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On and top
On top of everything else they were two months behind on their apartment rent, and the day Wally received written notice that he was fired, they were evicted.
On the third ballot Pennsylvania put him over the top.
On five sides of the memorial along the top are inscribed the words " Victims of Terrorist Attack on the Pentagon September 11, 2001 ".
On the Adult Contemporary chart, all five songs were top 10 hits, with two of the five (" Baby Baby " and " That's What Love Is For ") reaching No. 1.
On modern keyboards, the key is usually labeled Pause with Break below, sometimes separated by a line, or Pause on the top of the keycap and Break on the front.
On top of this there are many non-European clowning traditions ( including clown-like figures in Japanese Kabuki theatre ), North American native shaman traditions to consider which may or may not have influenced what we now think of as a clown in the Western world.
" The year 1979 saw the Commodores score another Top Five ballad hit, " Sail On ", before reaching the top of the charts once again with another ballad, " Still ".
On top of the base, a steamer sits where the couscous is cooked, absorbing the flavours from the stew.
On the top is a capital in the characteristic shape of a scroll, called a volute, or scroll, at the four corners.
On the top of the tower is a four-bar neon clock that indicates the time by displaying different colours in 15 minute intervals, blinking at the change of the quarter.
On the top of the vent on the outside of the cannon is a flat circular space called the vent field where the charge is lit.
On 4 January 1982, Reagan signed the top secret National Security Decision Directive 17 ( NSDD-17 ), giving the CIA the authority to recruit and support the contras with $ 19 million in military aid.
On top of that, Oliver North helped Carl Channell's tax-exempt organization, the " National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty ", to raise $ 10 million, by arranging numerous briefings for groups of potential contributors at the premises of the White House and by facilitating private visits and photo sessions with president Reagan for major contributors.
On July 21, 1979, six days after the riot, the top six records on the U. S. music charts were disco songs.
On top of it the external level, various views of the database, are designed according to ( possibly completely different ) needs of specific end-user types.
On top of the console was a " contraption " ( shortened to " trap ") tray used to hold whistles, klaxons, and cowbells, thus drum kits were dubbed " trap kits.
On top of that, there were two instances of British troops killing civilians out of revenge or frustration, at Portobello Barracks, where six were shot and North King Street, where 15 were killed.
On the follow-up album Discovery, the logo became a small glowing artifact on top of a treasure chest.
On the ground it has a top speed of and a maximum range of.
On the day of painting, a thinner, smooth layer of fine plaster, the intonaco, is added to the amount of wall that can be expected to be completed in a day, sometimes matching the contours of the figures or the landscape, but more often just starting from the top of the composition.
On the fugitive group wanted poster, The FBI did not list the persons in any particular stated order, except perhaps for the consistent placing of bin Laden in the number one position of the top row.
On top of this, he still performed other gestures, such as arranging police protection with his personal assurances for local artists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, when they were threatened by Nazi supporters for their new patriotic comic book superhero, Captain America.
On the back ( top ) of the foot, the tendons of extensor digitorum brevis and extensor hallucis brevis lie deep to the system of long extrinsic extensor tendons.
On top of the political aspect of graffiti as a movement, political groups and individuals may also use graffiti as a tool to spread their point of view.

On and spray
On a thrusting spray thick with thorns and dewdrops and swelling pink buds, like a summer Valentine, a bird balanced and sang, nondescriptly brown and alive with its own music, a little engine of song.
On June 16, 2009, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration sent a warning letter to Matrixx Initiatives, manufacturer of an over-the-counter nasal spray for the common cold, Zicam.
On occasion, seasoned offenders have complied immediately after production of OC spray canisters, often requesting TASER usage as opposed to OC spray usage due to total time of effects.
On July 1, 1997, he began a controversial " spray paint shame campaign ” in an effort to stop drug use.
On the opening night of the exhibition the artist Gerhard Richter vandalized the exterior of the Kunsthalle by spray painting the text, " Power, Corruption, and Lies ".
On November 30, 2001, Ridgway was at the Kenworth Truck factory, where he worked as a spray painter, when police arrived to arrest him.
On Black Friday 2011, a woman used pepper spray on fellow shoppers, causing minor injuries to at least 10 people who had been waiting hours for Black Friday savings.
On February 17, 2003, a stampede occurred at the E2 nightclub in Chicago, after an incident involving pepper spray, resulting in the deaths of 21 people.
On the fourth Sunday preceding Dormition ( 15 August ), a special celebration called Vardevar ( Վարդևար ) takes place, where anyone is free to soak others with water from spray guns, hoses or even buckets.
On the west bank there are no facilities and the view on the waterfall is somewhat hindered by the waterfall's spray.
On the last day of school the three spray paint a giant piece of graffiti on the side of the school.
On the other hand, products such as mouthwash or breath spray can " fool " breath machines by significantly raising test results.
On 1 August 2006 Barkley was arrested in Newquay by police using CS spray after a fight in which a man suffered a broken jaw, but was later released without charge.
On the Scoville scale it has 9, 100, 000 SHU ( Scoville heat units ), significantly higher than pepper spray.
On the March 8 episode of Impact Wrestling, Aries was defeated by Ion via disqualification, after Aries was caught using Ion's hair spray on him ; as a result, Aries retained his title.

On and chamber
On launch the rocket engine's first chamber developing thrust would power the missile along a predetermined course to the target at around Mach 1. 5.
On 19 March, a constitutional referendum was voted on and passed reforming the laws surrounding the power and election of the presidency, limiting the presidency to two four-year terms, providing judicial supervision of elections, requiring the president to appoint a deputy, calling for a commission to draft a new constitution following the parliamentary election, and providing easier access to presidential elections by candidates ( 30, 000 signatures from at least 15 provinces, 30 members of a chamber of the legislature, or nomination by a party holding at least one seat in the legislature ).
On the one and the same account they glorify them and they degrade and diminish them ; yes, further, they openly condemn them to disgrace and civil degradation ; they keep them religiously excluded from council chamber, rostrum, senate, knighthood, and every other kind of office and a good many distinctions.
On 16 February 1923, Carter opened the sealed doorway, and found that it did indeed lead to a burial chamber, and he got his first glimpse of the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun.
On certain types of harmonica the pre-tuned reed can be changed ( bending a note ) to another note by redirecting air flow into the chamber.
On the western side is a worthy bed, on the ground, a stone chimney, a wardrobe and a certain other small chamber ; at the eastern end is a pantry and a buttery.
On May 24, 1844, the line was officially opened as Morse sent the famous words " What hath God wrought " from the Supreme Court chamber in the basement of the U. S. Capitol building in Washington, D. C., to the B & O's Mount Clare Station in Baltimore.
On the evening of July 2, 1915, Eric Muenter, an anarchist and onetime German professor at Harvard and Cornell universities, who opposed American support of the allied war effort, broke into the Senate chamber, laid dynamite around Marshall's office door, and set it with a timer.
On the other hand, the very chamber in the temple where the Genji was written is shown — with the ink-slab which the author used, and a Buddhist Sutra in her handwriting, which, if they do not satisfy the critic, still are sufficient to carry conviction to the minds of ordinary visitors to the temple.
On 21 January 1919, Sinn Féin MPs ( who became known as Teachta Dála, TDs ) refusing to sit in the British House of Commons at Westminster, assembled in Dublin and formed a single chamber Irish parliament called Dáil Éireann ( Assembly of Ireland ).
On December 12, 1952, Cook was executed in the gas chamber at San Quentin Prison in California.
On 23 December 1588, at the Château de Blois, the Duke of Guise arrived in the council chamber where his brother Louis II, Cardinal of Guise, waited.
On the west side of the burial chamber is a false door and a huge granite block on which once stood the sarcophagus of the king.
On the summit stood, as at Ur and Eridu, a small chamber, the special shrine or abode of the god.
On 17 January 1991 Irving told a reporter from the Jewish Chronicle that " The Jews are very foolish not to abandon the gas chamber theory while they still have time ".
On the west edge of the town, surrounded by Hatston Industrial Estate, is a prehistoric ancient monument, Grain Earth House ( Historic Scotland ), a short low stone-walled passage deep underground leading to a small pillared chamber.
On January 16, Union celebrations were dampened when the fort's magazine exploded killing and wounding 200 Union and Confederate soldiers that were sleeping on the roof of the magazine chamber or nearby.
On modern ( post 1930's ) spark plugs, the tip of the insulator protruding into the combustion chamber is the same sintered aluminium oxide ( alumina ) ceramic as the upper portion, merely unglazed.
On the other hand, if an engine is " burning oil ", the excess oil leaking into the combustion chamber tends to foul the plug tip and inhibit the spark ; in such cases, a plug with less protrusion than the engine would normally call for often collects less fouling and performs better, for a longer period.
On the day of the vote O ' Malley spoke in the Dáil chamber stated:
On 25 August 1737, Farinelli was named chamber musician to the king, and, or servant to the royal family.
On the morning of 20 June, the deputies were shocked to discover that the chamber door was locked and guarded by soldiers.
On 2 October 1935, the anniversary of Hindenburg's birthday, the President ’ s bronze coffin was relocated to a new, sombre chamber where he was joined by his wife Gertrud, who was moved from the family plot in Hanover.
On the other hand, too coarse a powder does not burn completely in the combustion chamber and results in higher unburnt losses.

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