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Page "lore" ¶ 526
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

On and third
On the glass partition between me and the driver were three signs: one asked for help for the blind, another help for orphans, and the third for relief for the war refugees.
On December 5 he paced a mile in 55 on the twice-around, out in third position all the way.
On the third floor one of the two windows was lighted ; ;
On the third occasion -- another Big Four summit session at Paris a year ago -- there was no problem of an illusory `` spirit ''.
On May 18, at the Republican National Convention in Chicago, Lincoln's friends promised and manipulated and won the nomination on the third ballot, beating candidates such as William H. Seward and Salmon P. Chase.
On the third ballot Pennsylvania put him over the top.
On the day that Agrippina married her uncle Claudius as her third husband / his fourth wife, she became an Empress and the most powerful woman in the Roman Empire.
On 15 January 1941, Alfonso XIII abdicated his rights to the Spanish throne in favour of his third ( of four ), but second-surviving, son Juan, father of the current King, Juan Carlos.
On the third Wednesday in March each year ( near the spring equinox ), three quarters of Dutch schoolchildren aged 10 / 11 and Dutch celebrities plant trees.
On April 26, Matt Ryan ( quarterback from Boston College ) was drafted third overall in the 2008 NFL Draft by the Falcons.
:: On the third day he rose again ;
On the third day He rose again from the dead.
On June 4, the Orioles replaced Dave Trembley as manager with third base coach Juan Samuel as interim manager.
On 26 April 2006 Lara was reappointed the captain of the West Indies cricket team for the third time.
On his return to Naples, Nelson was greeted with a triumphal procession led by King Ferdinand IV and Sir William Hamilton and was introduced for only the third time to Sir William's wife Emma, Lady Hamilton, who fainted violently at the meeting, and apparently took several weeks to recover from her injuries.
On the third day of battle, July 3, fighting resumed on Culp's Hill, and cavalry battles raged to the east and south, but the main event was a dramatic infantry assault by 12, 500 Confederates against the center of the Union line on Cemetery Ridge, known as Pickett's Charge.
On the third day, after James had received a report back from the bishops and made final modifications, he announced his decisions to the Puritans and Bishops.
On July 4, 2005, Cape Verde became the third country to sign a compact with the U. S. Government-funded Millennium Challenge Corporation ( MCC ); the five-year assistance package is worth over $ 110 million in addressing rural economic expansion, infrastructure development, and development of the credit sector.
* On November 15, 1996, there was a third mutiny and 1, 500 French soldiers were flown in to ensure the safety of the foreigners.
On Jan. 1 2008 Costa Rica started its third year term on the Security council.
On December 3, Cubs broadcaster and former third baseman, Ron Santo, died due to complications from bladder cancer and diabetes.
The relation he there gives of the miracle is as follows: " On the nones ( or 7th ) of May, about the third hour, ( or nine in the morning ,) a vast luminous body, in the form of a cross, appeared in the heavens, just over the holy Golgotha, reaching as far as the holy mount of Olivet, ( that is, almost two English miles in length ,) seen not by one or two persons, but clearly and evidently by the whole city.
On the third line a capital Y indicates a work about the author or book represented by the first two lines, and a capital E ( for English — other letters are used for other languages ) indicates a translation into English.
On June 27, 1977, a third vote took place.

On and voyage
On the second voyage, he had turned back at the frozen island of Novaya Zemlya and meekly given the crew a certificate stating that he did so of his own free will -- which was obviously not the case.
The ship on which Charles Darwin made the voyage which provided much of the inspiration for On the Origin of Species was named HMS Beagle after the breed, and, in turn, lent its name to the ill-fated British Martian lander Beagle 2.
" On the return voyage he discovered and explored uninhabited Malden Island in the central Pacific on 30 July 1825.
On Columbus second voyage in 1493 the colony of " La Española " was founded and administered from the new settlement of La Isabela which was established on the north coast.
On April 30, 1494, Christopher Columbus, on his second voyage, arrived and spent the night.
On a second voyage, he probably proceeded past the present site of Yuma, Arizona.
On the second voyage, in 1456, Cadamosto became the first European to reach the Cape Verde Islands.
On the insistence of senior officers, led by Rear Admiral Alan Gardner, in 1794 lemon juice was issued on board the Suffolk on a twenty-three week, non-stop voyage to India.
On the return voyage, the Ripley made a stop at St. George's, Newfoundland, and Audubon and his assistants documented 36 species of birds.
On their voyage around the Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother, their canoe became stranded on a reef and tilted.
On his voyage to the underworld, Odysseus follows instructions given to him by Circe, a goddess who is the daughter of the sun-god Helios.
On the home voyage, after Solís ' death, one of the vessels was wrecked off Santa Catarina Island near the Brazilian coast.
* On 27 December 1831, set off from anchorage in the Barn Pool, under Mount Edgecumbe on the west side of Plymouth Sound, on her second survey voyage, captained by Robert FitzRoy with Charles Darwin on board.
On the sea voyage home in 1832, Morse encountered Charles Thomas Jackson of Boston, a man who was well schooled in electromagnetism.
* 303 – On a voyage preaching the gospel, Saint Fermin of Pamplona is beheaded in Amiens, France.
On 22 August 1770, James Cook discovered the eastern coast of Australia while on a scientific voyage to the South Pacific.
On his return, he meets and marries Gudrid, one of the survivors from a ship which has made land at Herjolfsnes after a difficult voyage from Iceland.
* July 31 – On his third voyage to the Western Hemisphere, Christopher Columbus becomes the first European to discover the island of Trinidad.
On the voyage to Africa, they became acquainted with an English woman named Ruth Bailey, who joined their safari a few weeks later.
On this second voyage Cook crossed three times into the Antarctic Circle to determine whether the fabled great southern continent existed.
* September 25 – On a voyage preaching the gospel, Saint Fermin of Pamplona is beheaded in Amiens, France.
On 28 July he escaped from the island in a fishing-boat, and after an adventurous voyage he reached
On his second voyage, Vasco da Gama inflicted acts of cruelty upon competing traders and local inhabitants, which sealed his notoriety in India.
On this voyage, Bylot proved that Hudson Strait was not a shipping route to Asia.

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