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Mr and .
* Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library
* Mr. Fix-It ( 1918 )
Performed thousands of times in recent years, Mr. Dragon's arrangement has been played for state occasions such as the memorial services for Presidents Ford and Reagan and at tribute concerts for events such as the Oklahoma City bombing and 9 / 11.
Walt Disney and a staff of Imagineers created Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln that debuted at the 1964 New York World's Fair.
An important formative influence was his elementary school teacher Mr Tachikawa, whose progressive educational practices ignited in his young pupil first a love of drawing and then an interest in education in general.
Milne had met Howard when the actor starred in Milne ’ s play Mr Pim Passes By in London.
* Mr. Pim ( 1921 ) ( A novelisation of his play Mr. Pim Passes By ( 1919 ))
* Mr. Pim Passes By ( 1919 )
For example, in the first editions of the collection The Mysterious Mr Quin ( 1930 ), in the short story " The Soul of the Croupier ," she described " Hebraic men with hook-noses wearing rather flamboyant jewellery "; in later editions the passage was edited to describe " sallow men " wearing same.
But we nailed him in Antwerp – thanks to Mr. Poirot here.
It could be suggested that in Murder on the Orient Express Poirot allows the murderers to escape justice as well, after he discovers that twelve different people stabbed the victim – Mr. Ratchett – in his sleep.
In the growing drug and pop culture of the sixties, he proves himself once again, but has become heavily reliant on other investigators ( especially the private investigator, Mr. Goby ) who provide him with the clues that he can no longer gather for himself.
* José Ferrer, Hercule Poirot ( 1961 ; Unaired TV Pilot, MGM ; adaptation of " The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim ")
* Martin Gabel, General Electric Theater ( 4 / 1 / 1962 ; adaptation of " The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim ")
There have been a number of radio adaptations of the Poirot stories, most recently twenty seven of them on BBC Radio 4 ( and regularly repeated on BBC 7 ), starring John Moffatt ( Maurice Denham and Peter Sallis have also played Poirot on BBC Radio 4, Mr. Denham in The Mystery of the Blue Train and Mr. Sallis in Hercule Poirot's Christmas ).

Mr and Milne
Mr Milne and Mr Rickman were, no doubt, Telford's most intimate friends.
… I went to Mr Milne and under his direction … made all the arrangements about the house and correspondence.
Milne extracted the adventures of Mr. Toad ( which form only about half of the original book ) because they lent themselves most easily to being staged.
" I will remember the summer of 1909 when Mr. William F. Milne, an intimate friend of our family went to visit his old home in Scotland and came back all enthused with the idea of the Boys Brigade, Sir Baden Powell's organization in Great Britain.
Up to this time, as I now recall, we had no recognition from any general headquarters here in America, all our material having comefrom England upon the written request of the above mentioned Mr. Milne.
John M. Andrews, Mr. J. Milne Barbour, Rt.
Just as they were about to begin their simple service, a note was brought to them to say that Mr. and Mrs. William Milne had landed.
For the present Mr. and Mrs. Milne went on to Guangzhou, where the Morrisons followed them ; and soon both families were established in that city, waiting the next move of the authorities.
| Mr. Milne
Mr Mayne then gathered himself at the microphone, quipping ," That is the former Sunday Telegraph political correspondent Glenn Milne, sponsored by Fosters.

Mr and ("
His name is used several times during certain episodes of The Simpsons by industrialist Mr. Burns as an expletive (" Come on, Steinmetz, while we're still young!
In the Superman: The Animated Series episode " The Late Mr. Kent ", wherein Clark Kent is presumed dead, Superman expresses frustration at the idea of not being Clark and having to be someone else instead (" I am Clark Kent.
In his family, young Kurt was known as Herr Warum (" Mr. Why ") because of his insatiable curiosity.
It concluded that two allegations were founded — that Taleyarkhan had claimed independent confirmation of his work when in reality the apparent confirmations were done by Taleyarkhan's former students and was not as " independent " as Taleyarkhan implied, and that Taleyarkhan had included an additional colleague's name on one of his papers who had not actually been involved in the research (" the sole apparent motivation for the addition of Mr. Butt was a desire to overcome a reviewer's criticism ," the report concluded ).
After leaving animation, Straczynski freelanced for The Twilight Zone writing an episode entitled (" What Are Friends For "), and for Shelley Duvall's Nightmare Classics, adaptating The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which was nominated for a Writer's Guild Award ).
Mr. James Dillingham Young (" Jim ") and his wife, Della, are a couple living in a modest flat.
" The Times praised both the libretto and the music of the first act (" Everything sparkles with the flashes of Mr. Gilbert's wit and the graces of Sir Arthur Sullivan's melodiousness ... one is almost at a loss what to select for quotation from an embarrassment of humorous riches.
(" Mr. Pyrotechnic, you may commence the Mascletà!
Under the leadership of David Lilienthal (" Mr. TVA "), TVA became a model for America's governmental efforts to modernize Third World agrarian societies.
"), Steinhäuser is said to have answered, " Herr Heise, für heute reicht's (" Mr. Heise, enough for today ").
Fiona and Mr. Lundie arrive, and Tommy, shaken by Jeff's confession, tells Fiona that even though he loves her, he cannot stay ; he still has doubts (" From This Day On ").
" Just as he and Jeff turn to leave, they hear the music again (" Brigadoon "), and Mr. Lundie appears.
Mrs. Wilberforce ( Katie Johnson ) lectures the gangsters ( from left to right: Cecil Parker as Claude (" Major Courtney "), Herbert Lom as Louis (" Mr. Harvey "), Alec Guinness (" Professor Marcus "), and Danny Green as One-Round (" Mr. Lawson ") after discovering their crime.
Alternatively, if using the traditional French plurals (" Messieurs " for Mr., and " Mesdemoiselles " for Miss ) one may use " Mesdames " ( abbreviation " Mmes.
The episodes rarely left the store, and to parody the stereotype of the British class system, characters rarely addressed each other by their first names, even after work, opting for their formal titled names (" Mr ", " Mrs ", " Miss ", or even " Captain ").
A few years later, the genre had reached the self-referential stage, with songs about the singers (" Mr. Bass Man " by Johnny Cymbal ) and the songwriters (" Who Put the Bomp?
He is immediately apprehended and is told to gather his belongings by Mr. Bumble and the Widow Corney, the heartless and greedy caretakers of the workhouse (" Oliver !").

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