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Most and businessmen
Most of the foreign civilians, which included a large number of missionaries and businessmen, took refuge in the British legation, the largest of the diplomatic compounds.
Most Marxist discussions focus on the rate of surplus value, but for businessmen, the growth of the mass of surplus-value, or the gross profit volume produced ( denoted here as P ) is just as important, or even more important.
Most of them were educated, such as politicians, government officials, scholars, educators, doctors, judicial officials, journalists, businessmen, etc.
Most leftist politicians and several media organs accused Tamayo and Sáez of being bribed into breaking party discipline by prominent members of the PP, following accusations that the hotel rooms they were hiding in had been paid for by businessmen from the construction industry with links to the PP.
Most of the films are produced by independent companies and businessmen.
The resulting public outcry caused by Most FM going off air led to the formation of the Taranaki FM Trust, a consortium of local businessmen and well-wishers who vowed to get the station back on air.
Most often he played lovable father figures, stern businessmen, heavies, ship captains or authority figures of some sort.
Most of those supporting the American Legion ’ s version were war veterans and local businessmen sympathetic to the Legion.
Most work in normal, secular jobs ( bankers, professors, doctors, lawyers, accountants, businessmen ).
Most of them were under contract to Chinese and foreign businessmen.
Most of the people living there are farmers and businessmen.
Most customers in Zona Rosa ’ s businesses are visitors from other parts of the city, foreign tourists, and businessmen who come from nearby office buildings concentrated on or near Paseo de la Reforma.
Most of the large-scale gem businessmen of Sri Lanka operate from Ratnapura.

Most and could
Most of my stories were obtained by simply seeking out the person who could give me the facts, and not as a rule by playing clever tricks.
Most of the Rebels got away since they could make better time through the stiff brush than their naked pursuers.
Most mail these days consists of nothing that could truly be called a letter.
Most of them could be eliminated ; ;
Most of the political battles in the 1850s focused on the expansion of slavery, since most assumed that if slavery could not expand, it would wither and die.
Most of the annual magistracies at Athens could only be held once in a lifetime.
Most of the loyal governors of the cities were in a tottering position, such as the one of Évora, who could not prevent the attack of the king of Galicia ( future king of León ), Ordoño II, who captured the city in the summer of 913, taking back a sizable booty and 4, 000 prisoners.
Most games came with mylar overlays which could be applied to the controllers.
Most biographers blame Lerner's professional decline on the lack of a strong director with whom Lerner could collaborate, as Neil Simon did with Mike Nichols or Stephen Sondheim with Harold Prince ( Moss Hart, who had directed My Fair Lady, died shortly after Camelot opened ).
Most other US Navy and allied navy destroyers, destroyer escorts, frigates, and several different classes of cruisers only carried the one ASROC ' matchbox ' MK 112 launcher with eight ASROC missiles ( although later in service, some of those missiles could be replaced by the Harpoon anti-ship missile ).
They go on to add, " Most contemporaries seem in fact to have held him in high esteem, and he certainly inspired loyalty in a way his brother could not ".
Most scholars believe that Cyril was born and brought up in Caesarea of Palestine but some say he may have been born in Jerusalem because of his early knowledge of the city's layout, but this could have been attributed to research or information he learned after moving there to become bishop.
Most Gulag inmates were not political prisoners, although significant numbers of political prisoners could be found in the camps at any one time.
Most possibilities led to a contradiction, and the few remaining could be tested by hand.
Although the Chinese and Indian communities could maintain their own Chinese and Tamil-language primary schools, all their students were required to learn Malay, and to study an agreed “ Malayan curriculum .” Most importantly, the entry exam to the University of Malaya ( which moved from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in 1963 ) would be conducted in Malay, even though most teaching at the university was in English until the 1970s.
Most 8-bit operations could only be performed on the 8-bit accumulator ( the A register ).
Most women in the U. S. found it necessary to marry, to a " front " such as a gay man where both could pursue homosexual relationships with public discretion, or to a man who expected a traditional wife.
Most people who could afford a book wanted it to be in French, since that was the common language of the ruling classes.
Most birthstools or chairs had backs which the patient could press against, but Soranus suggests that in some cases the chairs were backless and an assistant would stand behind the mother to support her.
Most seriously, memory could become fragmented, i. e., the memory not used by current jobs could be divided into uselessly small chunks between the areas used by current jobs, and the only remedy was to wait some current jobs finished before starting any new ones.
Both Greg Bright ( The Hole Maze Book ) and Dave Phillips ( The World's Most Difficult Maze ) published maze books in which the sides of pages could be crossed over and in which holes could allow the pathways to cross from one page to another, and one side of a page to the other, thus enhancing the 3-D routing capacity of 2-D printed illustrations.
* Most constructs could be used in expressions ( blocks, IF, CASE, etc.
Most of the microfilm library would have been contained within the desk, but the user could add or remove microfilm reels at will.

Most and so
Most of these former churches are now used as warehouses, but `` neither Anglicans nor Nonconformists object to selling churches to Roman Catholics '', and have done so.
Most terrestrial caecilians that lay eggs do so in burrows or moist places on land near bodies of water.
Most European domestic power supplies run at 230 V, so the current drawn by a particular European appliance ( in Europe ) will be less than for an equivalent American one ( in the United States ).< ref group =" Note "> The formula for power is given by
Most early writers concur in placing it on an island ; so Tukulti-Ninurta II, Assur-nasir-pal, Isidore, Ammianus Marcellinus, Ibn Serapion, al-Istakri, Abulfeda and al-Karamani.
When the club folded after the 1870 season, Wright was hired by Boston businessman, Ivers Whitney Adams to organize a new team in Boston, and he did, bringing three teammates and the " Red Stockings " nickname along ( Most nicknames were then only nicknames, neither club names nor registered trademarks, so the migration was informal ).
The following year, Robinson won the American League Most Valuable Player award, thus becoming the first ( and so far only ) man to win the MVP in each league ( Robinson won the NL MVP in 1961, leading the Reds to the pennant ).
Most software has software documentation so that the end user can understand the program, what it does, and how to use it.
Most of its production is in the upper metre or so of the soil column, where the cosmogenic neutron flux is still sufficiently strong.
Most Chinese regard Hui Halal food as cleaner than food made by non Muslims so their restaurants are popular in China.
Most commonly, within some scheduling scheme, one process needs to be switched out of the CPU so another process can run.
Most experienced and skilled cross-examiners however, refrain from caustic or abrasive cross-examination so as to avoid alienating jurors.
Most who seek chiropractic care do so for low back pain.
Most of the publishing world has found that the added complexity of XSD would not bring them any particular benefits, so DTDs are still far more popular there.
Most of Hofstadter's books are characterized by some kind of structural alternation: in GEB between dialogues and chapters, in The Mind's I between selections and reflections, in Metamagical Themas between Chapters and Postscripts, and so forth.
Most of central Asmara was built between 1935 and 1941, so effectively the Italians managed to build almost an entire city, in just six years.
Most of them are also very hot, so that they emit intense infrared radiation ; the images have then been made at infrared where the planet is brighter than it is at visible wavelengths.
Most emeralds are highly included, so their toughness ( resistance to breakage ) is classified as generally poor.
Most often one of the principal tasks in Europe is to find retail space, which is not so significant a factor in the USA.
Most of these games are designed to keep all players in the game as long as possible, so it is rare to be certain of victory or defeat until relatively late in the game.
Most of the students had already signed, so the mass murder would appear to be a mass suicide instead.
Most IQ tests are constructed so that there are no overall score differences between females and males.
Most InterMap implementations simply substitute the interwiki prefix with a full URL prefix, so many non-wiki websites can also be referred to using the system.
Most high voltage insulators are designed with a lower flashover voltage than puncture voltage, so they will flash over before they puncture, to avoid damage.
< sup > 1 </ sup > Most NT-1 devices can perform the functions of the NT-2 as well, and so the S and T reference points are generally collapsed into the S / T reference point.
Most of what researchers have deduced about channel operation so far they have established through electrophysiology, biochemistry, gene sequence comparison and mutagenesis.

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