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Page "Abraham Lincoln" ¶ 8
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She and never
She lived by the rules, never compromising, never blinded or diverted by circumstance.
She never said a word about the fifty dollars.
She had never sung better.
She made him sad some days, and he was never sure why ; ;
She never hid the fact that she liked to play.
She was closing and within one more bound would have been able to reach the rear end of the bay, but -- and here Jones and Loveless and Ulyate were holding breath for all they were worth -- she never quite caught up that last bound.
She is just home from a sojourn in London where she has become the sweetheart of a young fellow named Ronnie ( we never do see him ) and has been subjected to a first course in thinking and appreciating, including a dose of good British socialism.
She promised that she would soon take a few day's leave and visit the uncle she had never seen, on the island of Oyajima -- which was not very far from Yokosuka.
She had never been here at this hour.
She suspected that Cathy had been competing with Susan for attention that she had never had.
She was sorry, and angry at herself, because never in their life together had she done that.
She never could fit into a crowd which had known, which still knew and admired Linda.
She managed a missionary drive for the church once and got the books so confused that old Mr. Webber, the eldest elder, who'd never donated more than five dollars to anything, had to cough up five hundred dollars to avoid a scandal in what Edythe called `` the bosoms of the church ''.
She is a closed book, a picture I keep on my bureau, but never look at.
She never got on his back.
She was never considered legitimate and, when the king was dying, no one took her as a serious contender for the crown.
She never left Haworth for more than a few weeks at a time as she did not want to leave her ageing father.
She resumed life with her family, and they supported her fully, acknowledging her chosen path and demanding of her little in the way of household responsibilities, " I was never once asked to do an errand in town, some bit of shopping … so well did they understand.
She would later advise her confessor and biographer, the Blessed Raymond of Capua, O. P., ( who went on to become Master General of the Order ) to do during times of trouble what she did now as a teenager: " Build a cell inside your mind, from which you can never flee.
She had maintained throughout the show's run that she was never diagnosed with either anorexia or bulimia, nor was she a user of illegal drugs.
She was one of the three maiden goddesses, Diana, Minerva and Vesta, who swore never to marry.
She claimed that the accountant was never found, despite an exhaustive search, and had also stolen more than $ 11 million of other peoples ' money.
She never did, however, despite numerous courtships.

She and replied
She replied.
She replied, `` I know of one man that has not been friendly with him.
She replied, " Let him kill me, provided he becomes emperor ," according to Tacitus.
She exclaimed, " You said you would love me forever !," and he replied, " Well, forever changes.
She replied: " It's like the Monty Python sketch, ' Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition!
:: She replied " that it midden be known,
" She replied, " I think that I am very grateful indeed to the right hon.
She had been composed throughout the trial until this accusation was made, to which she finally answered, " If I have not replied it is because Nature itself refuses to respond to such a charge laid against a mother.
" She replied, " I am a Canadian!
" She replied, " No ...
When someone commented that Stein didn't look like her portrait, Picasso replied, " She will ".
She commented that she had a " nerve " playing a woman in her sixties, to which Laughton replied, " Never not dare to hang yourself.
She also provided her mother-in-law, Isabel, with information on the progress of Edward's campaign to regain the throne: it was she, for example, who replied to Isabel's questions over alleged disrespectful treatment of the Earl of Warwick, by explaining that Edward had " heard that nobody in the city believed that Warwick and his brother were dead, so he had their bodies brought to St Paul's where they were laid out and uncovered from the chest upwards in the sight of everybody.
" She replied " Humphrey " and they soon began dating.
She replied:
She replied, " Well, let's go down and start all over again ," and she began to take the elevator down.
She asked her father whom he disliked more than anyone else in the world, and he replied Charlie Merrill, founder of Wall Street competitor Merrill Lynch.
" She replied:
She replied with feeling: " I'll help you ".
" She replied,
She replied instantly that ' 500 of them were militants '.
" She replied that she was mourning the family tree, which was destroyed, and is traced to King David by way of Rabbi Yohanan, the sandal-maker and master in the Talmud.
She replied that she was currently occupied but would get to it in a minute.
" She replied, " Yes, I wrote information down a piece of paper and Rosenberg took it with him.

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