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Near and Arizona
Near Eloy, Pinal County, Arizona.
Near Coachella, a new four-lane expressway State Route 86 was built for international trucking from Mexicali, Mexico to Los Angeles or Arizona.
He is a prolific discoverer of asteroids at the Sormano Astronomical Observatory in Italy with observational experience on the research of Near Earth Objects in professional observatories in Arizona.
Near the center of the range complex, Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field ( near Gila Bend, Arizona ) serves as an emergency landing strip for pilots training on the ranges.
* An Archaeological Site Near Gleeson, Arizona, by William Shirley Fulton and Carr Tuthill.

Near and Jonathan
Historians like Faderman and Robert Brain believe that the descriptions of relationships such as David and Jonathan or Ruth and Naomi in this religious text establish that the customs of romantic friendship existed and were thought of as virtuous in the ancient Near East, despite the simultaneous taboo on homosexuality.

Near and Haas
Chicago's Near North Side, a 16-story 1929 apartment hotel converted into a 1981 apartment building, was used by Richard Haas for trompe-l ' œil murals in homage to Chicago school architecture.

Near and Field
* Near Field Communication
Near the old Forbes Field where he began his pro career the city of Pittsburgh has renamed a street in his honor.
Manchester coding is widely used ( e. g., in Ethernet ; see also RFID or Near Field Communication ).
This kind of speckles are called Near Field Speckles.
D. thesis: D. Brogioli, " Near Field Speckles "
Amersham has a King George's Field in memorial to King George V. Near the playing field is the " Chiltern Pools ", one of the two venues used by the Amersham Swimming Club.
* Short-range point-to-point communication: Wireless microphones, Remote controls, IrDA, RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification ), TransferJet, Wireless USB, DSRC ( Dedicated Short Range Communications ), EnOcean, Near Field Communication
Some non-Internet forms include telephone, fax, PDA, SMS text messaging, MMS, wireless networks and services, Bluetooth, CCTV, tracking systems, RFID, biometric identification, road traffic management and regulatory enforcement, identity cards, smart cards and other Near Field Communication applications ; polling station technology ( where non-online e-voting is being considered ), TV and radio-based delivery of government services ( e. g., CSMW ), email, online community facilities, newsgroups and electronic mailing lists, online chat, and instant messaging technologies.
Near Sutton Cheney Wharf, it passes the foot of Ambion Hill, the site of the Battle of Bosworth Field.
* Contactless NFC ( Near Field Communication )
Near Field Communication ( NFC ) is used mostly in paying for purchases made in physical stores or transportation services.
Extensions to this include Near Field Communications or Contactless Payment options using additional hardware built into the mobile phone.
In its simplest form, Ambisonics consumes few resources, however this is not true for recent developments, such as Near Field Compensated Higher Order Ambisonics.
Developments from 2006 onwards indicate that the mobile phone can be used for seamless authentication through Bluetooth, explicit authentication through Near Field Communication.
* 2004 Nokia, Philips and Sony established the Near Field Communication ( NFC ) Forum
Soldier Field ( formerly Municipal Grant Park Stadium ) is located on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois, United States, in the Near South Side.
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, the commander of the Afrika Korps had promised the full co-operation of his corps in assisting Einsatzgrupppe Ägypten in the murder of the Jewish populations of Egypt, Palestine and elsewhere in the Near East.
# REDIRECT Near Field Infrared Experiment
The Near Field Infrared Experiment ( NFIRE ) is a satellite which was proposed and developed by the Missile Defense Agency, a division of the United States Department of Defense.
de: Near Field Infrared Experiment
* Near Field Infrared Experiment ( NFIRE )
* Near Field Communication ( NFC ), a short-range wireless communication technology
These licencees are developing Near Field Communication products.
Infineon Technologies ( formerly Siemens ) licenced MIFARE from Mikron in 1994 and developed and today produces various dervatives based on MIFARE technology including 1K memory and various microcontrollers with MIFARE emulations, including devices for use in USIM with Near Field Communication.

Near and Museum
Formerly the Department of the Ancient Near East, with a collection numbering some 330, 000 works, the British Museum possesses by far the world's largest and most important collection of Mesopotamian antiquities outside Iraq.
The Wedgwood Museum, in Barlaston, Near Stoke-on-Trent, UK, contains a display describing the trials of replicating the vase, and several examples of the early experiments are shown.
Near the Palm House is a building known as " Museum No. 1 " ( even though it is the only museum on the site ), which was designed by Decimus Burton and opened in 1857.
Near the county line is the Scott Plantation Settlement, a grouping of relocated buildings, which includes the wooden Cotton Belt Railroad Depot that served Scott, representing an example of a plantation-era community ( much in the same fashion as Little Rock's Historic Arkansas Museum ).
Near the base is the Museum of Aviation, begun in 1981, has four major structures on forty-three acres and ninety historic aircraft.
* Vaughn Emerson Crawford, 1917-1981-Curator of Ancient Near East Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
View Near Elizabethtown, N. J., oil painting by Régis François Gignoux, Honolulu Museum of Art
* Assyriologist George Smith discovers an inscription recording a solar eclipse in the month of Sivan on British Museum Tablet K51, which he is able to link to 15 June 763 BC, the cornerstone of ancient Near Eastern chronology.
However, according to St John Simpson of the Near Eastern department of the British Museum, their original excavation and context were not well-recorded ( see stratigraphy ), so evidence for this date range is very weak.
Near Miradouro of Santa Luzia is located the Museum of Decorative Arts ( Museu de Artes Decorativas ), a 17th century mansion with magnificent interiors.
Near the main plaza are two museums, the William Spratling Museum and the Museum of Viceregal Art.
Near the Zhenjiang Museum in Boxian Park is the Shaozong Library, which among other documents contains a 100-volume collection of old sayings and proverbs, dating from the 7th to 11th centuries.
Near it, are the National Army Museum and Holy Trinity Sloane Street, the basilica-like parish church known as the " Cathedral of the Arts & Crafts Movement ", built in 1890 a few yards from the square itself.
Near Indian Lake are the Mad River Mountain ski resort, the Ohio and Zane Caverns, the Piatt Castles, the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum, and Marmon Valley Farms with its horseback riding, all open to the public.
Lawrence E. " Larry " Stager ( born January 5, 1943 ) is Dorot Professor of the Archaeology of Israel in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University and is Director of the Harvard Semitic Museum.
Though the Haskell Oriental Museum contained works of art from both the Near East and the Far East, Breasted's principal interest was in Egypt.
Currently, the Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern collections are housed in a series of galleries in the Museum.
Near life-size diorama of the Monpa people at the Jawaharlal Nehru Museum, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India
He is also a member of the following: Council of the International Union of Egyptologists ; Scientific Committee of the International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East ; Visiting Committee of the Egyptian Department of the Metropolitan Museum of New York.
Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli, Seascape Near Marseille, 1880, São Paulo Museum of Art
Near the Tokyo National Museum there is The International Library of Children's Literature.
The Museum of Porkeri ( Porkeris Bygdarsavn ), ( Near the church ), ☎ + 298 373850,
Merging the Museum ’ s new curatorial vision together with innovative installation design, the renewed galleries enable visitors to navigate intuitively through the Museum ’ s encyclopedic collections, following the timeline of material culture from prehistory in the ancient Near East to contemporary art worldwide.

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