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Seventy-one and sites
Seventy-one sites were offered for consideration by 36 local councils.

Seventy-one and were
Seventy-one of the paintings previously taken by the Nazis had found their way back to Norway through purchase by collectors ( the other eleven were never recovered ), including The Scream and The Sick Child, and they too were hidden from the Nazis.
Seventy-one percent ( 71 %) of these students were enrolled in a graduate degree program.
Seventy-one passengers lost their lives on impact, and 28 others were injured to varying degrees.
Seventy-one percent of the children were classified as victims of child neglect (“ Child Abuse & Neglect ”).
Seventy-one autos da fé were recorded.
Seventy-one engines were thus modified: they can be identified by the presence of external steam pipes from smokebox to cylinders.
Seventy-one stores were damaged and 46 people were injured.

Seventy-one and January
Seventy-one years of age and becoming increasingly deaf, Cooper announced to the Kentucky Press Association on January 21, 1972, that he would not seek re-election to his Senate seat, having served longer in that body than any other Kentuckian except Alben Barkley.

Seventy-one and Museum
An open tea house serving matcha ( ippuku issen 一服一銭, right ) and a peddler selling decoctants ( senjimono-uri: ja: 煎じ物 売, left ) in Muromachi period illustrated in 24th poem match in Shichiju-ichiban shokunin utaawase (: ja: 七十一番職人歌合, Seventy-one Poetry Matches on the ( 142 ) Occupations, a copy of Tokyo National Museum reproduced in 1846, originally compiled in 1500 ).

Seventy-one and .
Seventy-one percent of the annual precipitation falls in the months of April through September.
Seventy-one men graduated in 1948 and 300 in 1950.
Seventy-one steps lead up to the keep ; the reward is a fine view.
Seventy-one Mahayugas form a Manvantara, a period of time over which a Manu resides.
Seventy-one countries have taken this option.
Seventy-one women in the Canadian military died during WWII.
Seventy-one percent reported psychological stress before joining compared to 37 % at the time of the study.
Seventy-one people are killed, most of them U. S. troops.
Seventy-one percent of students passed.

sites and were
Oracular sanctuaries to Apollo were established in other sites.
Many of the settings for Agatha Christie ’ s books were directly inspired by the many archaeological field seasons spent in the Middle East on the sites managed by her second husband Max Mallowan.
Archaeologist Timothy A. Kohler excavated large Pueblo I sites near Dolores, Colorado, and discovered that they were established during periods of above-average rainfall.
Of these three bodies it is the assembly and the courts that were the true sites of power — although courts, unlike the assembly, were never simply called the demos ( the People ) as they were manned by a subset of the citizen body, those over thirty.
There remained the possibility, because both the Apollo 14 and Apollo 15 landing sites were closely associated with the Imbrium basin, that different geologic processes were prevalent in areas of the lunar highlands far from Mare Imbrium.
The considerable distance between the Descartes site and previous Apollo landing sites would be beneficial for the network of geophysical instruments, portions of which were deployed on each Apollo expedition beginning with Apollo 12.
Two Aegean vases were found at Sidon in 1885, and many fragments of Aegean and especially Cypriot pottery have been found during recent excavations of sites in Philistia by the Palestine Fund.
The claims of Hawkins were largely dismissed, but this was not the case for Alexander Thom's work, whose survey results of megalithic sites hypothesized widespread practice of accurate astronomy in the British Isles.
It has been proposed that Maya civilization | Maya sites such as Uxmal were built in accordance with astronomical alignments. The approach in the New World, where anthropologists began to consider more fully the role of astronomy in Amerindian civilizations, was markedly different.
In the Old World, there is little data but the sites themselves ; in the New World, the sites were supplemented by ethnographic and historic data.
The basic methods were developed by Alexander Thom during his extensive surveys of British megalithic sites.
The sites were Moscow for the USSR and Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota, since its Safeguard facility was already under construction, for the US.
In mid-2009 there were more than 22, 300 Belarusian Web sites, of which roughly 13, 500 domain names were registered with the top-level domain name ‘‘. by ’’.
Two monosaccharides can be joined together using dehydration synthesis, in which a hydrogen atom is removed from the end of one molecule and a hydroxyl group (— OH ) is removed from the other ; the remaining residues are then attached at the sites from which the atoms were removed.
The late author Sheldon H. Harris in his book " Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932-1945, and the American cover up " wrote that, The test program, could be part of Project AGILE or Project OCONUS which began in fall 1962 and which was funded at least through fiscal year 1963, was considered by the Chemical Corps to be “ an ambitious one .” The tests were designed to cover “ not only trials at sea, but Arctic and tropical environmental tests as well .” The tests, presumably, were conducted at what research officers designated, but did not name, “ satellite sites .” These sites were located both in the continental United States and in foreign countries.

sites and offered
Governor La Trobe offered the MCC a choice of three sites ; an area adjacent to the existing ground, a site at the junction of Flinders and Spring Streets or a ten-acre ( about 4 hectares ) section of the Government Paddock at Richmond next to Richmond Park.
This offered a brief window of time for humans to easily cross the sea and cross the Peninsula to opposing sites like Jebel Faya.
More recently, Wikipedia has offered a secure login option, which, like many e-commerce sites, uses the SSL / ( TLS ) cryptographically based protocol to eliminate the cleartext transmission.
From a variety of sites which were offered, Shrum recommended to the provincial government that the summit of Burnaby Mountain, 365 meters above sea level, be chosen for the new university.
On August 23, the title of the new album was revealed to be Bad as Me, and a new single, also titled " Bad as Me ," started being offered via Amazon. com and other sites.
The oldest iron items were imported, although since the 1st century iron was smelted from local marsh and lake ore. Settlement sites were located mostly in places that offered natural protection.
For these reasons, while finger was widely used during the early days of Internet, by the late 1990s the vast majority of sites on the internet no longer offered the service.
Both Spanish sites were located near the Mediterranean Sea and offered a subtropical climate similar to Disney's parks in California and Florida.
Later Greek writers offered little unanimity over which sites and regions were " Pelasgian ".
It was because of this proximity that the Hayes Development Company offered sites on the north side of the railway, adjacent to the canal.
At that stage the public protection offered to the area was limited to two small reserves in the south, and a few local council run recreation areas at popular sites such as Wollomombi Falls, Dangars and Apsley Falls.
VRML97 was used on the Internet on some personal homepages and sites such as " CyberTown ", which offered 3D chat using Blaxxun Software.
In 2005, " Time " became one of the first Twilight Zone episodes offered for download via Google Video, and later on sites such as Amazon. com.
Most of the hospitals closed in the 1990s and early 2000s, although psychiatric services are still offered on parts of the Horton, West Park, St. Ebba's and Manor Hospital sites.
Some of its original material is being offered on partner sites such as MySpace and Facebook.
Palestinians objected to the lack of sovereignty ( they were only offered administrative control ) over Islamic holy sites ( meaning that those were legally still under Israeli sovereignty ), while Israel would be able to retain sovereignty over Jewish holy sites.
Some governments have offered potential sites should the UN decide to move.
The criticism from United States officials was not only ridiculed by public opinion leaders in Mexico and by most of the Mexican population, but it also spurred interest in the stamps: from the day they were criticized, they were offered in Internet auction sites for several times their face value, and Mexican collectors bought the full edition of 750, 000 copies in a few days.
Due to technical complexities of live streaming, live chat is generally offered to sites as a plugin hosted on an SaaS model.
Even with the unusually large individual grave sites offered by the LNC for even the cheapest burials, the site had been planned to accommodate 5, 000, 000 burials, and much of the land was empty.
Bowling Green offered four possible sites and became one of four finalists including Fremont, Napoleon, and Van Wert.
When it became clear that the environmental impacts of the dam would render land unlivable to local Aboriginal groups who were dependent on the hereditary sites, the British Columbia government offered a settlement.
The Contoocook River and Nubanusit Brook offered numerous sites for watermills, and Peterborough became a prosperous mill town.

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