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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 248
from Brown Corpus
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One and beatnik
It was known as Chicago's Number One " beatnik bistro ".

One and got
The matter got into the courts this way: One of the early strikes called by the AWOC was at the DiGiorgio pear orchards in Yuba County.
One such group got all incensed over shelled `` children '' when Helva was just turning fourteen.
One myth says that Nephthys got Osiris drunk and the resultant seduction brought forth Anubis.
One day he entered the room and shouted ' I got it, I just got it!
One of the five original ships got destroyed, and after seeing the first ship go down another ship had a mutiny and took off.
" One notable run-through of the routine had Grandpa saying " Ah ain't got nuthin '!
One of the gunmen who got out of the car shot him dead while he lay on the floor and also shot a woman, who screamed out, " Murderer.
Shakespeare, on the other hand, uses two sets of twins, which, according to William Connolly, “ dilutes the force of situations .” One suggestion is that Shakespeare got this idea from Plautus ’ Amphitruo, in which both twin masters and twin slaves appear.
One commodity they got was camwood, a hard timber, from which also could be obtained a red dye.
* One time, as the referees were spotting the ball before a measurement to determine if the Chiefs got a first down, Stram yelled to the officials, " You didn't mark it right!
" One participant who had been in the Stonewall during the raid recalled, " The police rushed us, and that's when I realized this is not a good thing to do, because they got me in the back with a night stick ".
One famous story exemplifying the Empress ’ s vanity is that once the Elizabeth got a bit of powder in her hair and was unable to remove it.
One often has a velcro-backed marker that marks how far the runner got before the bungee cord pulled back.
Escapin ' through the lily fields </ br > I came across an empty space </ br > It trembled and exploded </ br > Left a bus stop in its place </ br > The bus came by and I got on </ br > That's when it all began </ br > There was cowboy Neal </ br > At the wheel </ br > Of a bus to never-ever land-Grateful Dead, lyrics from " That's It for the Other One "
One resident was reported to have said " If you've got a problem in Raffles, get a shotgun ".
The shocking fiery crash of Lorenzo Bandini at the Monaco chicane in 1967 and, in particular, the hugely talented Jim Clark's death at Hockenheim in a F2 race in 1968 that got Formula One as a whole to start thinking on the topic of safety more seriously.
In Season Four, Spike was introduced to fill the antagonistic role that Cordelia had in seasons One to Three ; as Joss Whedon explains on the DVD featurette, " All of our characters got to the point where they were loving and hugging, and it was sort of like, where's Cordelia?
One Minute Silence came together in the early 1990s when Irish vocalist Brian Barry got together with guitarist Chris Ignatiou under the name " Near Death Experience ".
By the time he got his break in Formula One, he was already 27 years old and took two years off his age to avoid being considered too old to make it at the highest level of motorsports.
One garnered IMRA members $ 178, 000, 000 the other got over $ 250, 000, 000 for consumers who bought CD's between 1995 and 2005.
One of Rongomai's men was caught, and was claimed by Miru in sacrifice, as payment for having imparted the sacred knowledge, but Rongomai and the others got safely back to the world again.
One of Durante's common catch phrases, " I got a million of ' em!
One of the first settlers was Zebulon Marcy, from whom Marcy Township, now Duryea borough, got its name.

One and woman
One Monday morning I saw him approach the store with a woman and introduce me to her as my new Aunt.
One is so accustomed to think of men as the privileged who need but ask and receive, and women as submissive and yielding, that our sympathies are usually enlisted on the side of the man whose love is not returned, and we condemn the woman as a coquette.
One woman -- she could have been either English or American -- went up to him and said, ' But you are the foreigners ' ''.
One hebephrenic woman often became submerged in what felt to me like a somehow phony experience of pseudo-emotion, during which, despite her wracking sobs and streaming cheeks, I felt only a cold annoyance with her.
One veracious woman tells me she has used thin potato parings for both corns and calluses on her feet and they remove the pain or `` fire ''.
One of the most appealing of the rooftop canvases is `` Sun And Wind On The Roof '', with a woman and child bracing themselves against flapping clothes and flying birds.
*" One should never betroth himself to a woman without having seen her ; one might subsequently discover in her a blemish because of which one might loathe her and thus transgress the commandment: ' Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself '" ( Kiddushin 41a ).
One reason was that higher status families were traditionally expected to be polyandrous to maintain wealth of the family ( one woman would marry and mate with many brothers in the same family ; this led to sexual competition within the family, severe tension, jealousy and conflicts ).
One inscription gives the address of a woman named Novellia Primigenia of Nuceria, a prostitute, apparently of great beauty, whose services were much in demand.
One special step used during a galliard is lavolta, a step which involves an intimate, close hold between a couple, with the woman being lifted into the air and the couple turning 270 degrees, within one six-beat measure.
One night in September 1939 they took him to a large house owned by " Old Dorothy " Clutterbuck, a wealthy local woman, where he was made to strip naked and taken through an initiation ceremony.
One woman ( Alice Hawthorne ) is killed, and a cameraman suffers a heart attack fleeing the scene.
One of Niven's best known humorous works is " Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex ", in which he uses real-world physics to underline the difficulties of Superman and a human woman ( Lois Lane or Lana Lang ) mating.
One was the first woman to serve in the United States Senate, Rebecca Latimer Felton, a suffragist who held white supremacist views.
One of the men in the troupe was dressed as a woman, playing all the female parts in the dramatizations.
One dance for couples, a form of the galliard called lavolta, involved a rather intimate hold between the man and woman, with the woman being lifted into the air while the couple made a 3 / 4 turn.
One, a former bartender in Manhattan, refused comment on the story while the other, a woman from Tampa, could not be found.
One of these thirty leading men was a woman called Helen, and the first and most esteemed by John was Simon.
One scene shows a young woman forced to eat the feces of the Duke ; later, the other victims are presented a giant meal of human feces.
" One of his favorite jokes was about a woman with two sons, one of whom went to sea and one of whom was elected vice president ; neither was ever heard of again.
One example is the story of a woman killed by spiders nesting in her elaborate hairdo.
The philosopher and feminist Simone de Beauvoir applied existentialism to women's experience of life: " One is not born a woman, one becomes one.

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