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On and average
On this first venture the central storage is 20,000 gallons, in two tanks, or an average of 400 gallons for each of the 50 homes.
On $1.1 billion of 90-day bills, the average yield was 2.325%.
On average it overestimates the variance explained in the population.
On average, the Atlantic is the saltiest major ocean ; surface water salinity in the open ocean ranges from 33 to 37 parts per thousand ( 3. 33. 7 %) by mass and varies with latitude and season.
On average males weigh, with a range of, while females average, with a range of.
On average, the plant grows about 12 feet ( 4 meters ) tall.
On Metacritic, the film holds a score of 57 out of 100, indicating " mixed or average reviews ".
On the long-term average, the Baltic Sea is ice-covered for about 45 % of its surface area at the maximum annually.
On average, a mammal has a brain roughly twice as large as that of a bird of the same body size, and ten times as large as that of a reptile of the same body size.
On the last day of the season, Lajoie overtook Cobb's batting average with seven bunt hits against the St. Louis Browns.
On average, the walls only survive to a few metres.
On average one of these calves will become a replacement dairy cow, and some of the rest may be reared for beef or veal ; however some are effectively produced solely to allow the cow to produce milk.
On the average, at least twice each decade houses, farms, and harbor facilities are devastated by these great storms.
On average, LCD monitors consume 50-70 % less energy than CRT monitors.
On average, the gas molecules move from the cold side toward the hot side whenever the pressure ratio is less than the square root of the ( absolute ) temperature ratio.
On average, a civil war with interstate intervention was 300 % longer than those without.
On average, the sunniest months are May and June, while the wettest month is October with of rain, and the driest month is February with.
On average, there are 192 days above 30C ( 86F ) annually.
On average, this will also take O ( log n ) time.
On average, 95 % of the participants in these early trials receive no benefit, but all are exposed to the risk of adverse effects.
On average, the molecules in a glass of water do not have enough heat energy to escape from the liquid.
The tropical Atlantic ocean experiences depressed activity due to increased vertical wind shear across the region during El Niño years .< ref > On the flip side however, the tropical Pacific Ocean east of the dateline has above normal activity during El Niño years due to well above average water temperatures and decreased windshear.
On Metacritic, the film has an average metascore of 63 % based on 19 reviews.

On and is
On Fridays, the day when many Persians relax with poetry, talk, and a samovar, people do not, it is true, stream into Chehel Sotun -- a pavilion and garden built by Shah Abbas 2, in the seventeenth century -- but they do retire into hundreds of pavilions throughout the city and up the river valley, which are smaller, more humble copies of the former.
On the one hand, he does not work for a large agency, but is almost always self-employed.
On the face of it, it is because he employs deductive techniques alien to official police routine.
In answer to a New York Times query on what is fame ( `` Thoughts On Fame '', October 23, 1960 ), Carl said: `` Fame is a figment of a pigment.
On April 11th he wrote an open letter in The Advocate, making it known `` to the world that Jas. W. Robinson is by his own admission a base liar and a slanderer ''.
On the contrary it is my duty to make my own decision as between the two ''.
On the other hand, the consensus of opinion is that, used with caution and in conjunction with other types of evidence, the native sources still provide a valid rough outline for the English settlement of southern Britain.
On the other hand, the bright vision of the future has been directly stated in science fiction concerned with projecting ideal societies -- science fiction, of course, is related, if sometimes distantly, to that utopian literature optimistic about science, literature whose period of greatest vigor in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries produced Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward and H. G. Wells's A Modern Utopia.
On the contrary, the frenzy and furor of combat is only the sombre foil against which the sudden illuminations of the human flash forth with the piercing radiance of a Caravaggio.
On a team a man feels he is a part of it and akin to the men next to him.
On the other hand, it is no interference with sovereignty to point out defects where they exist, such as that a plan calls for factories without power to run them, or for institutions without trained personnel to staff them.
On the ground floor the radiation would be about half what it is outside.
On the other hand, the new authority of $3,825 million proposed for missile procurement ( excluding research and construction ) in 1961 is $581 million higher than for 1960.
On the contrary, if this be an apocalyptic era as is commonly said, we see it as an era of opportunity.
On those rare occasions when a faculty member on tenure is not meeting the standards of the institution, the president must also bear the ultimate burden of decision and action.
Torrid Freight ( Torrid-Breeze On Hal ) is a very rugged, strong-made colt with a wonderful stride who has done with ease everything asked of him.
On most drill presses, it is impossible to get the exact speed, but you can come close by adjusting the drive belt on the step-cone pulleys.
Chapter 8, is entitled `` On Magnetism '' and in it are included such remarks as, `` One has always been tempted to compare the magnetic forces with the electrical forces.
On the other hand, the process of obsoleting an old product and introducing the new one is usually mighty expensive.
On this, she builds an `` egg compartment '' or `` egg cell '' which is filled with that famous pollen-and-nectar mixture called beebread.
On the basis of its life history, we like to think that Andrena is more primitive than the bumblebees.
On chemical grounds it seems most likely that iodide is first converted to Af and then to Af as the active iodinating species.
On the other hand, the temporary reduction in hypothalamic excitability through the injection of a barbiturate into the posterior hypothalamus causes a lessening in frequency and amplitude of cortical strychnine spikes until the hypothalamic excitability is restored.

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