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She and explains
She sees that there is a cup of steaming hot coffee awaiting him and the two chat informally as she presents the rules of the center and explains procedures.
She explains the origin of mankind within the story to the game's main protagonist, Desmond Miles, through his ancestor, Ezio Auditore.
She suggests this explains the low numbers of black women who participated in the feminist movement in the 1970s, pointing to Louis Harris ' Virginia Slims poll done in 1972 for Philip Morris that she says showed 62 percent of black women supported " efforts to change women's status " and 67 percent " sympathized with the women's rights movement ", compared with 45 and 35 percent of white women ( also Steinem, 1972 ).
She was also awarded the 2000 Ig Nobel Prize for Literature for her book Pranic Nourishment — Living on Light, " which explains that although some people do eat food, they don't ever really need to.
She explains by telling him about Bobby, what he did for her, and that her decisions are forever influenced by what Bobby did for her.
She walks away, the gun still pointed at her, and explains that while the first murder carried extenuating circumstances of his own mental state, murdering her as well surely would result in the electric chair.
She explains that a Nazi scientist called Dr. Hans Ubermann is searching for the power of Atlantis to use it as an energy source for warfare.
She explains that this is how all ghosts are, and he expresses great sorrow.
She helps Lizzie in the episode " One of the Guys " when she explains that girls can be both feminine and good at sports.
She explains that her husband does not insist on fidelity, although she is careful not to become pregnant by any man but Brian ; and being newly pregnant, consummates her attraction to Lazarus himself.
She explains to her husband that she is unable to wash her children because she is a sacred being from the heavens, and she tells him for the first time that her name is thunder.
One recent suggestion by Stephen Quirke ( Ancient Egyptian Religion ) explains it as meaning " She of the ointment jar ".
She explains that the coal yard of her father was the halfway point on this river route and would be the meeting point of the competing boats, each boat reaching the yard at about the middle of the day following its departure from its home port.
She is awakened as a Senshi by the white cat Artemis when she is thirteen years old and instructed that she has a duty to become the beautiful warrior, Sailor V. Artemis explains that Venus and Earth are " twin planets " of about the same size and weight, that Venus is her " mother star ", and that she must protect Earth from its enemies.
She explains that families who are willing to pay the rather high costs of hospitalization do so to prove their own sanity.
She explains the Professor has been turned into one.
She also explains that the concept of globalization itself is gender biased, because its depiction as " dominant, unified, intentional " is inherently masculinized and misleading.
She confesses to Shaitana's murder, and explains that she took the stiletto impulsively after he mentioned poison as a woman's weapon.
She explains that she didn't want her co-star to know because he is a notorious gossip.
She explains that as long as her remains are buried at the foot of the tree, her spirit will be forever enslaved by Tree Demoness.
She shows her arthritic hands to Cathleen and explains that the pain in her hands is why she needs her prescription – an explanation which is untrue and transparent to Cathleen.
She narrates that he fulfilled her dream of going to Florence, Italy, and explains that, when Peter asked when she fell in love with Jack, she replied, " it was while you were sleeping.
She explains that she and Bleys had imprisoned Brand because he had decided to destroy the Pattern and re-create, reshaping the multiverse according to his own liking.
She also explains that Brand tried to kill Corwin on Earth because he saw a vision in Tir-na Nog ' th that Corwin would defeat him.

She and Lord
She said, `` I guess the Lord looks out for fools, drunkards, and innocents ''.
She says, " May the Lord deal kindly with you, as you have dealt with the dead and with me.
She appointed Gardiner to the council and made him both Bishop of Winchester and Lord Chancellor, offices he held until his death in November 1555.
Guru Arjan, Nanak V, says, " God is beyond colour and form, yet His / Her presence is clearly visible " ( GG, 74 ), and " Nanak's Lord transcends the world as well as the scriptures of the east and the west, and yet He / She is clearly manifest " ( GG, 397 ).
She dispatched the Earl of Argyll and Lord Moray to offer terms and avert a war.
She eventually learns of and executes a long-forgotten ritual at Shayol Ghul to ensure the Dark Lord remains sealed within the prison.
She was the oldest surviving child of Sir Thomas Parr, Lord of the Manor of Kendal in Westmorland ( now Cumbria ), descendant of King Edward III, and the former Maud Green, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Thomas Green, Lord of Greens Norton, Northamptonshire.
She features in a fictional autobiography, written by Alice Walworth Graham, of Elizabeth, the daughter of Guy de Beauchamp, 10th Earl of Warwick and later the wife of Thomas of Astley, 3rd Lord Astley ; the book is entitled The Vows of the Peacock.
She studies with her tutor Septimus Hodge, a friend of Lord Byron who is an unseen guest in the house.
She sleeps with Lord Byron and gets him, her husband, Captain Brice, and herself essentially kicked out of Sidley Park.
She is mentioned briefly in The Lord of the Rings, and plays a supporting role in The Silmarillion.
She married Diego López V de Haro, Lord of Biscay
She sent them back to England, to Lord Holland's librarian Mr Buonaiuti at Holland House, who successfully raised the plants.
She, Daryl, and Lord and Lady Casey were founding members of the National Trust of Victoria, and she encouraged others to bequeath to the Trust.
She was received by Lord Dacre, Henry's Warden of the Marches, and taken to Harbottle Castle in Northumberland.
She formed a new attachment, this time to Henry Stewart, a younger brother of Lord Avondale.
She was then charged with poisoning her husband, Lord Glamis, who had died on 17 September 1528.
She causes Barbie to break the Porpentine on a monolith called the heirolith, an act that summons Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams and creator of the Land.
She then married Spenser Gregson, who is her husband for most of the Wodehouse canon, though he dies in time for her to marry Craye, who had by then become Lord Worplesdon, Earl of Worplesdon, whereupon she becomes Lady Worplesdon.
She is also the stepmother of Lord Worplesdon's daughter, Florence Craye.
She is the primeval internal potency of the Lord.
Of all the gopis, She is the most beloved of the Lord.
She is the primeval internal potency of the Lord.
* " Among all persons, it is Sri Radha in whose company Lord Madhava is especially glorious, as She is especially glorious in His.

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