on typewriters.
Many caecilians and some other amphibians lay their eggs on land, and the newly hatched larvae wriggle or are transported to water bodies.
Many woodland salamanders lay clutches of eggs under dead logs or stones on land.
Many statisticians base ANOVA on the design of the experiment, especially on the protocol that specifies the random assignment of treatments to subjects ; the protocol's description of the assignment mechanism should include a specification of the structure of the treatments and of any blocking.
Many of the Aegean Islands, or chains of islands, are actually extensions of the mountains on the mainland.
Many of the islands are volcanic, and marble and iron are mined on other islands.
Many chemical properties of astatine have been determined using tracer studies on extremely dilute astatine solutions.
Many of the settings for Agatha Christie ’ s books were directly inspired by the many archaeological field seasons spent in the Middle East on the sites managed by her second husband Max Mallowan.
Many contemporary Pueblo peoples object to the use of the term Anasazi, although there is still controversy among them on a native alternative.
Many architects and architectural firms focus on certain project types ( for example, health care, retail, public housing, event management ), technological expertise or project delivery methods.
Many Wiccans see The Summerland as a place to reflect on their life actions.
Many contemporary definitions of " artist " and " art " are highly contingent on culture, resisting aesthetic prescription, in much the same way that the features constituting beauty and the beautiful, cannot be standardized easily without corruption into kitsch.
Many methods rely on cycloaddition reactions.
Many modern moorings still rely on a large rock as the primary element of their design.
Many are attracted by the glitzy hotels on the south side and Acapulco ’ s famous nightlife.
Many of these new companies could not meet such requirements to be listed on the Board.
Many such children live in Sambutsu especially, on the eastern coast.

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