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On and their
On the morning of September 10, 1895, Powell and Ross rose at dawn and began their day's work.
On spring and summer evenings people leave their shops and houses and walk up through the lanes of the city to the bridge.
On their decisive battlefield Lincoln did not distinguish between them when he paid tribute to the `` brave men, living and dead, who fought here ''.
On the eve of his return to their native Naxos he speaks with his wife of the masterpiece which rises before them in its completed perfection.
On December 21, the day that the Irish House of Commons petitioned for removal of Sir Constantine Phipps, their Tory Lord Chancellor, Molesworth reportedly made this remark on the defense of Phipps by Convocation: `` They that have turned the world upside down, are come hither also ''.
On their right rose the embankment covered with brush and trees.
On the outskirts of the rabble the Camaret brothers and Gaspard Favre shook their fists.
On Sundays he would walk miles into the campagna to visit with them, and in particular to see their horses.
On the second occasion it took prayers as well as reason to dissuade the soldiers from their purpose.
On that date the Musicians Emergency Fund, organized to furnish employment for musicians unable to obtain engagements during the depression and to provide relief for older musicians who lost their fortunes in the stock market crash, observed its 30th anniversary.
On the death of their father, they returned to their home in Batavia, New York.
On their way, they stopped at every gas station along the main boulevards to question the attendants.
On the whole they maintain much the same high standard, but they are much more difficult to discuss in detail because of their wider variety of subject matter.
On the whole, it appears that they do not favor their own social classes in an explicit way.
On the other hand, there is a counterbalancing purpose in education which is to pass on the advantages of the parents to their children.
On their frequent hikes into the nearby mountains, the children carry whole grains to munch along the trail.
On the one side we have the university professors and their students, trained in Teutonic methods of research, who have sought out, collected and studied the true products of the oral traditions of the ethnic, regional and occupational groups that make up this nation.
On the one hand, there is a sense of not having moved beyond the ambiance of their high school.
On March 21, 1845 the bark Bashaw weighed anchor at New Orleans, while on the levee Henry and William Palfrey waved farewell to their father's former chattels who must have looked back at the receding shore with mingled regret and jubilation.
`` On the hoof '' was a reference to live cattle and was also used in referrin' to cattle travelin' by trail under their own power as against goin' by rail.
On the one hand, there are ecumenists who are so stirred by the crises of the church in its encounter with the world at large that they have no eyes for what the church is doing in their own town.
On the other hand, some unwed mothers had had so much work and responsibility imposed on them at an early age, and had thus had so little freedom or opportunity to develop autonomy and initiative, that their work and responsibilities became dull and unrewarding burdens -- to be escaped and rebelled against through fun and experimentation with forbidden sexual behavior.
On the surface, this seems a sound approach to Christian mission: members of the congregation show by their friendly attitudes that they care for new people ; ;
On their way to the Heavenly City the children of God make use of the pax-ordo of the earthly city and acknowledge their share in responsibility for its preservation.

On and left
On a bitterly cold day in January, 1895, accompanied only by Neal Brown as his deputy, Tilghman left the township of Guthrie and headed for Rock Fort and Dunn's ranch.
On the morning of November 17th, Cornwallis and 2,000 men had left Philadelphia with the object of capturing Fort Mercer at Red Bank, New Jersey.
On May 19, a deputy sheriff's posse of eight men left Maxwell City and rode thirty-five miles up the Vermejo where they were joined by Juan Jose Martinez.
On the morning of Stanley's return, however, her strength left her.
On that date, according to Gregorio, Huff left his home and took a room in the New Lawrence hotel at 1020 Lawrence Av..
On the left are the blue and white rhombuses of Bavaria, while the right half is split into two sliver and black triangles.
On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person to fly in space, reinforcing American fears about being left behind in a technological competition with the Soviet Union.
On 23 April 1196, King Béla III died and he left the Kingdom of Hungary unportioned to his eldest son, Emeric, while Andrew inherited a large amount of money in order to fulfill his father's Crusader oath.
On his way north, he stopped at Pavia where he crowned his illegitimate son Ratold, sub-King of Italy, after which he left Ratold in Milan in an attempt to preserve his hold on Italy.
On the left side of Figure 1, the case of infinite light speed is shown.
On August 18, 1967, Red Sox batter Tony Conigliaro was hit almost directly in the left eye by a fastball thrown by Jack Hamilton of the California Angels.
On 7 August, therefore, the first of Baden's 15, 000 Imperial troops ( the remainder following two days later ) left Marlborough's main force to besiege the heavily defended city of Ingolstadt, farther down the Danube.
On the French side of the stream the ground rises to Offus, the village which, together with Autre-Eglise farther north, anchored Villeroi ’ s left flank.
On Overkirk ’ s right flank, close to Ramillies, ten of his squadrons suddenly broke ranks and were scattered, riding headlong to the rear to recover their order, leaving the left flank of the Allied assault on Ramillies dangerously exposed.
On 18 November 2008 the band released The BBC Sessions, which features songs from the period of 1996 2001 ( including the last recordings featuring Isobel Campbell before she left the band ), along with a second disc featuring a recording of a live performance in Belfast from Christmas 2001.
On the left side, is a function mapping any point in space to a complex number ; on the right side, is a ket.
Image: Hainan Airlines-Boeing 737-86N. jpg | On the right side of this Hainan Airlines aircraft, the text runs from right to left ( 空 航 南 海 ).
On 10 May 1810, a squadron consisting of the 36-gun frigate HMS Caroline, formerly French frigate HMS Piedmontaise, 18-gun sloop HMS Barracouta, and the 12-gun transport HMS Mandarin left Madras with money, supplies and troops to support the garrison at Amboyna, recently captured from the Dutch.
On the left, a cell is going through mitosis and its DNA has condensed ready for division.
On most motorcycles the clutch is operated by the clutch lever located on the left handlebar.
On the left of the altar, towards the Eastern Orthodox chapel, there is a statue of Mary, believed to be working wonders ( the 13th Station of the Cross, where Jesus ' body was removed from the cross and given to his family ).
On 17 February 1875 the SS Gothenburg left Darwin en route for Adelaide.
On the left of the tree are agricultural instruments and on the right is a factory, showing Dedham's history first as a town of farmers and then a one with a number of mills and factories, particularly along Mother Brook.
On 20 December 303, Diocletian cut short his stay in Rome and left for the north.

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