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Perhaps and meal
Perhaps the goatfish's unpopularity among fishkeepers can be attributed to its feeding habits: Goatfish are tireless benthic feeders, using a pair of long chemosensory barbels (" whiskers ") protruding from their chins to rifle through the sediments in search of a meal.

Perhaps and was
Perhaps it was insane, Pamela thought.
Perhaps it was all a vividly conceived dream.
Another Indiana observer later commented, `` Perhaps we shall never know how much was spent ( by Hearst ), but if as much money was expended elsewhere as in Indiana a liberal fortune was squandered ''.
Perhaps his most important private activity was the combination of reading, discussion with a few -- if we can trust his writings to Diodati and the younger Gill, very few -- congenial companions.
Perhaps Patchen was once involved in a train accident, and this passage from First Will And Testament may have been how the accident appeared to the poet when he first saw it -- if he did: ``
Perhaps there is more truth than we are wont to admit in the conviction of that ornament of Tarheelia, Robert Ruark's grandfather, who was persuaded that the great curse of the modern world is `` all this gallivantin' ''.
Perhaps it was right ; ;
Perhaps after the soldiers had laid him on the ground, while Joseph of Arimathea was at Pontius Pilate's asking for Christ's body, Nicodemus was gathering his mixture of myrrh and aloes, and the others had gone home to mourn.
Perhaps it was just that he had so much more flesh, so that more of it seemed to come in contact with hers ; ;
Perhaps the outstanding standard bearer of Mr. Brown's tradition for accuracy was Mr. Oscar J. Beale, whose mechanical genius closely paralleled that of Mr. Brown, and whose particular forte was the development of the exceedingly accurate measuring machinery that enabled Brown & Sharpe to manufacture gages, and therefore its products, with an accuracy exceeding anything then available elsewhere in the world.
Perhaps it was his misfortune, or good fortune, whichever way one looked at it, to belong to the former group, and he was struggling unconsciously to build up pressure in a world which demanded none, which was positively antagonistic to it.
Perhaps that was the first thing to do.
Perhaps he had better have someone help him put up the pegboard and build the workbench -- someone who knew what he was about.
Perhaps this was related to the fact that all were in on it to some extent.
Perhaps this was reality and Dale Nelson, the actor, was delusion ; ;
Perhaps it was Dora May.
Perhaps if Felix had first come upon us when this boy was not cavorting so gaily up and down the hall outside the murdered woman's apartment, we might have had less trouble convincing Felix of our seriousness.
Perhaps the Pirate who will be the unhappiest over the news that Musial probably will sit out most of the series is Bob Friend, who was beaten by The Man twice last season on dramatic home runs.

Perhaps and like
Perhaps you would like to become a writer.
" Perhaps some notion like " expression " ( in Croce ’ s theories ) or " counter-environment " ( in McLuhan ’ s theory ) can replace the previous role of beauty.
Perhaps the best-known type of planetary engineering is terraforming, by which a planet's surface conditions are altered to be more like those of Earth.
Perhaps the greatest diversity lies in hunting arrows, with varieties like broad-arrow, wolf-arrow, dog-arrow, Welsh arrow and Scottish arrow being recorded.
Perhaps the most elaborate theme in From Hell stems from Moore's statement that " the Ripper murders — happening when they did and where they did — were almost like an apocalyptic summary of ... that entire Victorian age.
Perhaps an endeavor, like my father's business, could fail, but that didn't mean Father had failed.
Perhaps the pel-element in their name was originally connected with " black " or " muddy " root elements in names like Peleus or Pelops and peliganes ( Epirotian, Macedonian senators ), Attic polios, Doric peleios grey, old, PIE * pel -, " gray ".
Perhaps I like also to use the word „ exploitation “ in a provocative sense-although a little frivolously-as a concept.
Perhaps one of the novel's greatest strengths is that it contains hundreds of references to the popular and educated culture of the time and thus gives a better idea than most contemporary novels of what it was like to live in England then — almost a miniature education in Victorian life.
Perhaps the most important contribution of British blues was the surprising re-exportation of American blues back to America, where, in the wake of the success of bands like the Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac, white audiences began to look again at black blues musicians like Muddy Waters, Howlin ' Wolf and John Lee Hooker, who suddenly began to appeal to middle class white Americans.
Perhaps reflecting the military aviation background of many commercial aviation pioneers, many early uniforms had a strongly military appearance ; hats, jackets, and skirts showed simple straight lines and military details like epaulettes and brass buttons.
Perhaps the most telltale of the features is the presence of a volva, or universal veil, so called because it is a membrane that encapsulates the entire mushroom, rather like an egg, when it is very young.
Perhaps she stood up to them as she did to people like Oscar Wilde or Lewis Carroll, who bore her no love.
Perhaps, already expecting that the Rising would ultimately fail and that the reaction to the Rising and what Pearse called their " blood sacrifice ", rather than the Rising itself, would reawaken Irish nationalism and produce independence, they did not seek to use the building for fear that it, like the GPO, would be destroyed in the British counter-attack.
Perhaps the area most suited to its name is Ruigrijk, where most fast rides like the double-loop roller coaster Python ( constructed in 1981 ) are located.
Perhaps once all Stygia was like Ankhwugat, and perhaps, if Set has his way, it will be again.
", semiformally uttered upon taking charge of something ); and " Perhaps you'd also like the key to the apartment where the money is stashed?
Perhaps inspired by Cooper's " The Coffin in Studio B ," in which actors rehearsing an episode of Lights Out are interrupted by a mysterious coffin salesman peddling his wares, Oboler wrote stories like " Murder in the Script Department ," in which two Lights Out script typists become trapped in their building after hours as frightening, unexplained events occur.
Perhaps, the grant was made by the royal regent or something like that, no information is known.
Perhaps under the influence of Irish Folk Revival groups like The Clancy Brothers and The Dubliners, who included some shanties in their repertoires, some association has also been formed between shanties and Irish music.
Perhaps these ideas provided the groundwork for Katie Wood Ray ’ s encouragement to include lots of time for lots of talk about topics of interest and to read anchor texts so that students can learn to write like a writer ( Ray, 2006 ).
Perhaps it derives from the arms of Bavaria, that look like the scales of a fish.
Perhaps the finest individual work in the genre was from artists early 1970s artists like Nick Drake and John Martyn, but these can also be considered the first among the English ‘ folk troubadours ’ or ‘ singer-songwriters ’, individual performers who remained largely acoustic but who relied mostly on their own individual compositions.

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