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Or and equally
Or at least they are not more hidden than the wave function, in the sense that both can only be experimentally determined through a large number of measurements on an ensemble of equally prepared systems.
Or, to continue the quotation, " the perfective looks at the situation from the outside, without necessarily distinguishing any of the internal structure of the situation, whereas the imperfective looks at the situation from inside, and as such is crucially concerned with the internal structure of the situation, since it can both look backwards towards the start of the situation, and look forwards to the end of the situation, and indeed it is equally appropriate if the situation is one that lasts through all time, without any beginning and without any end.
Or: Heinz should not steal the medicine, because others may need the medicine just as badly, and their lives are equally significant.

Or and often
After the mid-1960s, he became much less prolific, but his later work — including his final two epics, Kagemusha ( 1980 ) and Ran ( 1985 )— continued to win awards, including the Palme d ' Or for Kagemusha, though more often abroad than in Japan.
St Gregory Nazianzen, fellow Doctor of the Church, 330-390, said in Or. 21: " When I praise Athanasius, virtue itself is my theme: for I name every virtue as often as I mention him who was possessed of all virtues.
John Harris is often credited with introducing the now-familiar alphabetic format in 1704 with his English Lexicon Technicum: Or, A Universal English Dictionary of Arts and Sciences: Explaining not only the Terms of Art, but the Arts Themselves – to give its full title.
Or a small class of elements, such as the assimilation of the of English the, this and that to a preceding ( including the of and when the is elided ) or: all the often, in the often, and so on.
High quality movie media format such as example Blu-ray Disc are normally preferred, though they often also include a DVD, VHS, Or LaserDisc player and / or video game console systems.
The Lévy and Finkielkraut attacks particularly intensified after Underground won Palme d ' Or in 1995, often crossing over into name calling and insults.
Şanlıurfa,, often simply known as Urfa in daily language ( Kurdish Riha, Arabic الرها Ar-Ruhā, Syriac ܐܘܪܗ Urhoy, Armenian Ուռհա Or ' ha ), in ancient times Edessa, is a city with 482, 323 inhabitants ( 2009 estimate ) in south-eastern Turkey, and the capital of Şanlıurfa Province.
Or, they adopted them directly, often treating the new place names as indeclinable nouns ; here Yerushalem is brought over as Ierusalem, with the Latin I being prononuced as an English Y sound and the / sh / being transliterated to the closest Latin sound, / s /.
Clément has appeared in more than 80 films and is most often remembered as the character " Anne " in the Wim Wenders film Paris, Texas ( 1984 ) which won the Palme d ' Or at the Cannes Film Festival.
In software development, proof of concept ( abbreviated POC ) is often used to describe several distinct processes with different objectives and participant roles: This is done by the Vendor Or Developer.
Or again, the true meaning and purpose of a book often became obscure in the lapse of centuries, and led to false interpretations.
Or it may have been Fitzsimmon's intense personal dislike of Corbett, who had often publicly insulted him, which ruled out any chance of another fight.
Storyline-wise, one can make the argument that Joel rebuilds Cambot ( Or at least, his outer casing ) every few years because Cambot may wear out more often that the other bots because of his mechanically taxing job of constantly recording of the episodes.
Or My Mom Will Shoot, Stallone's previous high-profile attempts at branching out of the one-dimensional action star roles, both of which ultimately ended up commercially unsuccessful, critically panned, and often ridiculed, Cop Land with its star-studded heavyweight ensemble cast was met with high expectations as a multifaceted story based around corruption on the New York City police force.
Eastern Orthodox Churches, particularly jurisdictions of the Greek Orthodox Church under the direct authority of the Ecumenical Patriarch, often display his flag, which is a Byzantine double-headed eagle on a yellow ( Or ) field.
The Ballon d ' Or ( French for Golden Ball and often referred to as European Footballer of the Year award ) is the most notable award distributed by France Football.
Thus, while a roundel may be blazoned by its tincture, e. g., a roundel vert ( literally " a roundel green "), it is more often described by a single word, in this case pomme ( literally " apple ", from the French ) or, from the same origins, pomeis — as in " Vert ; on a cross Or five pomeis " ( Scottish Public Register vol.
Or, conscious of the tourism potential, some non-Baka arrange visits or stays in Baka villages or arrange Baka guides for visitors to forest reserves, often with little compensation to the Baka.
LP side two " No Time Or Space " ( 25 minutes ) begins with a series of gunshot-like sounds and appears to be a performance of a single Moog instrument, though often making use of tape delay and echo effects.
Odofredus is famous for the personal remarks with which he sprinkled his teaching, often introduced by Or signori, " Listen, gentlemen ".
Or in another translation: I also think that the ololuge or cry of praise emitted during the worship of Athena started in Libya, because it is often employed by Libyan women, who do it extremely well.
Questions such as these are asked: “ What are data entry errors costing us now ?” Or “ What is the cost of scrap due to operator error with the current interface ?” Actually, the need for the new tool is often recognized as these questions come to the attention of financial people in the organization.
Or as Barks would say later: " He was sometimes a villain, and he was often a real good guy and at all times he was just a blundering person like the average human being.

Or and statement
: Or if a statement I aver
Or if there is a measurable cardinal, then iterating the definable powerset operation rather than the full one yields Gödel's constructible universe, L, which does not satisfy the statement " there is a measurable cardinal " ( even though it contains the measurable cardinal as an ordinal ).

Or and may
Or, clad from head to toe in fabric stretched over a series of hoops, the performer may well lose his sense of self in being a `` finial ''.
Or in more Freudian terms, the experience may serve to sublimate our destructive urges and strengthen the ego and superego.
Or certain words or rituals that child and adult go through may do the trick.
Or the exception may be due to a particular durability peculiar to the Athabascan verb.
Or a wife may make sudden demands that she be courted, flattered or coaxed, simply because she needs her ego lifted.
Or does he sincerely want to tap the real springs of American attitude and culture regardless of how unpopular and embarrassing they may be??
Or the actor may fumble some of his lines in a group shot ; rather than discarding a good version of the shot, the director may just have the actor repeat the lines " in one " and cut to that solitary view when necessary.
Large marine vessels may also enter Bras d ' Or Lake through the Great Bras d ' Or channel whereas small craft have the additional use of the Little Bras d ' Or channel or St. Peters Canal.
Or, it may be a constitution describing a comprehensive doctrinal system and specifying terms under which the local church is connected to other local churches, to which participating congregations give their assent.
Or, according to Pascal's Wager, it may be to our advantage to have faith, because faith may promise infinite rewards, while the rewards of reason are seen by many as finite.
Or it may refer to the rules of a particular, relatively well-defined variety of English ( such as Standard English ).
Or the designer may utilize stock imagery or photography.
Or, leadership may choose to mitigate the risk by selecting and implementing appropriate control measures to reduce the risk.
Or in some variations may only be passed by rolling a 6 or 1.
Or if the firm is considering a price increase, it may want to know whether other firms will also increase prices or hold existing prices constant.
Or the pagan texts may have merely appeared irrelevant.
Or they may be abstract, expressing, in more general terms, opposition to injustice and support for peace, or free thought, but audiences usually know what is being referred to.
" Or Wittgenstein may indicate such a response by beginning with a long dash, as he does before the question above: — But what is the meaning of the word ' five '?
Or the definition may be simply that a people is a group of individuals who unanimously choose a separate state.

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