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On and F-14
On 7 October 2001, early combat operations including a mix of strikes from land-based B-1 Lancer, B-2 Spirit and B-52 Stratofortress bombers ; carrier-based F-14 Tomcat and F / A-18 Hornet fighters ; and Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from both U. S. and British ships and submarines signaled the start of Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan ( OEF-A ).
On two cruises he flew the A-6, A-7, and F-14 during both day and night carrier operations.
On 3 July 1988, USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655, an Airbus A300B2, over the Strait of Hormuz after mistaking it for an Iranian F-14.
On the night of 10 October 1985, there were tense hours on NAS II when the Italian Carabinieri, Italian Air Force, and the American Navy SEALs came close to firing upon one another following the interception by Navy F-14 Tomcat fighters of an Egyptian Boeing 737 airliner carrying the hijackers of the Italian cruise ship, the Achille Lauro, which had been commandeered by members of the PLO on 7 October.
On September 22, 2006, Phillips was the last journalist to fly in an F-14 Tomcat before its official retirement from service in the U. S. Navy.

On and 4
On January 4, with the boys back at school and college, Mrs. Lewis wrote Harcourt to say that she was `` through, quite through ''.
On July 4, 1959, the patient developed marked abdominal pain and distension, went into shock, and died.
On Election Day -- November 4 -- he energetically marshalled his force of bludgeon men, bribers, and experts in forging repeat votes.
On November 4, 1952, an earthquake occurred under the sea off the Kamchatka Peninsula.
On March 4, 1865, Lincoln delivered his second inaugural address.
On March 4, 1789, the Articles were replaced with the U. S. Constitution.
* A. Madigan, 1993, Alexander of Aphrodisias: On Aristotle Metaphysics 4.
* E. Lewis, 1996, Alexander of Aphrodisias: On Aristotle Meteorology 4.
* John Philoponus: On Aristotle On Coming-to-be and Perishing 1. 6-2. 4, translated by C. J. F. Williams.
On March 2, the circular formally filing the organization and capitalization ( at $ 1, 400, 000, 000 — 4 % of U. S. national wealth at the time ) of the United States Steel Corporation actually completed the contract.
On 4 November 2003, voters approved a greenbelt plan under which the city government bought development rights to pieces of land adjacent to Ann Arbor to preserve them from sprawling development .< ref name =" greenbelt ">
On 14 April 2008, in a UK Channel 4 documentary, Tudor Parfitt, taking a literalist approach to the Biblical story, described his research into this claim.
On 4 January 2008, Dr. Gail Dinter-Gottlieb decided to step down as President and Vice Chancellor of the University before her term expired.
On 4 March 2008, in announcing a partnership with Magna Steyr to outsource manufacture of over 2, 000 cars annually at Graz, Austria, the company stated " The continuing growth and success of the company is based upon Gaydon as the focal point and heart of the business, with the design and engineering of all Aston Martin products continuing to be carried out there.
On July 12, 2010, Aon announced that it has agreed to buy Lincolnshire, Illinois, based Hewitt Associates for $ 4. 9 billion in cash and stock.
On average, the plant grows about 12 feet ( 4 meters ) tall.
" On January 1, 2010, the maximum amount of lead in " lead-free brass " in California was reduced from 4 % to 0. 25 % lead.
On 4 May 1945 he took the German surrender at Luneburg Heath in northern Germany.
On a highly emotional night at Wembley, Charlton scored twice in a 4 – 1 win after extra time against Benfica and, as United captain, lifted the trophy.
On June 4, the Orioles replaced Dave Trembley as manager with third base coach Juan Samuel as interim manager.
On February 4, the Orioles signed free agent Vladimir Guerrero to be the team's designated hitter.
On July 23, after having summoned his all vassals, Philip had an army consisting of 4, 000 cavalry and 11, 000 piétons ( foot soldiers ).
On March 14, 2002, an agreement was signed to transform the FRY into a loose state union called Serbia and Montenegro ; it took effect on February 4, 2003.

On and missiles
On November 7, 1956 U. S. Air Force Matador units in West Germany, whose missiles were capable of striking targets in the Warsaw Pact, deployed from their fixed day-to-day sites to unannounced dispersed launch locations.
On September 11, the Telegrafnoe Agentstvo Sovetskogo Soyuza ( Soviet News Agency TASS ) announced that the Soviet Union had no need or intention to introduce offensive nuclear missiles into Cuba.
Sending antiaircraft missiles into Cuba, he reasoned, “ made sense only if Moscow intended to use them to shield a base for ballistic missiles aimed at the United States .” On August 10, he wrote a memo to President Kennedy in which he guessed that the Soviets were preparing to introduce ballistic missiles into Cuba.
On October 15, the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center reviewed the U-2 photographs and identified objects that they interpreted as medium range ballistic missiles.
On October 22 at 7: 00 pm EDT, President Kennedy delivered a nation-wide televised address on all of the major networks announcing the discovery of the missiles.
India has a series of ballistic missiles called Agni, of which the latest is Agni-V. On 19 April 2012, India successfully test fired Agni-V, a three stage solid fueled missile, with a strike range of more than 8, 000 km.
On at least one occasion Boehm and another SEAL smuggled a CIA agent ashore to take pictures of Soviet nuclear missiles being unloaded on the dockside.
On 2 June, Powell spoke against the stationing of American Cruise missiles in Britain and claimed the United States had an obsessive sense of mission and a hallucinatory view of international relations: " The American nation, as we have watched their proceedings during these last 25 years, will not, when another Atlantic crisis, another Middle East crisis or another European crisis comes, wait upon the deliberations of the British Cabinet, whose point of view and appreciation of the situation will be so different from their own ".
On 1 August 2011, US drones and reportedly Yemeni aircraft attacked three targets with bombs and missiles in South Yemen, killing 15 suspected al Qaeda militants and wounding 17 others.
On 30 September 2011, US drone-launched missiles killed four people, including Al Qaeda propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki, in Al Jawf Governorate.
On 6 September 2003, an Israeli Air Force ( IAF ) F-16 fired several missiles on a building in Gaza City, the Gaza Strip.
On July 2, 2009, North Korea test fired a series of at least four surface-to-ship cruise missiles into the Sea of Japan ( East Sea ).
On 1 July 1979, the 7th Missile Warning Squadron ( 7 MWS ) brought a Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System ( PAVE PAWS ) radar site to Beale, a Protection Level 1, 10-story structure that can detect possible attack by land-based and sea-launched ballistic missiles.
On 26 October, at 11: 16 am, the 10th SMS's launch facility Alpha-06 went on " strategic alert " after it was discovered the Soviet Union had placed nuclear missiles in Cuba to counter the threat to Moscow and most of the Soviet Union east of the Urals posed by American nuclear-armed Jupiter and Thor missiles based in Turkey.
On August 30, 2007, a B-52 took off from Minot AFB carrying six cruise missiles with W-80 nuclear warheads to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.
*: On 20 December 2010, Lockheed Martin was awarded a contract for $ 916 million for 226 ' tactical missiles ' and 24 launcher modification kits for the UAE and Taiwan.
*: On 20 December 2010, Lockheed Martin was awarded a contract for $ 916 million for 226 ' tactical missiles ' and 24 launcher modification kits for the UAE and Taiwan.
On 1 June 1971, SAC deactivated the 821st Strategic Aerospace Division and by October of that year, an upgraded LGM-30F Minuteman II also replaced the Minuteman I missiles.
On 19 March, the first U. S. action was taken when 114 Tomahawk missiles launched by US and UK warships destroyed shoreline air defenses of the Gaddafi regime.
On February 13, 2003, a UN panel reported that Iraq's Al-Samoud 2 missiles, disclosed by Iraq to weapons inspectors in December, have a range of 180 km, in breach of UNSCR 1441.

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