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She and became
She was the daughter and sole heiress of either a cattle baron or an oil millionaire and, having arrived in New York with a big bank roll, became a dabbler in various fields.
She became aware that two Italian workmen, carrying a large azalea pot, were standing before her and wanted her to move so that they could begin arranging a new row of the display.
She called him, " an intelligent, philosophic, modest man " and found his views on education " very attractive ". Locals in Cheshire were less supportive and became suspicious of his methods.
She converted to Islam and became known as Umm Habiba ( Little Mother of the Beloved ).
She became Tiberius's first wife and was the mother of his natural son Drusus Julius Caesar.
She became involved in politics in Tiberius ’ imperial court, became an advocate for her sons to succeed Tiberius, and opposed Tiberius ’ natural son and natural grandson Tiberius Gemellus for succession.
She became a national figure in 1991 when she alleged that U. S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas had made harassing sexual statements when he was her supervisor at the U. S. Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
She was first elected to the House of Commons in the 1987 general election as member for the constituency of Maidstone ( which became Maidstone and The Weald in 1997 ).
She became the mother of one of David's sons, who is listed in the Book of Chronicles under the name Daniel, in the Masoretic Text of the Books of Samuel as Chileab, and in the Septuagint text of 2 Samuel 3: 3 as Δαλουια, Dalouia.
She started her acting career in 1952 and, after appearing in 16 films, became world-famous due to her role in her then-husband Roger Vadim's controversial film And God Created Woman.
She became a vegetarian and raised three million francs to fund the foundation by auctioning off jewellery and many personal belongings.
She became the sister-in-law of her friend and colleague, Édouard Manet, when she married his brother, Eugène.
She also drew Manet into the circle of painters who soon became known as the Impressionists.
Following some success illustrating cards and booklets, Potter wrote and illustrated The Tale of Peter Rabbit publishing it first privately in 1901, and a year later as a small, three-colour illustrated book with Frederick Warne & Co. She became unofficially engaged to her editor Norman Warne in 1905 despite the disapproval of her parents, but he died suddenly a month later, of leukemia.
She won so much land for her father's kingdom that Zeus became enraged and changed her into a monster.
She won the Logan Medal of the arts at the Art Institute of Chicago, and became a member of the National Academy in 1902.
She became known in the 1970s in films such as Hester Street ( for which she received an Academy Award nomination ) and Annie Hall.
She quickly became one of Hollywood's most recognized child actresses, going on to establish herself in mainly comic roles.
She became a member of the Communist Party in 1938, and married Deng a year later in front of Mao's cave dwelling in Yan ' an.
She became the top-ranking female box office star of all time and is currently ranked sixth among the top 10 box office performers ( male and female ), as of 2012.
She also later became a moon goddess, supplanting Titan goddess Luna.
She also became the goddess of childbirth and ruled over the countryside.
She continued to have hits with " Heartbreaker " ( 1978 ), " Baby I'm Burning " and " You're the Only One " ( both 1979 ), all of which charted in the pop singles Top 40, and all of which also topped the country-singles chart ; 1979's " Sweet Summer Lovin '" became the first Parton single in two years to not top the country singles chart ( though it still nonetheless reached the top ten ).
She made headlines and became part of the national debate over troubled child stars, particularly given the difficulties of her Diff ' rent Strokes co-stars, Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges.

She and entertainer
" She went home to Memphis where she met and began dating local auto parts dealer and nightclub entertainer David M. Ford.
She proceeded to the United States via Switzerland, France and London, returning to her work as an entertainer and lecturer.
She was at one time the best-paid female entertainer in the world.
She is the elder sister of entertainer Ray J, as well as a first cousin of rapper Snoop Dogg.
She was raised a Protestant, but lost her faith due to battlefront experiences during her time with the US Army as an entertainer after hearing preachers from both sides invoking God as their support.
She was a pre-eminent parachutist and fairground entertainer in the Edwardian and Georgian eras, renowned for her exceptional courage.
She continued as a popular entertainer until the end of the decade.
* Siri Svegler as Polydora She is a Spartan entertainer.
She is the granddaughter of the late entertainer Bing Crosby.
She has been labeled a singer of blues, jazz, cabaret and pop ; a " consummate actress "; and " the complete entertainer.
She claimed that her position as a German film actress merely had been that of an entertainer working to please an enthusiastic audience in a difficult time.
She was awarded the ALMA Award and named entertainer of the year that year.
Among those who have requested Peniston at private engagements are Aretha Franklin at her private birthday party in Detroit, Michigan, the Pope John Paul II in Rome at the Vatican ( as a member of the gospel band Sisters of Glory ) and the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, during both of his inauguration ceremonies in Washington, D. C. She was the first foreign female entertainer to perform in post-apartheid South Africa.
She is hired by Jessica as a magician entertainer at the House of Soul anniversary party, but she inadvertently uses black magic techniques to send Charlie, Frank and Raleigh to another dimension.
She is the sister of the well-known Canadian children's entertainer Raffi and Onnig Cavoukian ( commonly called " Cavouk "), a well-known photographer.
She did not have ambitions to become an entertainer ; she wanted to become a pre-school teacher.
She then joined television in Brisbane as an entertainer on the variety show Theatre Royal ( hosted by George Wallace Jr., no relation ), and she also hosted the afternoon news and weather and a children's show.
She received excellent reviews overall and was after twenty years in show business finally acknowledged for her talent as an allround entertainer, singing, acting and dancing.

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