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She and introduced
) She has since turned to Bellini, whose opera `` Beatrice Di Tenda '' in a concert version with the American Opera Society introduced her to New York last season.
She introduced those conventions in her own lands, on the island of Oleron in 1160 (" Rolls of Oléron ") and later in England as well.
She was a special guest at the 70th Academy Awards, where the show's host, Billy Crystal, introduced her as the " Beauty who charmed the Beast ".
She was introduced anonymously while still a teenager in the third book in the series and plays a larger role in several of the titles of the 1930s and 1940s.
She enrolled in the landscape architecture program at Harvard University, and Pei was thus introduced to members of the faculty at Harvard's Graduate School of Design ( GSD ).
She introduced isolations jazz dance.
She and her circle, comprising educated members of the Catholic clergy, introduced Rousseau to the world of letters and ideas.
She acquired a love of rock music during the 1970s, having been introduced by a babysitter to the music of the Los Angeles punk rock band X, which proved a life-changing experience.
She introduced her daughter, Linn Ullmann, to the audience with the words: " Here comes the woman whom Ingmar Bergmann loves the most ".
She also introduced her friend Florence La Badie to D. W. Griffith, which launched La Badie's successful film acting career.
She relates what she learned of the downfall of the Ringworld's civilization: A mold that breaks down superconductors was introduced by a visiting spaceship.
" She introduced Bunny to Uli Kunkel.
She introduced him to the music of Captain Beefheart.
She was also introduced by George Bush at a commemoration ceremony.
She introduced color to the editorial pages ( several years before The New York Times ) and photography, with less type on each page and a generally more modern layout.
She is introduced in the first episode, first as a big fan of Xena and her history, but soon becomes a notable character in her own right.
She defeated him the first time they met, after being introduced by a mutual friend, Don MacAskill.
She introduced America to the suggestive version of the belly dance known as the " hootchy-kootchy ", to a tune said to be improvised by Sol Bloom ( and now more commonly associated with snake charmers ) which he had made as an improvision when his dancers had no music to dance to.
She first appeared in the first official third season episode " Enos Strate to the Top " ( season opener " Carnival of Thrills was held over from the previous season ), although was not formally " introduced " in that episode.
She was given free rein to renovate the Petit Trianon, a small château on the grounds of Versailles, which was given to her as a gift by Louis XVI on 15 August 1774 ; she concentrated mainly on horticulture, redesigning the garden in the English fashion, which in the previous reign had been an arboretum of introduced species, and adding flowers.
She introduced Kirsten Lundborg, a friend, to her father-in law, and the two began an affair.
She was introduced to Nasser through her brother Abdel Hamid Kazim, a merchant friend of Nasser's, in 1943.
She introduced him to Transactional Analysis therapists and joined him in meditation twice a day, ( given to him by Harriet Levy ), and cooked him a macrobiotic diet.
She introduced group performances and staged various Bharatanatyam-based ballets.

She and future
She stood up, smoothing her hair down, straightening her clothes, feeling a thankfulness for the enveloping darkness outside, and, above everything else, for the absence of the need to answer, to respond, to be aware even of Stowey coming in or going out, and yet, now that she was beginning to cook, she glimpsed a future without him, a future alone like this, and the pain made her head writhe, and in a moment she found it hard to wait for Lucretia to come with her guests.
She may well be incapacitated by it when she is confronted with present and future alternatives -- e.g., whether to prepare primarily for a career or for the role of a homemaker ; ;
She was listening to other voices, out of the future.
She was a dedicated, supporting wife and mother who looked out for the interests of her children and the future of her family.
She had three elder brothers, Nero Caesar, Drusus Caesar and the future Emperor Caligula, and two younger sisters, Julia Drusilla and Julia Livilla.
She also eliminated or removed anyone who she considered was a potential threat to her position and the future of her son, one of her victims being Lucius ' second paternal aunt and Messalina's mother Domitia Lepida the Younger.
She was saved from death by Perseus, her future husband.
She then returns to the future in the time shuttle, but not before informing Terasawa that she is a descendant of his.
She is later described as holding the unique title of " White Phoenix of the Crown " among the many past, present, and future hosts of the Phoenix.
She awakened, he identified himself and offered her two choices: she could submit to his sexual advances and become his wife and future queen, or he would kill her and one of her slaves and place the bodies together, then claim he had caught her having adulterous sex ( see sexuality in ancient Rome for Roman attitudes toward sex ).
She now turned her attention to her eldest son, the future Nicholas II, for it was on him that both her personal future and the future of the dynasty now depended.
She was abducted by her future husband from the monastery of Kalbe.
She commented that " I used to take my toenails — they would die from dancing — so I would just take the whole toenail and throw it away, and not feel anything ," however, ballet instilled in her discipline that would be important in her future acting career.
) She bears the emblem of the future.
She returns to town only to find out that her pregnant sister is kidnapped by Gith, who returns in a giant space station, thus leaving room for a sequel and / or suggesting future action.
She covers two special areas, claiming they will show the future.
She had two sons, Edward ( the future Edward the Confessor ) and Alfred, and a daughter, Goda.
She went on to bear Henry a further eight children, six of whom survived infancy, including the future Charles IX ( born 27 June 1550 ); the future Henry III ( born 19 September 1551 ); and Francis, Duke of Anjou ( born 18 March 1555 ).
She insisted throughout that the King of Prussia must be rendered harmless to his neighbors for the future, and that the only way to bring this about was to reduce him to the rank of a Prince-Elector.
She, nevertheless, hoped for a future where her son would still be able to rule, convinced that the violence would soon pass.

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