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On and return
On the eve of his return to their native Naxos he speaks with his wife of the masterpiece which rises before them in its completed perfection.
On the morning of Stanley's return, however, her strength left her.
And then I remembered a few years before after their return from a short trip to Rome I had heard her boast, over and over again, `` On the boat people liked me for myself ''.
On contraction, these alternately pass the blood to a single ventricle which pumps it both into both the systemic vessels ( which service the body at large ) as well as the pulmonic vessels ( which return to the lungs for oxygenation ).
On Agamemnon's return from Troy he was murdered ( according to the fullest version of the oldest surviving account, Odyssey 11. 409 – 11 ) by Aegisthus, the lover of his wife Clytemnestra.
On his return he was appointed secretary to the Congregation of the Propaganda.
On his return from Troy, his vessel was wrecked on the Whirling Rocks (), but he himself escaped upon a rock through the assistance of Poseidon and would have been saved in spite of Athena, but he said that he would escape the dangers of the sea in defiance of the immortals.
On their return from Rome in 856, Æthelwulf was deposed by his son Æthelbald.
On his return, he stopped by Kairouan in Ifriqiya, where he met Abu Imran al-Fasi, a native of Fes and a jurist and scholar of the Sunni Maliki school.
On his return from a business trip to Yemen, he was informed that in his absence Muhammad had openly declared his prophethood.
On his return from a business trip from Yemen, he was informed by friends that in his absence Muhammad had declared himself the Messenger of God, and proclaimed a new religion.
On his return, he found its kingdom in anarchy.
On his return to Hungary, Archbishop Robert of Esztergom took his kingdom under interdict and excommunicated the king's major dignitaries because Andrew insisted on the employment of Jews and Muslims in his administration.
On the surface, Young and Duke collected of lunar samples for return to Earth, while Command Module Pilot Ken Mattingly orbited in the Command / Service Module above to perform observations.
On the return trip to Earth, Mattingly performed a one-hour spacewalk to retrieve several film cassettes from the exterior of the Service Module.
On her return to Haworth, she met William Weightman ( 1814 – 1842 ), her father's new curate, who started work in the parish in August 1839.
On Sunday January 7, it was announced that Randy Johnson would return to the Diamondbacks on a two year contract, pending a physical.
On his return to Copenhagen in 1950, Bohr began working with Ben Roy Mottelson to compare the theoretical work with experimental data.
On December 16, 1773, after officials in Boston refused to return three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor.
On 26 September 2008, the university announced its intention to return swimming to a varsity status in September 2009.
On his return to Nuremberg in 1495, Dürer opened his own workshop ( being married was a requirement for this ).
On his return to Nuremberg, Dürer worked on a number of grand projects with religious themes, including a crucifixion scene and a Sacra Conversazione, though neither was completed.
On his way down, Arnulf suffered a stroke, forcing him to call off his campaign and return to Bavaria.
On his return to Germany, he exercised very little further control in Italy for the rest of his life, although his agents in Rome did not prevent the accession of Pope Stephen VI in 896.

On and flight
On regaining consciousness in mid-flight, Rashid Minhas struggled for flight control as well as relayed the news of his hijack to the PAF base.
Image showing shock waves from NASA's X-43A hypersonic research vehicle in flight at Mach 7, generated using a computational fluid dynamics algorithm. On September 30, 1935 an exclusive conference was held in Rome with the topic of high velocity flight and the possibility of breaking the sound barrier.
On September 5, Nami and Saeed al-Ghamdi purchased tickets for a September 7 flight to Newark at Mile High Travel on Commercial Boulevard — paying cash for their tickets.
On the flight home from Mexico, he asked Ramsey not to consider him again.
On December 28, 1948, a Douglas DC-3 aircraft, number NC16002, disappeared while on a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Miami.
On 24 April 1946 Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Chester Nimitz issued a directive ordering the formation of a flight exhibition team to boost Navy morale, demonstrate naval air power, and maintain public interest in naval aviation.
On April 12, 2011, she played live through video link for the audience of Jethro Tull's show in Russia in honour of the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight.
On August 26, 1959, Ike was aboard the maiden flight of Air Force One, which replaced the previous Presidential aircraft, the Columbine.
On the flight, he meets Dr. Bill Perlman ( John Turturro ), an airline-contracted psychiatrist who offers to counsel Max for post-traumatic stress disorder.
On August 20, 1997, Busey was accused of pushing a stewardess who bumped him on a flight to Las Vegas.
On 1 June 2002, Cronje's scheduled flight home from Johannesburg to George was grounded so he hitched a ride as the only passenger aboard a Hawker Siddeley HS 748 turboprop aircraft.
On August 22, Mihdhar and Hazmi tried to purchase flight tickets from the American Airlines online ticket-merchant, but had technical difficulties and gave up.
On August 12, 2010, Grammer announced that he was going to be a father for the fifth time with his girlfriend Kayte Walsh, a British flight attendant who is 25 years his junior.
On 31 October 2008, Libya paid $ 1. 5 billion, sought through donations from private businesses, to a fund that would be used to compensate both US victims of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 and the 1986 bombing of the La Belle disco in Germany.
On August 24, both Mihdhar and Moqed tried to purchase flight tickets from the American Airlines online ticket-merchant, but had technical difficulties resolving their address and gave up.
On the morning of September 11, Bingham overslept and nearly missed the flight.
On April 4, 2000, Hazmi took a one-hour introductory flight lesson at the National Air College in San Diego.
On August 27, brothers Nawaf and Salem purchased flight tickets through Travelocity. com using Nawaf's Visa card.
Press coverage of punk misbehavior grew intense: On January 4, 1977, the Evening News of London ran a front-page story on how the Sex Pistols " vomited and spat their way to an Amsterdam flight ".
On December 16, 2006 he was transferred by the highly specialized, ICU equipped, Swiss Air Ambulance Bombardier Challenger Jet http :// www. rega. ch /, reportedly made possible and organized in a bold and daring action by the Swiss banker, Pascal Najadi, who was able to convince the REGA Flight Operations over the phone from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ( perhaps because he was an active patron of the REGA Swiss Air Ambulance ) to swiftly approve the decision to fly without any payment guarantees and assemble at highest possible speed within 48 hours the necessary flight plan, specialized doctors, logistics and Vietnam airspace ( Northern Sector ) entry clearances for the Jet to take off from Zurich HQ, via Lahore to Hanoi, then to proceed with the critical patient in full ICU care of specialized Swiss Doctors and immediate family on board, via Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Edmonton to Boston, Massachusetts, where the plane was met by US Customs ( thanks to the help of Senator John Kerry ).
On August 27, brothers Nawaf and Salem purchased flight tickets through Travelocity. com using Nawaf's visa card.
On the fifth and final glider flight, pilot-induced oscillation problems were revealed, which had to be addressed before the first orbital launch occurred.
On September 11, 2001, the flight carried only 56 passengers and 9 crew members, which represented a 33 percent load factor — well below the average load factor of 49 percent in the three months preceding September 11.

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