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Rides and on
The Blackadder pilot was shot but never aired on terrestrial TV in the UK ( although some scenes were shown in the 25th anniversary special Blackadder Rides Again ).
* A Broadway musical version of the story, Destry Rides Again, opened in New York at the Imperial Theater on April 23, 1959, and played 472 performances.
* Destry Rides Again on Lux Radio Theater: November 5, 1945
The strategy of public education, legislative lobbying, and litigation that had typified the Civil Rights Movement during the first half of the 20th Century broadened after Brown to a strategy that emphasized " direct action "— primarily boycotts, sit-ins, Freedom Rides, marches and similar tactics that relied on mass mobilization, nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience.
Freedom Rides were journeys by Civil Rights activists on interstate buses into the segregated southern United States to test the United States Supreme Court decision Boynton v. Virginia, ( 1960 ) 364 U. S. that ended segregation for passengers engaged in interstate travel.
In an article on the civil rights movement in Albany, Zinn described the people who participated in the Freedom Rides to end segregation, and the reluctance of President John F. Kennedy to enforce the law.
* Chris Clark covered the song on her second and final album, CC Rides Again.
After Revival came out on the Fantasy label in October, 2007 but before his following album Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again was issued in 2009, Fogerty switched from Fantasy to Verve Forecast Records.
" She Rides " probably has the best vocal performance on the album, though.
One of the early films he worked on was Destry Rides Again ( 1939 ), for which he wrote the lyrics to " See What the Boys in the Back Room Will Have ", sung by Marlene Dietrich.
A posthumous album, The Autumn Stone, was released later in 1969, and included the major Immediate recordings, a rare live concert performance, and a number of previously unreleased tracks recorded for their intended fourth LP, 1862, including the classic Swinging Sixties instrumental " Wide Eyed Girl on the Wall " and " Donkey Rides, A Penny, A Glass ", co-written by Ian McLagan.
Rides are on the second Friday of every month, and focus on encouraging civility between motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.
With his fiery, irascible temper, short stature ( in two early gags in Hare Trigger, a train he is attempting to rob passes right over top of him and he has to use a set of portable stairs to get on his horse ; in Bugs Bunny Rides Again, he rides a miniature horse ), and fiery red hair, Sam was in some ways an alter-ego of Freleng.
The character was previously featured in a trilogy of clay animation shorts from 1988 to 1991, Arnold Escapes from Church ( 1988 ), The Arnold Waltz ( 1990 ) and Arnold Rides a Chair ( 1991 ), a latter having been aired as a filler short on Sesame Street in 1991, as well as an eight-minute short, titled Arnold ( 1996 ), shown in theaters before Nickelodeon's first feature-length film, Harriet the Spy.
It was re-released on September 11, 1991 and on October 28, 1994 with Herbie Rides Again.
These clubs include but are not limited to Wine Appreciation Club, LSD ( Lincoln Snowboarding Department ), Alpine Club, LEO ( Lincoln Environmental Organisation ), Food Appreciation Club, The Lincoln University Campus Choir, Bunch Rides ( cycling ), Lincoln University Rugby Club, Lincoln Malaysian Students Society ( LMSS ), International Rugby Club, UniQ ( lesbian, gay and transgender students on campus ), Boxing Club, Young Farmers Club, and Lincoln Christian Fellowship.
William Cobbett provided conservative commentary on the rapidly changing look and mores of an industrialising nation by invoking the stable social hierarchy and prosperous working class of the pre-industrial country of his youth in his Rural Rides ( 1822 – 26, collected in book form, 1830 ).
* Eyes on the Prize Blackside, Inc ./ PBS documentary of the Civil Rights Movement ( Episode 3 is the Freedom Rides )
On September 19, 1968, Carlson died of a heart attack in the Festival Theatre, on West 57th Street in New York City, while watching the film He Who Rides a Tiger.
Filner began his advocacy for civil rights at the age of 18 when he became one of the first people to set foot on a Greyhound bus that was headed into the Deep South on what would become known as the Freedom Rides.
The Kennedy Administration then called for a ' cooling-off period ,' a moratorium on Freedom Rides.

Rides and Star
* the novels Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet, Double Star, and The Rolling Stones ( novel ).
Rides include Space Mountain and eventually Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.
* TaleSpin ( 1990 – 1991 )-27 half-hour episodes: I Only Have Ice for You, Time Waits for No Bear, Stormy Weather, For a Fuel Dollars More, Mommy for a Day, A Spy in the Ointment, All's Whale That Ends Whale, A Star Is Torn, The Golden Sprocket of Friendship, A Baloo Switcheroo, The Balooest of the Bluebloods, Vowel Play, Plunder and Lightning: Part 3, Double or Nothing, Flight of the SnowDuck, Gruel and Unusual Punishment, Save The Tiger, Captains Outrageous, Jumping the Guns, In Search of Ancient Blunders, The Road to Macadamia, The Sound and The Furry, Destiny Rides Again, Paradise Lost, Flying Dupes, Bullethead Baloo and Your Baloo's in the Mail.

Rides and Ferry
It has been rated first in the “ Top 10 Most Exciting Ferry Rides ” poll by the Society of American Travel Writers (“ SATW ”) in February 2009.
Rides are $ 4. 00, The North Williamsburg Ferry Landing was built by Steelways Shipyard, Newburgh, New York 12553 with 100 % Union Labor ; Local 5 Boilermakers.

Rides and view
Image: Venetian Hotel and Casino canal view. JPG | View of the outside Gondola Rides from second floor balcony just outside of the casino.
It also have Swimming Pools, Cottages, Conference Halls, Hanging Bridge, Clean River, Rappeling Area, Wall Climbing, Ropping, ATV Rides, Paint Ball Area, Trekking, and view of the Water Falls.

Rides and are
Rides of up to and down to are readily available, and down to are currently manufactured.
Rides and a midway are also provided ; this event was previously known as Old Home Week.
Rides are typically 20 – 25 miles in length and usually have 2, 500 – 3, 500 riders, with a peak of 4, 300 in October 2009.
Rides are located within the Festival area, and a parade kicks off the event Thursday at 6: 00 p. m. For 2005, approximately 300 units are scheduled to participate.
* The two double-decker Columbia Carousels built by Chance Rides and located at Six Flags Great America and California's Great America are the two tallest carousels in the world.
Rides not originating or terminating at St. George or Tompkinsville are free.
There are eighteen water slides and attractions at the water park divided into four categories: Thrill Rides, Multi-Person Rides, Kids Rides, and Other Attractions.
Ring Rides are the traditional downhill slides.
The Railrodder and its making-of documentary, Buster Keaton Rides Again, are still available from the National Film Board of Canada.
Rides require tickets ; some cost two to three tickets, while the wilder ones are five to six tickets.
Rides are typically unpowered — various animal rides and human-powered swings are common.
Rides are also present, such as a Ferris Wheel and the Jump to Be Fit.
For example, the yellow background and blue endpapers drawing of Freddy Rides Again match the non-natural yellow and blue colors of the cover ( Freddy, a horse and a goat are yellow ).
Midway Rides are provided by the Orange unit of Reithoffer Shows.
The main attraction is the Viking's River Splash, a river rapids ride built by ABC Rides with nine-seat rafts, interactive water features, the ' Troll Wash ', where buckets of water are emptied from the top of a four metre high bridge across the water channel and two Lego dragons, blue representing ice and red representing fire.
Rides, attractions, shops, shows, and restaurants are named according to the area theme.

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