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She and remembers
She praises her granddaughter and remembers true love's fleeting nature.
She has just been humiliated and remembers her father arriving home from work one day when she was a child ; after he picks her up and spins her around, the camera pans over to a passing truck and tilts up to the sky.
She had no idea that he was looking to fill any particular film part, however, but remembers that Kazan set up the scenario with Brando which brought out surprising emotions:
She discovers that there is one thing she remembers, the legendary cyborg martial art Panzer Kunst, which leads to her becoming a Hunter Warrior or bounty hunter.
She says she remembers giants born in antiquity who reared her.
She has become black and huge, and he remembers everything.
She remembers how Henry fell in love with her, and how her relatives ( and certain of Henry's councillors like Thomas Cromwell, Bishop Stephen Gardiner, and others ), schemed to bring about the downfall of Anne Boleyn and the subsequent rise of Jane.
She, who remembers.
She remembers him grabbing the glasses and the strap breaking, which allowed her to get away.
She remembers there is actually somebody behind the curtain, and pulls it away to see Paul.
She remembers nothing from the night before.
She remembers her mother.
She remembers that she was at her happiest when she was helping people.
She remembers how she first met Brandy, and the story is told in a non-linear sequence of memories.
She asks Susan to contact her if Susan remembers anything more.
She remembers where she ’ d seen in and leads Elsa, Ada, and Jackie to it.
She is also a crack addict, partly because of the stress of having seen her friends die so many times, something only she remembers.
She has grown up, and remembers Suguru.
She remembers her first match as Newcastle's 1-0 Premier League victory over Everton on 25 August 1993 and made visits by air or rail to St. James ' Park throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, including Newcastle's 5-0 win over Manchester United on 20 October 1996.
She appears to him in several guises as he travels, and is initially one of the few things he remembers from before the trenches.
She remembers the card given to her by the man offering her a job and attempts to call.
She accepts, but remembers the Scoobies are planning a surprise party for Buffy's 17th birthday and instead invites him to the party.
She appeared in the Broadway revival of the Sondheim-Wheeler musical A Little Night Music, from July 2010 to January 2011, succeeding Angela Lansbury in the role of Madame Armfeldt, the wheelchair-bound mother who remembers her life as a courtesan in the song " Liaisons ".
She has always admired her father ( who left his samurai family in Japan to protest the declining social status of the samurai ), and fondly remembers how he conducts himself — from his courtship of Jeanne's mother to his virtuoso pig-carving.

She and her
She lay there, making no effort to get back on her feet.
She drank greedily, and murmured, `` Thank you '', as he lowered her head.
She rubbed her eyes and stretched, then sat up, her hands going to her hair.
She stared at him, her eyes wide as she thought about what he had said ; ;
She got to her feet, staggered, and almost fell.
She sat down at the table, shaking her head.
She clung to him, talking to him, and dabbing at her eyes.
She was carrying a quirt, and she started to raise it, then let it fall again and dangle from her wrist.
She showed her surprise by tightening the reins and moving the gelding around so that she could get a better look at his face.
She said, and her tone had softened until it was almost friendly.
She had picked up the quirt and was twirling it around her wrist and smiling at him.
She swung the quirt again, and this time he caught her wrist and pulled her out of the saddle.
She came down against him, and he tried to break her fall.
She wiped it off with the sleeve of her coat.
She brought up her free hand to hit him, but this time he was quicker.
She finally regained her balance and got up in the saddle.
She had offered to walk, but Pamela knew she would not feel comfortable about her child until she had personally confided her to the care of the little pink woman who chose to be called `` Auntie ''.
She remembered little of her previous journey there with Grace, and she could but hope that her dedication to her mission would enable her to accomplish it.

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