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On and five
On 3 September 1864, a shed, used for the preparation of nitroglycerin, exploded at the factory in Heleneborg Stockholm, killing five people, including Nobel's younger brother Emil.
On the Adult Contemporary chart, all five songs were top 10 hits, with two of the five (" Baby Baby " and " That's What Love Is For ") reaching No. 1.
On January 22, 1957, Decca informed Holly his contract would not be renewed, insisting, however, that he could not record the same songs for anyone else for five years.
On application, they obtain a payment plan under which they pay as much as they can for five years, and then all remaining debts are cancelled.
On 30 October 2008 a spokesman for the team announced that the team would complete its last three performances of the year with five jets instead of six.
On his website, Brooks states that his potential followers must first prepare by combining the junk food diet with the meditative incantation of five magic " fifth-dimensional " words which appear on his website, some of which are words from Kundalini yoga.
On September 19, Cantor Fitzgerald made a pledge to distribute 25 percent of the firm's profits for the next five years, and committed to paying for ten years of health care, for the benefit of the families of its 658 former Cantor Fitzgerald, eSpeed, and TradeSpark employees ( profits which would otherwise have been distributed to the Cantor Fitzgerald partners ).
It spawned five direct-to-video sequels: Bring It On Again in 2003, Bring It On: All or Nothing in 2006, Bring It On: In It to Win It in 2007, and Bring It On: Fight to the Finish.
On the meeting of December 8, the presidium of VChK was elected of five members, and chaired by Dzerzhinsky.
On February 23, 2011, former Illinois Congressman and White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, won the municipal election to become mayor of Chicago, heavily beating five rivals with 55 percent of the vote.
On punts and field goal attempts ( but not kickoffs ), members of the kicking team, other than the kicker and any teammates who are onside ( behind the kicker at the time of the kick ), may not approach within five yards of the ball until it has been touched by the receiving team.
On another five planes, the forces of Chaos-led by Xiombarg, Queen of the Swords-reign supreme and are on the verge on eradicating the last resistance from the forces of Law.
On 9 July 1960, there was an FP mutiny at Camp Massart at Elizabethville ; five or seven Europeans were killed.
On 5 September 2005, the Congress of the Dominican Republic ratified a free trade agreement with the U. S. and five Central American countries, the Dominican Republic – Central America Free Trade Agreement ( CAFTA-DR ).
On 26 March 1982, Barbara Shuping and five other women were assigned to the NSF.
On the Heavy and the Light contains, in nine definitions and five propositions, Aristotelian notions of moving bodies and the concept of specific gravity.
On the advice of her New South Wales Premier only, the Queen appoints the Governor to carry out most of her constitutional and ceremonial duties for an unfixed period of time — known as serving At Her Majesty's pleasure — though five years is the normal convention.
On September 8, 2007, five members of the Makah tribe shot a gray whale using high powered rifles in spite of the decision.
On 10 July 1721 Telemann was invited to work in Hamburg as Kantor of the Johanneum Lateinschule and musical director of the city's five largest churches, succeeding Joachim Gerstenbüttel.
On 17 March, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1973 with a 10 – 0 vote and five abstentions.

On and sides
On all sides doors were being slammed in his face.
On both sides of the road, the local settlement, Bonna, grew into a sizeable Roman town.
On tour, games take place against local provinces, clubs or representative sides as well as the full tests against the host's national team.
On both sides of the eastern terminus of the bridge are large salt ponds and levee trails belonging to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.
On March 3, 1875, the first organized indoor game was played at Montreal's Victoria Skating Rink between two sides of nine-player teams, including James Creighton and several McGill University students.
On both sides of the Atlantic the film was a tremendous critical and commercial success and placed Whale at the top of the British film industry.
On both sides, thousands of civilians were massacred.
On all sides the statesmanship and eloquence of Amyraut were conceded.
It is the business of the pope to look after the interests of the Roman empire, since the empire derives its origin and its final authority from the papacy ; its origin, because it was originally transferred from Greece by and for the sake of the papacy ... its final authority, because the emperor is raised to his position by the pope who blesses him, crowns him and invests him with the empire .... Therefore, since three persons have lately been elected king by different parties, namely the youth son of Henry VI, Philip Hohenstaufen, brother of Henry VI, and Otto Brunswick, of the Welf family, so also three things must be taken into account in regard to each one, namely: the legality, the suitability and the expediency of his election ...... Far be it from us that we should defer to man rather than to God, or that we should fear the countenance of the powerful .... On the foregoing grounds, then, we decide that the youth should not at present be given the empire ; we utterly reject Philip for his manifest unfitness and we order his usurpation to be resisted by all .... since Otto is not only himself devoted to the church, but comes from devout ancestors on both sides ..... therefore we decree that he ought to be accepted and supported as king, and ought to be given the crown of empire, after the rights of the Roman church have been secured.
On January 21, 2005, both sides agreed on a one-year, $ 18, 000, 022 contract, thus avoiding arbitration.
On 19 December 2009, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri visited Syria, and stayed in Damascus for 3 days meeting with President Bashar Al-Assad & breaking the ice between the two sides.
On the two longer elevations they are flush with the face of the façade and imply heaviness and support, but on the shorter sides they are set back giving a floating effect that emphasises the horizontal feeling of the house.
On both sides of the Avenue de Paris were built the Notre-Dame neighborhood and the Saint-Louis neighborhood, with new large churches, markets, aristocratic mansions, all built in very homogeneous style according to the models established by the Surintendant des Bâtiments du Roi.
In On the Changes in Resistance of Bodies under Different Electrical Conditions, he described how the electrical circuit was made by means of two narrow strips of copper parallel to the short sides of the rectangular plate, and forming good contact with it by means of screws.
On both sides, the lower ventricles are thicker and stronger than the upper atria.
On both sides of the sight are fuse wells set at 45 degrees.
On the two sides of the entrance gate there are magnificent tile-works and arches.
On the south and north sides of the promontory, there are comparatively few buildings, while, at the west end there is a sheer precipice to the sea.
On May 5, 2012, Welch joined the band onstage for the first time in 7 years at the Carolina Rebellion festival, signaling peace between both sides.
On 24 April 1950 the Jordan House of Deputies and House of Notables formally annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem, declaring " complete unity between the two sides of the Jordan and their union in one state ... at whose head reigns King Abdullah Ibn al Hussain ".
On the posterior sides are the opercula, which protect the gills.
On August 16, the two sides signed a peace deal ending the open conflict.
On 11 December 1806 in Poznan a treaty was signed by authorized representatives of both sides.
On the sides of the first floor balcony there stand two statues that the Sicilian sculptor Maestro Gian created to represent Justice and Truth.

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