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Others and have
Others mentioned that I might have had to ask friends or even strangers for help and that to be stranded in a foreign country without sufficient funds did not contribute to international understanding.
Others writing on Faulkner have found the phrase `` traditional moralist '' either inadequate or misleading.
Others have so-called development plans, but some of these are little more than lists of projects collected from various ministries while others are statements of goals without analysis of the actions required to attain them.
Others, which are reached by walking up a single flight of stairs, have balconies.
Others have specialised mouthparts consisting of a horny beak edged by several rows of labial teeth.
Others have criticised Christie on political grounds, particularly with respect to her conversations about and portrayals of Jews.
Others have speculated that instead of social groups, at least some of these finds represent Komodo dragon-like mobbing of carcasses, where aggressive competition leads to some of the predators being killed and cannibalized.
Others have discredited the theory about the Galilean Tekoa, citing that the difference in elevation between the two locations is not significant.
Others have argued that astronomy is an inaccurate term, what are being studied are cosmologies and people who object to the use of logos have suggested adopting the Spanish cosmovisión.
Poem 30 of that sequence, for instance, speaks of how " Fear contended with desire ": " Others, I am not the first / have willed more mischief than they durst ".
Others produce larvae that have little yolk but swim and feed for a few days before settling.
Others have associated this poem with the court of King Alfred, or with the court of King Canute.
Others like Walton have advocated a combination of both schemes, but in different parts of Daniel.
Others have argued that " black " is a better term because " African " suggests foreignness, despite the long presence of black people in the US.
Others, including the Christian Church ( Disciples of Christ ), Evangelical Christian Church in Canada, Churches of Christ, and the Christian churches and churches of Christ, have their roots in the contemporaneous Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, which was centered in Kentucky and Tennessee.
Others, such as Claude Lévi-Strauss ( who was influenced both by American cultural anthropology and by French Durkheimian sociology ), have argued that apparently similar patterns of development reflect fundamental similarities in the structure of human thought ( see structuralism ).
Others estimate that Baghdad's population may have been as large as 2 million in the 9th century .< ref >
A Others, however, have been lovingly preserved in their original condition, and would be coveted by collectors in other countries.
Others have hypothesized that cannibalism was part of a blood revenge in war.
Others, though, have argued that the level of disagreement about the meaning of the word indicates that it either means different things to different people, or else is an umbrella term encompassing a variety of distinct meanings with no simple element in common.
Others have interpreted the fossil bearing rocks along Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada, as supporting a gradual extinction of non-avian dinosaurs ; during the last 10 million years of the Cretaceous layers there, the number of dinosaur species seems to have decreased from about 45 to about 12.
Others have lighthearted and playful lyrics.
Others have proposed that the ceremony in some way endorsed Constantine's kingship, prefiguring later royal inaugurations at Scone.

Others and named
Others carried extra clips for the Browning Automatic Rifle, which was in the hands of a little Mexican named Martinez.
Based on Haliburton's writings, there have been claims that modern hockey originated in Windsor, Nova Scotia, by King's College students and was named after an individual, as in “ Colonel Hockey's game .” Others claim that the origins of hockey come from games played in the area of Dartmouth and Halifax in Nova Scotia.
Others however believe it was named so due to its heat and the belief that it was close to the sun.
Others award the honor to Two Stickney, son of the major who quaintly numbered his sons and named his daughters after States.
Others escaped ; Jim Barr, an IRSP member named by Kirkpatrick as part of the INLA, fled to the US where, having spent 17 months in jail, he won political asylum in 1993.
Others say it was named for Major General Benjamin Lincoln who served in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.
Others hold that the county was named for Davis, who was convicted of aiding Aaron Burr in the treason of 1809 ; he had been a leading local politician and was the county's first circuit court judge.
Others say it was named for Col. William Crawford, who fought in the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War, and who was burned and scalped by Indians in 1782 in what is now Wyandot County, Ohio.
Others say that Greenville was named by early settler Thomas White because it was " so green and nice.
Others called ground rockets, on striking the ground, would rise again and bound along in a serpentine motion until their force was spent. According to one British observer, a young English officer named Bayly:
Others contend that the city was named after Thomas Stock, who was State Surveyor and President of the Georgia State Senate in the 1820s.
Others say that Belle Chasse was named after a Colonel Joseph D. Bellechasse, who lived in New Orleans around the late 18th and early 19th century.
" Others referred to the city as " Hog's Hollow " or " McDougalville ," until a few years later it was finally named Utica by settlers from New York, in honor of the city of the same name in that state.
Others claim that the many English families who settled here bestowed the name of a famous English family named Woodbury upon the area.
Others claim it is named for his younger brother, Bartlett Yancey, Jr. ( 1785-1828 ).
Others believe the town was named by Henry Fort, a black cabinetmaker and carpenter who owned some land along the railroad after the Civil War.
Others say the town was named after Jim Keese, a prominent rancher, who owned Otter Creek.
Others, such as Hunt, Glascock, and Calderwood, were named for Alcoa company officials and engineers.
Others claim that the city was named for Wallace's father, Benjamin F. Williamson.
Others fall into catatonia, forming the social stratum the Eternals have named the " Apathetics ".
Others, those with Southern sympathies, claim that the town was named after famed Civil War General Robert E. Lee after Southerners began moving north into Missouri after the war.
Others spoke against including the women, and when a Mr. Thompson of Massachusetts proposed that Lucy Stone be named to the same committee, Chairman Barstow threatened to leave his post.
Others state that it is named after some of the other many Hellenistic ancient cities in the middle east named Antiochia which were founded as well by some of the Antiochus Kings during the Seleucid Empire ( 312 – 63 BC ).
Others made unsuccessful attempts to have themselves named President for Life, such as Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire in 1972.

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