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On and average
On this first venture the central storage is 20,000 gallons, in two tanks, or an average of 400 gallons for each of the 50 homes.
On $1.1 billion of 90-day bills, the average yield was 2.325%.
On average it overestimates the variance explained in the population.
On average, the Atlantic is the saltiest major ocean ; surface water salinity in the open ocean ranges from 33 to 37 parts per thousand ( 3. 3 – 3. 7 %) by mass and varies with latitude and season.
On average males weigh, with a range of, while females average, with a range of.
On Metacritic, the film holds a score of 57 out of 100, indicating " mixed or average reviews ".
On the long-term average, the Baltic Sea is ice-covered for about 45 % of its surface area at the maximum annually.
On average, a mammal has a brain roughly twice as large as that of a bird of the same body size, and ten times as large as that of a reptile of the same body size.
On the last day of the season, Lajoie overtook Cobb's batting average with seven bunt hits against the St. Louis Browns.
On average, the walls only survive to a few metres.
On average one of these calves will become a replacement dairy cow, and some of the rest may be reared for beef or veal ; however some are effectively produced solely to allow the cow to produce milk.
On average, the ectocervix is 3 cm long and 2. 5 cm wide.
On the average, at least twice each decade houses, farms, and harbor facilities are devastated by these great storms.
On average, LCD monitors consume 50-70 % less energy than CRT monitors.
On average, the gas molecules move from the cold side toward the hot side whenever the pressure ratio is less than the square root of the ( absolute ) temperature ratio.
On average, a civil war with interstate intervention was 300 % longer than those without.
On average, the sunniest months are May and June, while the wettest month is October with of rain, and the driest month is February with.
On average, there are 192 days above 30C ( 86F ) annually.
On average, this will also take O ( log n ) time.
On average, 95 % of the participants in these early trials receive no benefit, but all are exposed to the risk of adverse effects.
On average, the molecules in a glass of water do not have enough heat energy to escape from the liquid.
The tropical Atlantic ocean experiences depressed activity due to increased vertical wind shear across the region during El Niño years .< ref > On the flip side however, the tropical Pacific Ocean east of the dateline has above normal activity during El Niño years due to well above average water temperatures and decreased windshear.
On Metacritic, the film has an average metascore of 63 % based on 19 reviews.

On and plant
On June 14, 1900 the Manchester Journal reported that an electrical engineer was installing an electric light plant for Edward S. Isham at `` Ormsby Hill ''.
On the third Wednesday in March each year ( near the spring equinox ), three quarters of Dutch schoolchildren aged 10 / 11 and Dutch celebrities plant trees.
On 19 July 2007, the Newport Pagnell plant rolled out its last car, a Vanquish S. Nearly 13, 000 cars had been made there since 1955.
On land, large and diverse plant populations existed.
On the other hand, therapies with low risk of gonadotoxicity include plant derivatives such as vincristine and vinblastine, antibiotics such as bleomycin and dactinomycin, and antimetabolites such as methotrexate, mercaptopurine, and 5-fluorouracil.
On 26 April 1990 GM's New Zealand subsidiary, Holden New Zealand, announced that production at the assembly plant based in Trentham would be phased out and that vehicles would be imported duty-free.
On October 10, 2006, GM began producing the Hummer H3 at its Port Elizabeth plant in South Africa for international markets.
On September 15, 2007, Witon Barry ( of the Tobolar Copra processing plant in the Marshall Islands capital of Majuro ) said power authorities, private companies, and entrepreneurs had been experimenting with coconut oil as alternative to diesel fuel for vehicles, power generators, and ships.
On another mission, he disguised himself as a German officer in order to enter a munitions plant in Italy, to determine if new weapons were being developed there.
On inspecting a chemical plant he once observed that the plant had two storage rooms for gasoline barrels, one for the full barrels and one for the empty ones.
On the evening before he departed, he sat with his companions and the tutor of one of his sons quoted a line of poetry: " enjoy the scent of the ox-eye plant of Najd, for after this evening it will come no more.
On September 17, 1976, Enterprise was rolled out of Rockwell's plant at Palmdale, California.
On the ensuing kickoff, video shows that Gerela slipped when trying to plant his foot, causing him to squib the ball, which bounced to Cowboy lineman Randy White at the 24-yard line.
On 11 January 1917, Fiodore Wozniak, using a rag saturated with phosphorus or an incendiary pencil supplied by German sabotage agents, set fire to his workbench at an ammunition assembly plant near Kingsland, NY, causing a four-hour fire that destroyed half a million 3-inch explosive shells and destroyed the plant for an estimated at 17 million in damages.
On the other hand, a coal plant has no equivalent to the driver laser, which would make the IFE plant much more expensive.
On November 2008, Hyundai opened its European plant in Nošovice, Czech Republic, following an investment of over 1 billion euros and over two years of construction.
On 10 April 1942, after America's entry into World War II, Rickover flew to Pearl Harbor to organize repairs to the electrical power plant of the USS California.
On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl disaster occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine situated close to the border with Belarus.
On the eastern side of town, there are two impressive waterfalls, Ingram Falls, which is visible from town, and Bridal Veil Falls and the Bridal Veil Hydroelectric plant, which are just out of sight from town to the right of Ingram.
On the promenade will also rise a great amphitheatre ( 20, 000 seats ) for concerts, as well as an aquarium where now is the old salt production plant.
On August 23, 1944, the Ferrara synthetic rubber plant was a target of Strategic bombing during World War II.

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