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Overall and quality
Overall picture quality is intended to be comparable to VHS video.
Overall, the use of limited animation does not necessarily imply lower quality as it allows the use of many timesaving techniques that can improve the quality and flow of the keyframes and overall presentation of an animation.
Overall, the report concluded that substantial near-term progress to address both water quality and hydrology in the central Everglades is needed to reverse ongoing degradation before it ’ s too late.
Overall print quality of spirit duplicators was frequently poor, though a capable operator could overcome this with careful adjustment of feed rate, pressure, and solvent volume.
Overall, the picture quality was still considered inferior to the best kinescope recordings on film.
Overall, the methodological quality of the evidence base was poor as most of the studies suffered from flaws such as small sample size, inadequate study design and poor reporting, with even high-ranking studies failing fully to control for placebo effects.
Overall this period was not satisfactory, owing mostly to the declining quality of Canaletto's work.
Overall, the quality of recording and the style of music videos in Vietnam has improved a lot compared to the past years due to many private productions and also overseas Vietnamese coming back to produce a combination of Western and Vietnamese music.
Overall fit / finish and quality is noticeably improved over the 1st generation model.
Candidates considered for nomination are evaluated using four criteria: " Fair, Accurate and Inclusive Representations " – meaning that the diversity of the LGBT community is represented, " Boldness and Originality " – meaning the project breaks new ground by exploring LGBT subject matter in non-traditional ways, " Cultural Impact " – meaning the project impacts an audience that may not regularly be exposed to LGBT issues, and " Overall Quality " – A project of extremely high quality which adds impact and significance to the images and issues portrayed.
AllMusic writer JT Griffith wrote " Overall, the quality of the video is fine, but the music mix is low and a bit muddy.
Overall, the quality of the product is inferior.
The most recent Ofsted report on the club states that: Overall the quality of the provision is good.
Overall, Henri IV provides a high level education due to its rigorous selection process and the quality of its teachers.
Overall monitor image quality is difficult to quantify.

Overall and life
Overall, the wild life of the Persian Gulf is endangered from both global factors, and regional, local negligence.
Overall the public life of leading church members began to resemble the lives of princes rather than members of the clergy.
Overall, Sister Carrie was not well received when it was first released due to its scandalous content and its bleak outlook on life and human efforts to change their condition.
Overall, Birdair noted the membrane was weathering as anticipated and had exceeded its service life of 20 years ; it recommended planning for replacement of the roof fabric, and noted that planning and implementation would take an additional five years and cost $ 12 – 15 million.
Overall life expectancy is not known.
Overall, the little known information about him is concrete and suggestive, hinting at a life lived just below the first ranks of property and talent in an age of personal reticence.
Overall, there was an enthusiasm for measurement in the Victorian era, and there were many aspects of life succumbing to quantification.
Overall, like in most parts of Zimbabwe, life in Mabvuku has declined rapidly in the previous two decades.
Overall, Saiving wished to, "... awaken theologians to the fact that the situation of women, however similar it may appear on the surface of our contemporary world to the situation of man and however much it may be echoed in the life of individual men, is, at bottom, quite different-that the specifically feminine dillemma is, in fact, precisely the opposite of the masculine " ( 1979, 39 ).
Overall, it can be said that Nōhime's life as it is known now is more of a mixture of legends, folktales, and tentative half-truths.
Overall this way of life, often viewed as being " hard " by outsiders, is what makes the residents in the area enjoy a slightly higher standard of living than other communities, as the food expenditure is less here than in other towns and villages.
Overall, the Lee had a reputation for reliability in the field, though some issues were never overcome during the rifle's relatively short service life.
Overall Kalahandi life is associated with music and dance.

Overall and for
Overall billings for architectural firms range widely, depending on location and economic climate.
In 2010, Acadia was ranked second in Maclean's Magazine for Best Overall in the Primarily Undergraduate University category.
In 2001, it achieved high rankings in the annual Maclean's University Rankings, including Best Overall for Primarily Undergraduate University in their opinion survey, and it received the Canadian Information Productivity Award in 1997 as it was praised as the first university in Canada to fully utilize information technology in the undergraduate curriculum.
Mordecai " Three-Finger " Brown, Jack Taylor, Ed Reulbach, Jack Pfiester, and Orval Overall were several key pitchers for the Cubs during this time period.
Overall, it has been suggested that the purchase of Compaq was not a good move for HP, due to the narrow profit margins in the commoditized PC business, especially in light of IBM's 2005 announcement to sell its PC division to Lenovo.
) Overall, the Esperanto alphabet resembles the Czech alphabet, but with circumflexes rather than háčeks on the letters ĉ, ŝ ; Western-based ĝ, ĵ in place of Czech dž, ž ; and ĥ for Czech ch.
Overall, the Rotten Tomatoes consensus was: " A complex meditation on family dynamics, Tetros arresting visuals and emotional core compensate for its uneven narrative.
Overall, voicing contrasts in fricatives are much rarer than in plosives, being found only in about a third of the world's languages as compared to 60 percent for plosive voicing contrasts.
Overall inflation for 1990 had reached 36. 4 percent — not the hyperinflation experienced by some Latin American counties — but still the highest annual rate for Honduras in forty years.
Overall responsibility for actions of armed forces.
Overall, Weber supported the goal of objective science, but he noted that it is an unreachable goal – although one definitely worth striving for.
Overall, Nigeria ’ s airports, whether international or regional, suffer from a poor reputation for operational efficiency and safety.
Overall equation for the type of photosynthesis that occurs in plants
Overall, the " violent crime " rate for the city was about twice the national average, while the " property " or non-violent crime rate was about 1. 11 times ( on par with ) the national average.
Overall, during the period from 1795 until reestablishment of Poland's sovereignty in 1918, little power was actually held by any Polish legislative body and the occupying powers of Russia, Prussia ( later united Germany ) and Austria-Hungary propagated legislation for their own respective formerly-Polish territories at a national level.
Overall majorities are unusual in the Additional Member system that is used for elections to the Scottish Parliament, which was specially designed by the Labour UK government in 1999 to prevent any party gaining overall control of the parliament.
Overall, Miami set a record with 2, 960 total rushing yards during the regular season, and became the first team ever to have two players rush for 1, 000 yards in one season.
Overall, Smith had 30 carries for 132 yards and 2 touchdowns, while also catching 4 passes for 26 yards.
Overall, The Sixth Sense was nominated for six Academy Awards and four British Academy Film Awards, but won none.
Overall, initial critical reception of the book was poor, with the book gaining " certain notoriety for being ' mawkish and nauseous ,' ' unclean ,' ' effeminate ,' and ' contaminating.
Overall, however, uptake in the private sector remains low regardless of significant investments in education, which have reached record levels with education now accounting for 22. 5 % – or $ 2. 6 billion – of the overall budget planned for 2010.

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