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Marlborough and realised
Both the Imperial Austrian Ambassador in London, Count Wratislaw, and the Duke of Marlborough realised the implications of the situation on the Danube.
If the Allies were not to be outnumbered on the Danube, Eugene realised he must either try to cut Tallard off before he could get there, or, he must hasten to reinforce Marlborough.

Marlborough and great
However, Marlborough was convinced of the urgency – " I am very sensible that I take a great deal upon me ", he had earlier written to Godolphin, " but should I act otherwise, the Empire would be undone ..."
The Whigs vigorously supported the War of the Spanish Succession and became even more influential after the Duke of Marlborough won a great victory at the Battle of Blenheim in 1704.
The French and the Tories in England dismissed arguments that only Dutch obstructionism had robbed Marlborough of a great victory in 1705, confirmed in their belief that Blenheim had been a lucky strike and that Marlborough was a general not to be feared.
Nevertheless, major setbacks in Spain at Almanza and along the Rhine in Southern Germany, had caused Marlborough great anxiety and made the Dutch even less cooperative, vetoing the Duke's plans for any major action in the Low Countries.
In the decade he held command, 1702 – 11, Marlborough fought five great battles and besieged and captured over thirty enemy fortresses.
Marlborough was welcomed and fêted by the people and courts of Europe, where he was not only respected as a great general but also as a prince of the Holy Roman Empire.
Marlborough was more likely to manoeuvre than his opponents, and was better at maintaining operational tempo at critical times, yet the Duke qualifies more as a great practitioner within the constraints of early 18th century warfare, rather than as a great innovator who radically redefined military theory.
She had befriended the young Princess Anne and later, when the princess became Queen, the Duchess of Marlborough, as her majesty's Mistress of the Robes, exerted great influence over the Queen on both personal and political levels.
However, the ducal family still entertain in the state rooms, and dine on special occasions in the saloon, around the great silver centrepiece depicting the 1st Duke of Marlborough on horseback — the same piece that Consuelo Vanderbilt liked to call her cache mari because it conveniently hid her detested husband, across the table, from view.
For the last of his four great battlefield victories, Marlborough received no personal letter of thanks from Queen Anne.
The first production of Addison's Cato was made by the Whigs the occasion of a great demonstration of indignation against the peace, and by Bolingbroke for presenting the actor Barton Booth with a purse of fifty guineas for " defending the cause of liberty against a perpetual dictator " ( Marlborough ).
Luckily, as opposed to more than a few contemporary heiresses in search of her particular prince charming, Consuelo Vanderbilt was a great beauty, with a face compelling enough to cause the playwright Sir James Barrie, author of Peter Pan, to write, " I would stand all day in the street to see Consuelo Marlborough get into her carriage.
The Imperial eggs enjoyed great fame, and Fabergé made some other large eggs for a few select private clients, such as the Duchess of Marlborough, the Nobels, the Rothschilds and the Yusupovs.
The greater part of the art treasures and curios were sold off in 1886, and the great library collected by Charles Spencer, Earl of Sunderland, the son-in-law of the first Duke of Marlborough, in 1881.
In 1705 Prince Eugene of Savoy requested Stepney's withdrawal on the grounds of his alleged favouritism towards the Hungarian insurgents, but the demand was taken back at the request of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, who had great confidence in Stepney.
* Son of Emperor Leopold I. Allied with the British during the War of the Spanish Succession where his great general Eugene of Savoy worked with the Duke of Marlborough to prevent the throne of Spain going to the French.
Marlborough in particular made great use of the services of Sir Solomon de Medina, and indeed was publicly charged with taking an annual subvention from him.
21 preach ’ d ... Aug. 19, 1708, being the thanksgiving day for the late great victory obtain ’ d ... near Audenarde, by her Majesties forces, ... under the command of the duke of Marlborough.
Sandridge was one of the earlier homes of the great English general, John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, and his infamous wife, Sarah, a favourite of Queen Anne.
He was ambassador in Paris ( 1715 – 1720 ), and, besides seeing service under Marlborough, was commander-in-chief of the British forces on the Continent in 1742, showing great gallantry at Dettingen.
On several occasions he appeared, with great success, at St. George's and St James's Halls, and not infrequently he gave story-tellings before the young princes and princesses at Marlborough House and at well-known social gatherings.
" Anne's reign saw two wars and great triumphs by John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough.

Marlborough and opportunity
Moreover, this disposition – concave in relation to the Allied army – gave Marlborough the opportunity to form a more compact line, drawn up in a shorter front between the ‘ horns ’ of the French crescent ; when the Allied blow came it would be more concentrated and carry more weight.
The services of both were so appreciated by the nation that they were able for a time to regard the loss of the queen ’ s favour with indifference, and even in 1708 to procure the expulsion of Harley from office ; but after the Tory reaction which followed the impeachment of Henry Sacheverell, who abused Godolphin under the name of Volpone, the queen made use of the opportunity to get rid of Marlborough by abruptly dismissing Godolphin from office on 7 August 1710.

Marlborough and created
The dukedom was created in 1702 by Queen Anne ; John Churchill, whose wife was a favourite of the queen, had earlier been made Lord Churchill of Eyemouth in the Scottish peerage ( 1682 ), which became extinct with his death, and Earl of Marlborough ( 1689 ) by King William III.
The Duke of Marlborough holds certain subsidiary titles: Marquess of Blandford ( created 1702 ), Earl of Sunderland ( 1643 ), Earl of Marlborough ( 1689 ), Baron Spencer, of Wormleighton ( 1603 ), and Baron Churchill, of Sandridge ( 1685 ) ( all are in the English peerage ).
The title of Earl of Marlborough, which was created for Churchill in 1689, had been created one time previously in British history, for James Ley, in 1626.
* December 14 – John Churchill is created duke of Marlborough.
Marlborough also received numerous honours from the Queen ; he was created a Knight of the Garter and was elevated to the rank of duke.
As part of William and Mary's coronation honours, Churchill was created Earl of Marlborough on 9 April 1689 ( O. S.
As part of William III's coronation honours Churchill was created Earl of Marlborough, sworn to the Privy Council, and made a Gentleman of the King's Bedchamber.
The Marlborough Sounds are an extensive network of sea-drowned valleys created by a combination of land subsidence and rising sea levels at the north of the South Island of New Zealand.
Rego was signed by the London based gallery Marlborough Fine Art in 1987, and has shown there on numerous occasions, including a series of works based on Peter Pan in 1992, the celebrated ' Dog Woman ' series in 1994, and ' Oratorio ', a triptych format altarpiece, in 2010 created for the exhibition ' Mat Collishaw, Tracey Emin & Paula Rego at the Foundling Museum ', held at the Foundling Museum, London.
Earl Spencer is a title in the Peerage of Great Britain that, was created on 1 November 1765, along with the title Viscount Althorp, of Althorp in the County of Northamptonshire, for John Spencer, 1st Viscount Spencer, a great-grandson of the 1st Duke of Marlborough.
The title of Baron Churchill, of Whichwood in the County of Oxford, was created in the Peerage of the United Kingdom in 1815 for his grandfather Lord Francis Spencer, younger son of George Spencer, 4th Duke of Marlborough ( see Duke of Marlborough ( title ) for earlier history of the family ).
Earl of Marlborough is a title that has been created twice, both times in the Peerage of England.
The second creation came on 9 April 1689, when John Churchill, 1st Baron Churchill, was created Earl of Marlborough, in the County of Wiltshire, for his role in the Glorious Revolution.
He was subsequently created Duke of Marlborough, and the earldom has since descended with the dukedom.
King George II revived the order when he created sixteen knights bannerets on the field of the Battle of Dettingen in 1743: the Dukes of Cumberland and Marlborough ; the Earls of Stair, Dunmore, Crawford, Rothes and Albemarle ; and Generals Honywood, Hawley, Cope, Ligonier, Campbell, Bland, Onslow, Pulteney and Huske.
For David Manning White's Marlborough House, Evans created the cover illustration for The Black Swallow of Death: The Incredible Story of Eugene Jacques Bullard, The World's First Black Combat Aviator by P. J.
The township was created in 1974 after the amalgamation of two other townships: Marlborough, and North Gower.
The garden is in a location that was originally the home paddock of " The Wilderness ", a former Victorian house built within the landscape garden created between 1798 and 1819 by George, Marquis of Blandford, later the 5th Duke of Marlborough.
On 31 December 1624, James I created him Baron Ley, of Ley in the County of Devon, and on 5 February 1626, Charles I created him Earl of Marlborough.
He was created Baron Ley, and then in 1626 Earl of Marlborough.

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