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She and achieved
Years later, Knef's first husband, an American named Kurt Hirsch, encouraged her to try again for success in the U. S. She changed her name from Knef to Neff and achieved a measure of stardom on Broadway as “ Ninotchka ” in the Cole Porter musical,
She has also achieved critical and commercial success in TV movies such as Courage ( 1986 ).
She managed to terminate her contract with the studio and achieved acclaim in films produced by David O. Selznick in the mid-1930s.
She began her recording career in 1960, and achieved immediate success.
She achieved her last great success opposite Fred MacMurray in the comedy The Egg and I ( 1947 ).
She achieved this goal when she purchased the screen rights to the play On Golden Pond, specifically for her father and her.
She achieved great success on her own in a variety of film roles and won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Kitty Foyle ( 1940 ).
She eloped with Theseus after he achieved his goal, but according to Homer " he had no joy of her, for ere that, Artemis slew her in seagirt Dia because of the witness of Dionysus " ( Odyssey XI, 321-5 ).
She was later cast in the role of Elaine Benes on Seinfeld, for which she achieved critical and commercial success.
She quit NAWSA in 1914 to return to Montana to help secure passage of woman suffrage there, which was achieved in 1914.
She later achieved command of the English language as well as reasonable conversational skills in German and Spanish.
She achieved this through fasting and exercise.
She soon achieved a reputation as a left-winger and a rousing speaker.
She achieved initial fame as " Pauline García "; the accent was dropped at some point, but exactly when is not clear.
Their cover of Otis Redding's " Hard to Handle " and their acoustic ballad " She Talks to Angels " both achieved top 30 positions on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1991.
She began her stage acting career in 1928, and subsequently achieved success in West End and Broadway productions.
She is the only singles player ( male or female ) to have achieved a Calendar Year Grand Slam while playing on four different types of tennis courts ( Rebound Ace, grass, clay and DecoTurf ), as the Calendar Year Grand Slams won by other players before her occurred when the Australian and US Opens were still played on grass.
She first achieved minor fame by winning Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour TV show contest at the age of 7 in 1952.
She toured the UK in 1959, before she had achieved much pop recognition in the US.
She achieved in a steel-hulled, speedboat fitted with a 3-blade propeller.
She first achieved notoriety for her underage appearances in pornographic videos and Penthouse magazine ( she was 16 years old in her first movie ),< ref >
She achieved great popularity in the Jones series, film's first comedy series.
She received an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Johnny Belinda ( 1948 ), and later achieved success during the 1980s for her leading role in the television series Falcon Crest.

She and success
She asked if I had other advice and, heady with success, I rushed it in, I hope not too late.
She was resentful of his easy success as compared with Shelley's failure.
She had great difficulty controlling them, and little success in instilling any education.
Following some success illustrating cards and booklets, Potter wrote and illustrated The Tale of Peter Rabbit publishing it first privately in 1901, and a year later as a small, three-colour illustrated book with Frederick Warne & Co. She became unofficially engaged to her editor Norman Warne in 1905 despite the disapproval of her parents, but he died suddenly a month later, of leukemia.
She tried applying the plein-air painting techniques used by the Impressionists to her own landscapes and portraiture, with little success.
She carefully regulated her energy and her activities to maintain a productive output, and considered that a key to her success.
Following the success of the album She Will Have Her Way in 2005, a second album of cover versions of Finn Brothers songs, He Will Have His Way, was released on 12 November 2010.
She found success opposite Jack Lemmon in It Happened to Jane, a comedy film released in 1959.
She continued to enjoy steady success during the 1990s and 2000s ; her 2000 album A Day Without Rain sold 15 million copies, and became the top selling new age album of the 2000s in the US, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
She began to receive critical success for her writing in the 1860s.
In 1933, Mae West would also add greatly to Paramount's success with her movies She Done Him Wrong and I'm No Angel.
She signed on to Scream 2 without having read the script, on the basis of the success of the first film.
She became acquainted with regional country singer Mary Bailey who had had some country chart success in 1976.
She also demo-ed songs with Cyril Rawson but the demos were without success, partly due to Twain's wish to become a rock singer, not a country artist.
She is essentially assimilative and benign, and embraces several otherwise quite disparate functions, She can give military victory, sexual success, good fortune and prosperity.
" She was a formidable presence at his side and major force behind his success.
She was given a pass by General William Hammond to ride in army ambulances to provide comfort to the soldiers and nurse them back to health and lobbied the U. S. Army bureaucracy, at first without success, to bring her own medical supplies to the battlefields.
She also enjoyed hunting, to the dismay of Queen Victoria, who asked her to stop, but without success.
She delivered them one last success with the gold-selling album Blessed Are ... ( 1971 ) which spawned a top-ten hit in Robbie Robertson's " The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down ", her cover of The Band's signature song.
She played the supporting role Pearl Slaghoople ( Wilma Flintstone's mother ) but the film was not a box office success.
She met with much success in a field that had produced much resistance, including sometimes violence against the inspectors.

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