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On and strength
On the morning of Stanley's return, however, her strength left her.
On the varying strength of these two monsoons the rainfall of the district depends.
But on the strength of containing an alternate mix of his most popular single " Egypt, Egypt ", 1984's On the Nile was moderately successful.
On June 1, 2004, the peacekeeping mission was passed to MINUSTAH and comprised a 7, 000 strength force led by Brazil and backed by Argentina, Chile, Jordan, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Uruguay.
On the strength of his years of study in Mecca, Ibn Battuta was appointed a qadi, or judge, by the sultan.
On the strength of his knowledge and experience of Franco's Spain, he was put in charge of the subsection which dealt with Spain and Portugal.
On 8 August 1972, Rines ' Raytheon DE-725C sonar unit, operating at a frequency of 200 kHz and anchored at a depth of, identified a moving target ( or targets ) estimated by echo strength to be in length.
On the strength of a passage in The Illiad, it has been suggested that the palace was the site of a dancing-ground made for Ariadne by the craftsman Daedalus, where young men and women, of the age of those sent to Crete as prey for the Minotaur, would dance together.
On the strength of their work on The Frost Report and other programmes, Cleese and Chapman had been offered a show by the BBC, but Cleese was reluctant to do a two-man show for various reasons, among them Chapman's reputedly difficult personality.
On December 7 the gas supply in the attitude control system was exhausted, and on December 10 and 11 a total of 83 micrometeoroid hits were recorded which caused perturbation of the attitude and degradation of the signal strength.
On the strength of this tradition, Dante placed this pope in Hell.
Indeed, such was the perceived threat of the Ottoman Empire under the reign of Suleiman that ambassador Busbecq warned of Europe's imminent conquest: " On Turks ' side are the resources of a mighty empire, strength unimpaired, habituation to victory, endurance of toil, unity, discipline, frugality and watchfulness ... Can we doubt what the result will be ?... When the Turks have settled with Persia, they will fly at our throats supported by the might of the whole East ; how unprepared we are I dare not say.
On the surface of the Earth, the acceleration due to gravity ( the " strength of gravity ") is approximately constant ; this means that the ratio of the weight force of a motionless object on the surface of the Earth to its mass is almost independent of its location, so that an object's weight force can stand as a proxy for its mass, and vice versa.
On his arrival at Naples Paisiello was reinstated in his former appointments by Joseph Bonaparte and Joachim Murat, but he had taxed his genius beyond its strength, and was unable to meet the demands now made upon it for new ideas.
On the strength of his father's political machine, Daley ran for and won a seat in the Illinois Senate, serving from 1972 to 1980.
On November 8, Lincoln won by over 400, 000 popular votes on the strength of the soldier vote and following battlefield successes at Atlanta.
On the other hand, ordinal utility captures only ranking and not strength of preferences.
On the strength of these three releases, the annual Quigley poll revealed Tracy was MGM's biggest money-making star of 1944.
On the strength of the two movies, Tracy polled as one of the nation's top stars once again.
On 3 March 1541, the French Ambassador, Charles de Marillac, reported in a letter that the King was now said to be lamenting that " under pretext of some slight offences which he had committed, they had brought several accusations against him, on the strength of which he had put to death the most faithful servant he ever had.
On the strength of this he was invited by the BBC to take part in a programme for the armed forces, Ack-Ack, Beer-Beer ( the title taken from the then-current phonetic alphabet ), which he compered.
On a number of occasions in the Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan uses his breath to give strength to characters, demonstrating his benevolent power or bringing life.
On 4 September he recalled Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt from retirement, in which condition he had been since Hitler had dismissed him as Wehrmacht Commander-in-Chief West on 2 July, and reinstated him in his former command, replacing Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model, who had taken command just 18 days previously and would henceforth command only Army Group B. Rundstedt immediately began to plan a defence against what Wehrmacht intelligence judged to be 60 Allied divisions at full strength, although Eisenhower in fact possessed only 49 divisions.
On the strength of " The Distance ", Fashion Nugget was certified gold on December 9, 1996 and platinum on April 10, 1997.

On and these
On the downstream, or `` pavilion '', side these vaults give out onto terraces twice as wide as the bridge itself.
On these posts the gates swung open with a squeak and shut with a metallic clang.
On this issue, then, as on so many in these months, Steele and Swift took rigidly opposed points of view.
On the other side are the Celtic survivalists who have taken a tack divergent from both these schools of nineteenth century thought.
On these they feel they can rely.
On these excursions, Papa instructed him on man's chief end, which was his duty to God and his own salvation.
On April 30, ceremonies commemorating the departure of these volunteers will take place at 1:00 P.M. at the Dexter Training Grounds in Providence.
On the remainder of the clear channels, the dominant ( class 1 ) -- B stations are protected as described above, and the relatively small number of secondary ( class 2 ) ) stations permitted to operate on these channels at night are required to operate directionally and/or with reduced power so as to protect the class 1, stations.
On these generators let Af and Af be, respectively, the harmonic conjugates of Af and Af with respect to the two points in which the corresponding generator meets Aj.
On the economic front, the first priority of these countries is to mobilize a vastly increased volume of resources.
On these pillars rested that solid basis for life and thought which was soon to be manifested in the remarkably unlimited ken of the Iliad.
On these bonds, price rises since February 21 easily outnumber price declines.
On contraction, these alternately pass the blood to a single ventricle which pumps it both into both the systemic vessels ( which service the body at large ) as well as the pulmonic vessels ( which return to the lungs for oxygenation ).
Additional works by Alexander are preserved in Arabic translation, these include: On the Principles of the Universe, On Providence, and Against Galen on Motion.
On November 21, 1867, the House Judiciary Committee produced a bill of impeachment: it had a broad collection of complaints against him, but as stated, these were not thought to be easily provable under the Constitution, which required evidence " as treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.
On the basis of these traditions, the churches in question often claim to have inherited specific authority, doctrines and / or practices on the authority of their founding apostle ( s ), which is understood to be continued by the bishops of the see ( seat ) or throne of the church that each founded and whose original leader he was.
On these occasions the reliable and yet unimaginative tactics Charles was fond of were not sufficient, except on one occasion at Aspern-Essling, to defeat the unpredictable Corsican.
On Broadway, three people played all of these roles.
On these days almost all shops will remain closed.
In addition to these works on astronomical timekeeping, he also wrote De natura rerum, or On the Nature of Things, modelled in part after the work of the same title by Isidore of Seville.
On the right of these French and Bavarian positions, between Oberglauheim and Blenheim, Tallard deployed 64 French and Walloon squadrons ( 16 drawn from Marsin ) supported by nine French battalions standing near the Höchstädt road.
On the other hand, these accelerators have limited capabilities to probe into such high energy regimes.
On early keyboards without a key ( before the introduction of 101-key keyboards ) the Pause function was assigned to, and the Break function to ; these key-combinations still work with most programs, even on modern PCs with modern keyboards.

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