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Page "fiction" ¶ 906
from Brown Corpus
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She and enjoyed
She read Maitland's Dark Ages, `` which I enjoyed very much '' ; ;
She smiled and bowed, recalling the princess-in-a-carriage feeling she had enjoyed when she was a child.
She had, of course, been exposed to and enjoyed a music appreciation course which had included the better known classical works such as `` Tristan und Isolde '', `` Candide '', `` Oklahoma '', `` Nozze de Figaro '', the atomic age singers, Eileen Farrell, Elvis Presley and Geraldine Todd, as well as the curious rhythmic progressions of the Venusians, Capellan visual chromatics and the sonic concerti of the Altairians.
She enjoyed a happy marriage and in later life, devoted time to Alde House and gardening, travelling with younger members of the extended family.
She enjoyed physical activities along with some academic work, but not maths.
She enjoyed listening to the radio, and to records by Nat " King " Cole and Sarah Vaughan.
She enjoyed the latter so much that she soon wished to experiment with all the new musical instruments that were being made available.
" She was the first woman to successfully claim the throne of England, despite competing claims and determined opposition, and enjoyed popular support and sympathy during the earliest parts of her reign, especially from the Roman Catholic population.
She enjoyed the class and took another anthropology course with Alexander Goldenweiser, a student of noted anthropologist Franz Boas.
She also enjoyed Traité d ' Arithmétique by Étienne Bézout and Le Calcul Différential by Jacques Antoine-Joseph Cousin.
She did, however, become close friends with a lady-in-waiting named Lady Saishō, and she wrote of the winters that she enjoyed, " I love to see the snow here ".
She lost the style of Royal Highness but was allowed the style " Diana, Princess of Wales " and continued to be treated as a member of the Royal Family and was accorded the same precedence she enjoyed whilst being married to The Prince of Wales when accompanying her children, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, second and third in line, respectively, to the throne.
She kept greyhounds, and she may have enjoyed hunting and archery.
She enjoyed many social activities, including dancing and ice-skating, and was an expert horsewoman and tandem driver.
She also enjoyed hunting, to the dismay of Queen Victoria, who asked her to stop, but without success.
She opens bazaars, attends concerts, visits hospitals in my place ... she not only never complains, but endeavours to prove that she has enjoyed what to another would be a tiresome duty.
She collected jewellery, especially cameos and intaglios, acquired important portraits and miniatures, and enjoyed the visual arts.
She read the Odyssey at the age of nine and enjoyed the works of John Bunyan, especially his 1678 story The Pilgrim's Progress.
Christabel enjoyed a privileged status among the daughters, as Sylvia noted in 1931: " She was our mother's favourite ; we all knew it, and I, for one, never resented the fact.
She also enjoyed playing games and particularly excelled at billiards.
She enjoyed considerable success during the early 1940s, and was RKO's hottest property during this period.
She then wrote psychological novels, including Aloma which won the Crexells Prize, but even with the success this novel enjoyed, Rodoreda decided to remake and republish it some years later since she was not fully satisfied with this period of her life and her works at that time.
She and Olga, who was also given her own regiment, would go out and inspect the soldiers regularly, an occasion they greatly enjoyed.
She always enjoyed the status of privileged counselor to her husband, petitioning him on the behalf of others and influencing his policies, an unusual role for a Roman wife in a culture dominated by the paterfamilias.

She and great
Meredith was irritated when the Grafin knocked at his door and told him, `` She is a great beauty!!
She thought she had great possibilities in the ballet and wanted to show the eminent producer how well she could dance.
She remembered, suddenly, a night of savage moonlight and scudding clouds when she and Adelia, having dared each other, had stolen out of their great safe house and come here, hand in hand, hoping and fearing ghosts.
She looked out at the corn field, the great green deep acres of it rolled out like the sea in the field beyond the whitewashed fence bordering the grounds.
She was ready for her great adventures and the arrival of her mobile partner.
She has authored over fifty-six novels and she has a great dislike of people taking and modifying her story characters.
She likens Inanna to a great storm bird who swoops down on the lesser gods and sends them fluttering off like surprised bats.
She had great difficulty controlling them, and little success in instilling any education.
She said: “ the Falcon is proud and dignified, with great courage and fight.
She studied book illustration from a young age and developed her own tastes, but the work of the picture book triumvirate Walter Crane, Kate Greenaway and Randolph Caldecott, the last an illustrator whose work was later collected by her father, was a great influence.
She was also a patron of Renaissance humanism, and a friend of the great scholars Erasmus of Rotterdam and Saint Thomas More.
She was named Mary and christened three days later with great ceremony at the Church of Observant Friars.
She is the niece of Diana Barrymore and the grandniece of Lionel Barrymore, Ethel Barrymore and Helene Costello, the great-great-granddaughter of John Drew and actress Louisa Lane Drew, and the great grandniece of Broadway idol John Drew, Jr. and silent film actor / writer / director Sidney Drew.
She believed that it was this inferior education that turned them into foolish people, but women " could easily be concentrated and solidified upon objects of great significance " if given the chance.
She wrote " He was a great letter writer.
She possessed great physical strength and courage.
She is a trained Kathak dancer and a great admirer of it.
She screamed: " Instead of a son, I am given a daughter, dark and ugly, with a great nose and black eyes.
She had also hoped to develop her psionic powers, which her ancestors were rumored to have possessed with great proficiency.
She admitted in an interview having regrets for her choice to work in the film: " Simply Irresistible was just a bad choice – and for that, it was a great learning experience.
She had been ailing for about ten years, but her death came as a great shock to him.
She recalls a great deal of pain and suffering caused by his immediate family, and Bahá ' ís in Haifa.
She said the " national responsibility ( bestowed ) by the public brings me to approach this job with great reverence ".
" She also said that during one of his periodic " great scientific adventures ", Edison would be up at 7: 00, have breakfast at 8: 00, and be rarely home for lunch or dinner, implying that he continued to have all three.

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