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Most and major
Most of us remember and think of the Wagner-Peyser Act in its historical sense, as a major milestone in the development of public placement services.
Most of the population lives in the western and northwestern parts of the country, where the two major cities, Yerevan and Gyumri ( which was called Aleksandropol ' during the tsarist period ), are located.
Most of the major temples, including the Parthenon, were rebuilt under the leadership of Pericles during the Golden Age of Athens ( 460 – 430 BC ).
Most recently the 2008 movie Iron Man used the Larghetto movement from Salieri's Piano Concerto in C major.
Most of the major developments in analytical chemistry take place after 1900.
Most major powers repudiated Cold War assassination tactics, though many allege that this was merely a smokescreen for political benefit and that covert and illegal training of assassins continues today, with Russia, Israel, the U. S., Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, and other nations accused of still regularly engaging in such operations.
Most of Australia's iron ore is also mined in the Pilbara and it also has one of the world's major manganese mines,
Most of the major highways have an excellent bitumen surface and other major roads are usually well-maintained dirt roads.
Most of the major Beanoland attractions remain in operation today but have been rethemed as " Wild Asia ".
Most imperial powers had not foreseen a need to prepare their colonies for independence ; for example, Britain had given limited self-rule to India and Sri Lanka, while treating British Somaliland as little more than a trading post, while all major decisions for French colonies were made in Paris and Belgium prohibited any self-government up until it suddenly granted independence to its colonies in 1960.
Most clearly seen in his two major exiles where Cyril was disgraced and forced to leave his position and his people behind.
Most of his roles are cameo appearances, as in Into The Night, Jason X, To Die For, Blood_and_Donuts and Alias, but on occasion he has played major roles, as in Nightbreed or Last Night.
Most of the docks themselves have survived and are now used as marinas or watersports centres ( the major exception being the Surrey Commercial Docks, now largely filled in ).
Most of the major companies made films in all the genres, but some had a special interest in certain kinds of films.
Most obviously, the musical film was born ; the first classic-style Hollywood musical was The Broadway Melody ( 1929 ) and the form would find its first major creator in choreographer / director Busby Berkeley ( 42nd Street, 1933, Dames, 1934 ).
Most of the film noirs of the classic period were similarly low-and modestly budgeted features without major stars — B movies either literally or in spirit.
It was the second major " wanted " list following the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.
Most major circuits in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom saw the series visit at least once.
Most soils have three major horizons -- the surface horizon ( A ), the subsoil ( B ), and the substratum ( C ).
Most of the major parts, however, were made elsewhere, including some probably fabricated at the West Milwaukee railshops where oldest brother William A. Davidson was then toolroom foreman.
Most classical Italian poems are composed of hendecasyllables ; for example, the major works by Dante, Francesco Petrarca, Ludovico Ariosto, and Torquato Tasso.
Most hotels and major hospitality companies that operate hotels have set widely accepted industry standards to classify hotel types.
Most major IC / BPS clinics now evaluate the pelvic floor and / or refer patients directly to a physical therapist for a prompt treatment of pelvic floor muscle tension or weakness.

Most and compiler
Most include the familiar GNU and / or Unix development tools, including make, yacc, lex and a cc command which acts a wrapper around a supported C compiler.
Most of the others became elaborate formal descriptions which most readers will never be able to decipher, and therefore may not stand up to automated debugging / compiling, just as a program might look good in review, but a compiler might find some interesting errors, and actually running the program written might find even more interesting errors.
Most other vendors could only dream of implementing an ALGOL compiler and most in the industry dismissed ALGOL as being unimplementable.
Fabrice Bellard's entries won the International Obfuscated C Code Contest twice: In 2000, he won in the category " Most Specific Output " for a program that implemented the modular Fast Fourier Transform and used it to compute the then biggest known prime number, 2 ^ 6972593-1 ; and in 2001, he won in the category " Best Abuse of the Rules " for a tiny compiler ( the source code being only 3KB in size ) of a strict subset of the C language for i386 Linux.
These can be arranged by poet, tribe, topic or the name of the compiler such as the Asma ' iyyat of al-Asma ' i. Most poems did not have titles and they were usually named from their first lines.
An assembly-language programmer or compiler writer had to be mindful of which operations were possible on each register: Most 8-bit operations could be performed only on the 8-bit accumulator ( the A-register ), while 16-bit operations could be performed only on the 16-bit pointer / accumulator ( the HL-register pair ), whereas simple operations, such as increment, were possible on all seven 8-bit registers.

Most and vendors
< p > Most certification programs are created, sponsored, or affiliated with professional associations, trade organizations, or IT vendors interested in raising standards.
Most of the features of BIND 9 were funded by UNIX vendors who wanted to ensure that BIND stayed competitive with Microsoft's DNS offerings ; the DNSSEC features were funded by the US military, which regarded DNS security as important.
Most of the EDA vendors produced EDIF 2 0 0 translators, but they were definitely more interested in generating high-quality EDIF readers, and they had absolutely no motivation at all to write any software that generated EDIF ( an EDIF Writer ), beyond threats from customers of mass migration to another vendor's software.
Most colored glass used in the art market is manufactured in volume by vendors who serve this market although there are some glass makers with the ability to make their own color from raw materials.
Most enterprises are small, micro and individual ones, including subsistence jobs like street vendors.
Most RTSP servers use the Real-time Transport Protocol ( RTP ) in conjunction with Real-time Control Protocol ( RTCP ) for media stream delivery, however some vendors implement proprietary transport protocols.
Most IT vendors offer RBAC in one or more products.
Most successful certification programs in the software industry are oriented toward specific technologies, and are managed by the vendors of these technologies.
Most teletext systems, Telidon included, were created in the context of the broadcast model, where the content would be provided by large vendors and then pushed one-way to the user in a fashion similar to television or newspapers.
Most of the vendors moved to the Grand Market Place in Willingboro Township.
Most vendors in this type of system recommend at least 99 % data integrity for the system to give useful results.
Most vendors ( including IBM ) used this extended range to encode characters used by various languages and graphical elements that allowed the imitation of primitive graphics on text-only output devices.
Most vendors plan to integrate the radio and microcontroller onto a single chip getting smaller devices.
Most mainframe software vendors used ISPF functions to create their applications, so their tools are similar in appearance and operation to ISPF.
: Most vendors and 3rd party services offers ways to detect whether userIDs have been tampered with by including a digitally signed token which can be validated by the site or application.
Most vendors only delivered TCP / IP support, although Winsock from DEC included DECNet support as well.
Most societies also have restaurants, food courts, and / or food vendors, so that people may eat when away from home, when lacking time to prepare food, or as a social occasion ( dining club ).
Most of the major vendors of concurrent computers were involved in MPI along with researchers from universities, government laboratories, and industry.
Most festivals feature different race categories, vendors and entertainment.
Most of them adapted UFS to their own uses, adding proprietary extensions that may not be recognized by other vendors ' versions of Unix.
Most of the early vendors of license free fixed wireless equipment such as Adaptive Broadband ( Axxcelera ), Trango Broadband, Motorola ( Orthogon ), Proxim Networks, RedLine and BreezeCom ( Alvarion ) used proprietary protocols and hardware, creating pressure on the industry to adopt a standard for unlicensed fixed wireless.
Most major database vendors support them in some form.
Most developers and software vendors want to get rid of the dongle driver headache.

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